Learn More About CLC’s Leader, Seungyeon: Profile, Fun Facts, Tattoo, and Youtube Channel


Find Out More About Seungyeon—CLC’s Leader and Main Dancer

Chang Seungyeon, or mostly known as Seungyeon, is a South Korean singer under Cube Entertainment. She debuted as a member of girl group CLC on March 19th, 2015, with the lead single “Pepe” from their first EP. Seungyeon is the main dancer and also leader of the group. Every month, on the Cube Entertainment Official YouTube channel, Seungyeon uploaded a monthly choreography video with various songs. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with everything you need to know about CLC’s Seungyeon. So, stay tuned!

CLC’s Seungyeon’s Profile

  • Stage Name: Seungyeon (승연)
  • Full Name: Chang Seung Yeon (장승연)
  • Nicknames: Monkey, Energizer, Seung Mong, Seung Mongki, Seung Mong Leader, Jang Leader
  • Date of Birth: November 6th, 1996
  • Place of Birth: Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Debut Date: March 19th, 2015 (with CLC)
  • Associated Acts: CLC
  • Agency: Cube Entertainment
  • Education: Seongnam Cheongsol Elementary School (graduated), Dochon Middle School (graduated), Neulpureun High School (transfer), Seoul Performing Arts High School (practical dance department/graduate)
  • Official Instagram: seung_monkey
  • Official TikTok: seung_monkey
  • Official YouTube Channel: 승몽이네 | Seungyeon

CLC’s Seungyeon’s Fun Facts

  • Seungyeon is the main dancer, sub-rapper, and leader of the group. She is good at powerful choreography as the main dancer.
  • Seungyeon is able to play the guitar. She is quite good at playing the guitar, especially during busking performances.
  • Seungyeon’s representative fruit is orange.
  • Along with Yujin and Yeeun, Seungyeon is fluent in Japanese and has taken JLPT.
  • Along with Seunghee, Yeeun, Sorn, and Yujin, Seungyeon appeared in the music video of G.Na’s “Pretty Lingerie.” She also appeared in the music video of BTOB’s “Beep Beep” with fellow members Yujin and Yeeun.
  • She’s close to Apink’s Namjoo, SONAMOO’s Eui-jin, and P.O.P’s Haeri.
  • Seungyeon participated in rhythmic gymnastics at the 2018 Chuseok Idol Star Athletics Championship. She practiced clubs for a month and won 2nd place with it.
  • She appeared in the Men’s Health April 2018 issue.
  • According to other members of CLC, Seungyeon is both a sloppy and a joker in the group. She enhances her enthusiasm by making jokes with the other members.
  • Seungyeon enjoys dancing a lot because she is able to let her stress out.
  • Seungyeon shares a room with Eunbin in CLC’s new dorm.
  • Seungyeon’s ideal type is actor Jo Jung-suk.

CLC’s Seungyeon’s Pre-debut Era


Before debut, Seungyeon made her first appearance as a back-up dancer for G.NA along with Seunghee, Sorn, Yeeun, and Yujin. They also appeared in G.Na’s music video titled “Pretty Lingerie.” Seungyeon was one of the members of the original line-up of CLC. In 2014, CLC members also appeared in the SMART endorsement as models along with GOT7 and B1A4. It is part of a joint partnership between the Ministry of Gender Equality and the Family program.

CLC’s Seungyeon’s Debut as a Leader


Seungyeon made her debut with CLC on March 19th, 2015, under Cube Entertainment. She debuted with another line-up of debut members, Yujin, Seunghee, Sorn, and Yeeun. In early 2016, two members were added to the group, Elkie and Eunbin. Seunghee is in charge of the position main dancer in the group. She’s also the lead vocalist and sub-rapper.

Seungyeon has a steady and solid voice. She can sing most high notes well. She is also good at dancing. Seungyeon was the leader along with Seunghee when CLC consisted of five members. She is the first idol member under Cube Entertainment to be a leader and the second leader of the group, not the oldest member of the team. It is said that they have relied on Seunghee, the former leader. After having established her place as a leader, she has taken the initiative to build a positive environment for the members and has outstanding looks and skills as a leader.

CLC debuted on March 19th, 2015, with their first EP First Love, which contains the lead single titled “Pepe.”

Check out the music video and debut stage of CLC!

Seungyeon’s Focus Fan-cam


A stage performance of a group is not complete without a focus fan-cam. Here’s the compilation of Seungyeon’s fan-cam videos.

Seungyeon has the best body in CLC. She did a lot of hip-up exercises and also participated in rhythmic gymnastics at the Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC) twice.

CLC made a comeback with a digital single titled “Helicopter” in 2020. The song is kind of trap pop and EDM powerhouse song. On Seungyeon’s focus fan-cam for this song, fans commented that Seungyeon’s presence is so powerful and her dance is really amazing.

Let’s take a look at some comments on Seungyeon’s focus fan-cam:

  • she’s the best female dancer. i said what i said.
  • Her stage presence is undeniable. Even when it’s not her parts, she puts in 110%!
  • seungyeon’s stage presence is on another level. she’s one of the best dancers in kpop. she’s a true performer and i really like to watch her!
  • I just started stanning CLC, but I can already tell that Seungyeon is the main dancer. Her stage presence can make everyone divert their eyes to her.
  • Seungyeon is the main reason i started dancing , she’s my main inspiration when it comes to dancing. I admire her so much, such a passionate performer. So much love and respect for this woman here, she’s never stingy when it comes to performing always giving it her all, and performs for the audience, a true dancer😘😘
  • She gives me actual choreographer, professional dancer vibe. She is so ahead of her time. I don’t know how to explain this but, dance-wise, she is without equal. So versatile, so hardworking, so charismatic, fierce and POWERFUL on stage!! She is a true gem of kpop and all of you who don’t stan her or CLC are NOT people of culture.

CLC’s Seungyeon’s Tattoo


Seungyeon is one of the members who have a tattoo. She has tattoos on her fingers and around her shoulder/arm. The pictures of her tattoos are various. She has a flower tattoo on her finger, a kind of feather and sun tattoo on her biceps, and another one under her shoulder/arms.

Check out Seungyeon’s tattoos, here: