Learn More About CLC’s Leader, Seungyeon: Profile, Fun Facts, Tattoo, and Youtube Channel

CLC’s Seungyeon’s YouTube Channel


Seungyeon opened her personal YouTube channel on April 4th, 2019.

Check out her greetings prior to her channel opening!

She wrote, “Hello everyone:) It’s Seung Mong. It’s Seung Yeon. ~~~ I became a YouTuber!!! It’s really nerve-wracking, it’s exciting. I’ll try to show you my honest self. I want to communicate with you by uploading many different videos in the future! Please leave a lot of comments. Nice to meet you 🙈 Fighting!!!!!”

Seungyeon’s YouTube channel consists of Vlogs. There is also a series titled “Hobby Research Facility.” The series is for all of you who have had difficulty settling on a hobby or finding time for a hobby. Seungyeon hopes that her viewers find a new passion in their life.

There are also cooking and make-up videos. Check out some of them!




That’s all about CLC’s Seungyeon! Have you watched any of her vlogs or her monthly choreography videos on YouTube? Don’t forget to kindly leave a comment and share.