CLC’s Sorn: On Weight Loss and the Struggles of Being a K-Pop Idol


Meet the Only Thai Member of the Girl-Group CLC (Crystal Clear)

Chonnasorn Sajakul, known as Sorn, is a member o the Korean girl-group CLC. The group debuted on March 19, 2015. Up until now, the group has released two Japanese extended plays and eight Korean extended plays, along with holding two concerts in 2018. CLC first appeared as back-up dancers in a G.NA performance. They also were featured in GOT7 and B1A4 music videos.

Let’s go back to Sorn. The 22 year old girl comes from a wealthy background, her father works for Thailand’s Prime Minister, allowing her the opportunity realize her dream as a singer.  In her early years, her mother gave her vocal lessons and it bore fruit in 2011. Sorn won the first season of K-pop Star Hunt at the age of 15.

CLC’s Sorn’s Weight Loss: Before and After

sorn before

Not long after her debut, Sorn was heavily criticized by Koreans for her bulky body. Korean netizens found her thighs too thick for an idol. They even compared her to another idol from Pristin. She didn’t need the mocking to maker her life hard. Being a Thai in South Korea, she had to learn Korean fast. She also needed to improve her dancing skill if she wanted to keep up with other trainees.

Below is Sorn photo from her latest music video. She looks pretty with her high ponytail, and we can see her flat belly. Sorn is trying hard to match Korean standards. Dealing with Korea’s high beauty standard is hard, but Sorn believed she had to be open minded and try to fit in if she wants to be an idol in South Korea.

sorn me

Her Thoughts on Korean Beauty Standards

sorn 20188

On her YouTube series PRODUSORN, Sorn shared her thoughts on the high standards for beauty in Korea. At first, she was sad because she was judged harshly by people for being a foreigner. But then she realized that, as an idol, she does not only represent herself. She also represents her group, CLC, then her family, her country, and also her agency. As an idol, she has to become a role model for the viewers and fans. She decided to get back up after being down about it.

The Struggles of Being a K-pop Idol


Sorn also shared her experience as an idol trainee. She had to compete with the other idols while attending school. Before, the agency asked her whether she wanted to continue her studies or not. Sorn decided to continue her studies, because she wouldn’t if she will become an idol or not later.

The pretty girl worked really hard to get where she is right now. She said whenever she was sad, she remembered the day she became a trainee, and that she should not waste her opportunity and continue to strive in Korea’s entertainment industry.

Sorn also said that it wasn’t easy balancing her life when she become K-Pop Idol. There isn’t really room for family quality time. Sorn, herself, left Thailand at a young age to train. She missed her family but that was her choice and she did not regret it. Instead, she worked hard to make her family and her country proud of her talent.

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Currently, Sorn and her group CLC are having a comeback with the new digital single “ME”. They also performed on the Music Core stage on June 1st, 2019. You can watch their lit music video on YouTube, and you definitely won’t be bored with the fresh music from CLC!