Everything You Need to Know About CLC’s Latest Addition, Kwon Eun-bin


Meet the Maknae of CLC, Kwon Eun-bin

Kwon Eun-bin is a South Korean singer who belongs to CLC. She was born in 2000 became one of the newest CLC’s members to be introduced in February, 2016, and raised the controversy between her, CUBE Entertainment, and the Mnet survival television program, ‘Produce 101’.

Cube Entertainment stunned netizens with the announcement that Kwon Eun-bin, who was still a contestant of ‘Produce 101’ at the time, would be debuted as the new member of CLC. The new made her fans get angry with both CUBE Entertainment and ‘Produce 101’.

If you want to know more about the pretty Kwon Eun-bin, be happy because, in this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Kwon Eun-bin. So, stay tuned!

Eun-bin’s Profile

  • Stage Name: Eunbin (은빈)
  • Birth Name: Kwon Eun-bin (권은빈)
  • Position in the group: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae
  • Birthday: January 6, 2000
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Education: Oryu High School

Facts About Eunbin that You Need to Know


Kwon Eun-bin was born in Seoul, South Korea. That doesn’t mean she can only speak Korean; instead, she also speaks English and Spanish. FYI, her father is a reporter for a news channel. So, no wonder if she’s smart, right?

If you ask what her hobbies are, she will answer that she’s really into shopping and playing guitar. Not onlyis she talented in playing guitar, but she’s also skilled in pole dancing. She really likes red, and really likes Ahn Jae Hyun. Since her first year of high school, she has been an IU fan.

Before debuting as a member of CLC, she studied at Wonmyong Elementary School – Yangji Elementary School, then spent her junior high school life at Onham Middle School, moving on to Oryu High School and then Hanlim Multi Art School, while spending two years as a trainee at CUBE Entertainment. After that, she made her television and musical debuts, one of her television debuts was competing on the Mnet survival show, ‘Produce 101’.


In ‘Produce 101’, she was ranked 35th and was eliminated in the 10th episode. In the middle of her ‘Produce 101’ period, she was introduced as one of CLC’s new members on February 26, 2016, but didn’t join the group promotion for High Heels because of her contract with Mnet.

In CLC, Seungyeon’s roommate, Kwon Eun-bin, is the maknae in the group, but she’s so tall it’s hard for people to believe that she’s a maknae. Therefore, she is usually called “Giant Maknae”.

As an idol herself, Kwon Eun-bin is good friends with many idols, too, such as Jeon Soyeon, Yuqi, and Jeon Somi who are incorporated in ‘Produce 101′. She’s also friends with SF9’s Hwiyoung, Up10tion’s Xiao, and The Boyz’s Sunwoo, who are her classmates. Not to be left behind, Elris’ Hyeseong is also her good friend.

Besides being talented in music, Kwon Eun-bin’s also talented in acting. She once played a role in a drama titled Bad Papa, as Kim Sang-A, and played a role in a web drama titled Top Management, as Eunbin.

As the Contestant in ‘Produce 101’


‘Produce 101’ is the Mnet survival television program where the public can “produce” a girl-group by choosing the members from a pool of 101 trainees from 46 entertainment agencies, as well as the group’s concept, debut song, and group name.

Kwon Eun-bin was first introduced as a contestant of ‘Produce 101’ on January 22nd, 2016. She represented CUBE Entertainment along with two other trainees, Lee Youn-seo and Jeon Soyeon.

In the first episode, all the contestants performed a prepared performance with their label-mates and were sorted into levels by the trainers. Nevertheless, the rankings were done individually and trainees from the same agency weren’t necessarily put at the same level.

In the second episode, Eunbin seemed to be struggling when practicing the song Pick Me. Her voice was cracking in the middle of the song and the instructor, JeA, told her to drink more water. Then, in the third episode, when the contestants were told to prepare their own video singing and dancing to the song Pick Me, Eunbin was really upset because of the result. Her video received bad comments from the jury and her fellows and, afterward, she was moved down to the D group. When entering the D group practice room, she said, “Nobody was applauding. It was honestly a scary situation.”

In the third episode, Eunbin failed to become the center of the group when Eunbin’s group performed A-pink’s I Don’t Know. She seemed to be disappointed, knowing that Pledis’ Pinky was chosen as the center of the group. “From the start, the atmosphere had shown that Pinky was the center“, she said.

In the fifth episode, Eunbin ranked 16th out of 61 contestants that were accepted to the next round. She was also rated as the eighth most beautiful contestant by her fellow contestants. After receiving the 16th rank, Eunbin tearfully thanked her fans, “I haven’t really shown anything yet,” she said, “But I promise to work harder and aim to sit on the high ranking seats. Thank you”.

In the seventh episode, Eunbin competed in the song Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. Then, in the eighth episode, she ended up ranked 25th out of the 35 successful contestants. She went forward to join the song Fingertips for the concept evaluation, but was later removed from the group because the group has been filled by too many members. Then, Eunbin  was forwarded to join the song Don’t Matter, where she took a position as the rapper. Despite giving a good performance, Eunbin was eventually eliminated in the second to last episode.

Even so, Eunbin gained more popularity through ‘Produce 101’ because of her overwhelming beauty.

The Controversy: Is Kwon Eun-bin a Member of CLC? or a Trainee of ‘Produce 101’?


CLC is a girl-group that was debuted in 2015 under CUBE Entertainment with a debut song titled PEPE. At first, the group consisted of five members, Seunghee, Seungyeon, Sorn, Yujin, and Yeeun. But, in February, 2016, CUBE Entertainment announced that they would add two new members to the group along with the release of the mini album Refresh.

CLC’s fans were so excited about the new members, who they were, and how their appearance was.

In the first place, CUBE Entertainment announced Elkie as the first new CLC member. Elkie was given a warm welcome and was even given a welcome video on CLC’s Youtube channel.

Not long after Elkie’s introduction, CUBE Entertainment confirmed Kwon Eun-bin as the second new member. Instead of being excited about the announcement, fans were confused, because in this case, Eunbin was still a contestant of ‘Produce 101’ and was still under contract with Mnet.

Because of the contract with Mnet, Kwon Eun-bin couldn’t join CLC’s comeback with the new line-up and he song titled High Heels. Even, the music video for High Heels was just the short version because there was Eunbin in the full version.

Scolded by the Netizens

Netizens were busy talking about and searching for more about Kwon Eun-bin, as a result the keywords “Kwon Eun-bin” and “CLC” had become the top search at NAVER.

CUBE Entertainment, as the group’s agency, was scolded by netizens. They assumed that CUBE Entertainment was playing with Kwon Eun-bin’s contract. Not only the agency, but ‘Produce 101’ also was criticized by netizens for being unfair to the contestants. Netizens asked ‘Produce 101’ to only accept contestants that had never debuted before and didn’t have a debut scheduled in 2016, so that the contestant who would be the winner was the one who deserved to be debuted.

Netizens felt sorry for Eunbin, who seemed to be debuted but not debuted at all. A netizen once said, “She’s like an independent country that is still colonized“.

Now, Take a Look at Eunbin in Bad Papa

After debuting as a member of CLC, Eunbin spread her wings in acting by playing a role as Kim Sang-Ah in a drama titled Bad Papa, which has Jang Hyuk as the main character. This 2018 drama tells a story about a father who has to become a bad person to become a good father.

Ji-cheol (Jang Hyuk) is an incompetent husband and father. He was a detective but was fired for allegedly taking a bribe. He couldn’t come up with his family’s living expenses, let alone the rent. On top of that, his daughter, named Yoo Young-sun (Shin Eun-soo), gets into trouble and he has to come up with the completion money. Up the spout, Ji-cheol makes a dangerous decision. Having been a boxing champion in the past, he decides to participate in an illegal boxing match and take the prize money.

Kim Sang-ah, herself, was the main character’s daughter’s good friend when they were young, but they are currently enemies. If you are curious about her acting, let’s watch the cut scene below

The Famous Eye-Patch

In the seventh episode of ‘Produce 101’, when she and her group were dancing to the song Bang Bang, Eunbin received a lot of attention due to the eye-patch that she wore onstage. “I had a puffy eye that day and I was really disturbed about it. I cried the day before, so the staff made me a pretty eye-patch. A lot of photoshopped pictures popped up the day after. I remember I have collected all the photos and send them to Seunghee via e-mail“, she said.

Many fans loved her with the eye-patch on and said that they couldn’t get over how cute she was.


Dare to be Different in Hobgoblin

Becoming part of the only girl-group in CUBE Entertainment doesn’t make CLC “stuck” in terms of the group concept and style. Debuted with a cute, girly concept makes that image really stick to the group, but who would have thought that they would make a new breakthrough by changing their concept totally?

In February, 2017, CLC changed our perceptions of them with their new song, titled Hobglobin. With this single, CLC showed us a sexy, fierce, and mature image. It was totally different from their previous songs, such as No Oh Oh and High Heels.


Eunbin, the maknae of the group, surprised her fans by this transformation. There were many fans who liked Eunbin’s transformation, but there were also a few dislikes for her style in the Hobgoblin era. Some people thought that Eunbin looked awful in the Hobgoblin music video, and she didn’t suit the concept at all. Nonetheless, her rapping was still becoming everyone’s favorite.

Elegant and Fierce at the Same Time, in No


In 2019, the girls of CLC were bringing back the girl power with No. The title track of their eighth EP, that was released on January 30, made fans enthusiastic to see CLC’s new style.

Fans were already full of anticipation after the release of the tracklist poster for the new EP, and even more so after the absolutely elegant and sexy MV teaser, No, slew us in the best way.

After releasing the individual video teasers for the six other members, on Monday, January 28th, CLC released the video teaser for Eunbin. Not inferior to other members, through the video teaser Eunbin also showed her glamourous and elegant look.

The Music Video itself is super-glossy and as badass as fans expected of CLC. The lyrics show a woman’s decision to not be labeled or put in a box, and express a message of self-love.

No, as the title track of CLC’s eight EP, made CLC achieve their first victory since their first debut in the weekly music program, The Show, that was aired on SBS MTV.

What’s Happening with Eunbin Lately?

May 5th is Korea’s National Children’s Day. Not a few groups participated in the Children’s Day event, and one of them was CLC.

Based on CLC’s Instagram account, they were visiting Jeju Island while attending a Children Day’s event.

Eunbin looks so pretty in the recent post, with a casual outfit on. While standing with Jeju Island scenery behind her, she fascinated us with her photograph.


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뽀너스 11년 전 제주에서 맞은 어린이 날의 어린이 응짱!

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Not long after posting a photo with the Jeju Island Scenery, Eunbin uploaded another photo, but this one was a childhood photo of her in Jeju. Fans were startled by the natural beauty she has.

That was all the information about Eunbin. Let’s support Eunbin and CLC for their new upcoming projects, and don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comment section below!