Check Out CLC’s Yujin’s Appearance in the Web-Drama ‘Nightmare Teacher’


Definitely Not a Nightmare, Check Out Yujin’s Acting Debut Here in Nightmare Teacher

If you’re addicted to Korean drama, you might have seen some actors or actresses who were originally idols. In the Korean entertainment industry, it is common for some idol singers to also try their hands at acting. Usually, they start their acting debut in a small role, but there are also some idols who have taken main or lead characters in a drama.

We’re not going to talk about Korean idols who turned to be an actor or actress in general. We’re just going to talk about one particular female idol who just started her debut acting career recently. She’s from the girl-group that debuted under Cube Entertainment in 2015. Do you know who she is?

Yes, it’s Yujin from CLC, who just started to act in a web-drama called “Nightmare Teacher”!


Yujin was born on August 12, 1996, in Jeonju, South Korea. She is the lead dancer as well as the vocalist of Korean idol group called CLC. The girls made their debut on March 19, 2015 with a song called “Pepe”, with an EP called “First Love”. At that time, Yujin and the other CLC members debuted with only five members. After time passed, CLC substituted their new members, who are Elkie and Eunbin. In 2016, Yujin started her debut as an actress by appearing as a cameo in the web drama “Nightmare Teacher”.

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CLC’s Yujin’s Acting Debut in Nightmare Teacher

Before appearing in the drama, Yujin had already appeared in some music videos for Cube Entertainment’s artists as a back dancer in her pre-debut days. There, she showed us a little bit of her acting skills before she actually started her acting debut in “Nightmare Teacher”.

In 2014, Yujin appeared in BTOB’s music video with a song called “Beep Beep”.


Yujin also appeared in a music video for Cube Entertainment’s female singer, G.Na, in a song called “Pretty Lingerie” in 2014. Again, just like in “Beep Bee”, Yujin appeared with the other CLC members, all of whom were still trainees of Cube Entertainment at that time.


In those music videos, Yujin showed us a little bit of her acting skills. What about the real acting skill on an actual drama?

CLC has just had their first anniversary at the time when “Nightmare Teacher” was released. After having their debut stage last year, Yujin decided to participate in the web-drama, which was aired on Naver TV cast. Although Yujin didn’t play as the main character, but only a supporting role. Despite the relative smallness of her role, she appeared quite a lot in “Nightmare Teacher”. However, Yujin’s senior from the same label, Minhyuk from BTOB, became the main character along with actress Kim So-hyun.


What is this drama about and what is Yujin’s character in this drama?

Well, just scroll down to get to know more about the drama!

About the Drama Nightmare Teacher

The web drama called “Nightmare Teacher” was aired by Naver TV from March 14, 2016 until March 31, 2016. This web drama only had 12 episodes and had a shorter duration than any regular dramas. However, even though the air time was quite short, we can still enjoy the drama, especially with the acting skills of Uhm Ki-joon and Kim So-hyun, who are an amazing actor and actress, as well as Minhyuk of BTOB, who is already known for his acting skills despite being an idol.

minhyuk sohyun

The story of “Nightmare Teacher” tells about a new homeroom teacher that replaced their regular teacher, who had been hospitalized because of an accident. Since the previous teacher couldn’t go to work at the school, Han Bong-gu, the teacher that portrayed by Uhm Ki-joon, became the new homeroom teacher. However, things started to became strange after his appearance to the school.

yujin drama

A lot of mysterious things happen involving the students in the class. If the students signed a contract with the homeroom teacher Han Bong-gu, their dreams started to become true one by one. However, Kim So-hyun, who portrayed Kang Ye-rim, the class president, started to smell something suspicious about it. Especially since the mysterious new teacher, Han Bong-gu, wasn’t on the teaching staff list.

Along with Ye-rim’s best friend, Seo Sang-woo, who was portrayed by Minhyuk, the students try to solve the mystery cases. But wait, they need to be hurry, because there might be something that will happen if they take too long.

Yujin’s Character in Nightmare Teacher

What do you think about the synopsis of “Nightmare Teacher”? Is it interesting? Are you curious about the whole drama? Well, then, just watch it and enjoy the story. You can watch all of the episodes on Netflix and some other streaming platforms.

Before you watch the drama, you ight be curious about Yujin’s role in “Nightmare Teacher”. Yes as you might guess, Yujin became one of the students in the school. Yujin’s character’s name is Chun Yoo-na.


Chun Yoo-na is a 1st grade in the high school, which is younger than both Kim So-hyun and Minhyuk’s characters, who are in the 2nd grade. Thegirl was appearing in Episode 10, where she talked with one of the popular students, Lee Jeong-suk, who is the boyfriend of Do Do-hee, a student that signed a contract with the mysterious teacher Bong-gu.


Lee Jeong-suk, who cheated on her, started seeing Chun Yoo-na, even though before that a rumor was suggesting that Lee Jeong-suk and Chun Yoo-na already had a thing for each other.


Although she only appeared for a very short time, Yujin succeeded in winning over fans by her sheer cuteness. She also showed us a promising acting skill, even at a glance.

Yujin also showed her support for this drama in a video message. In a cute way, she cheered on “Nightmare Teacher”, as well as her own group, CLC. Let’s check it out below!

Isn’t she the cutest?

Let’s just hope that Yujin will come back to be appear in a lot of dramas, especially to be the main character in the future. Fighting, Yujin! Fighting, CLC!