Get To Know CLC’s Seunghee: Profile, Facts, Pre-debut Era, and Rumored Boyfriend

Check Out The Details of CLC’s Main Vocalist—Oh Seunghee

Seunghee is a South Korean singer under Cube Entertainment. She debuted with CLC in 2015. Seunghee is the main vocalist of CLC. She has a beautiful voice that can easily overwhelm you. She also has a pretty face and a great personality. Without further ado, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed outline of everything related to CLC’s Seunghee! Keep scrolling.

CLC’s Seunghee’s Profile
  • Stage Name: Seunghee(승희)
  • Full Name: Oh Seunghee (오승희/吳承姬)
  • Nicknames: Little Hani, Ori/duck (오리), Hongdae Goddess (홍대 여신), Seungaji (승아지), Kkanseunghee (깐승희)
  • Date of Birth: October 10th, 1995
  • Place of Birth: Seo-gu, Gwangju, South Korea
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 161.4 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Religion: Buddhist
  • Debut Date: March 19th, 2015 (with CLC)
  • Associated Acts: CLC
  • Agency: Cube Entertainment
  • Education: Maria Kindergarten, Seogwang Elementary School (graduated), Sangil Middle School (graduated), Seolwol Girls’ High School (transfer), Cheongdam High School (graduation)
  • Official Instagram: ohseunghee_official_
  • Official YouTube Channel: 오승희 OH SEUNGHEE

CLC’s Seunghee’s Fun Facts
  • Seunghee is the main vocalist of CLC.
  • Before Seungyeon became the leader, Seunghee was the leader of CLC.
  • She has an older brother and an older sister.
  • Seunghee was a student of the Music Academy in Gwangju before becoming a Cube trainee.
  • Seunghee is able to play the guitar and piano.
  • Seunghee’s representative fruit is green apple.
  • She is not good at winking.
  • She likes red beans. She prefers Binngrae Samanco to ice cream. Binngrae Samanco is a popular Korean frozen treat brand that offers a variety of flavors such as red bean, chocolate, strawberry, and green tea. The ice cream is in a fish shape.
  • She appeared in the music video of G.Na’s “Pretty Lingerie” along with Seungyeon, Sorn, Yeeun, and Yujin. She also appeared in the music video of BTOB’s “2nd Confession.”
  • She participated in the 1st Cube Voice Project along with Highlight’s Yoseob and sang with BTOB’s Sungjae for the fourth OST track of the tvN drama Plus Nine Boys.
  • Her hobbies are reading or writing poetry, organizing things, diary decoration, and playing the piano.
  • In Episode 8 of Produsorn, it was revealed that Seunghee is one of the cooks in the group. She tends to cook too many dishes and has said that it is a habit she inherited from her mother.
  • She’s close to Lovely’s Kei because of the same age. They became close when they met as participants of Girl Spirit.
  • Seunghee shares the biggest room with Sorn and Yeeun in CLC’s new dorm.
  • She likes cleaning. At their dorm, she is in charge of cleaning.
  • She is said to have joined the SPICA Kim Bo-hyung fan café.
  • Seunghee has been a big NU’EST fan even from before Produce 101 S2. She even signed up as a member of the NU’EST fan café.
  • Seunghee’s ideal type is actor Baek Sung-hyun. The traits that she is looking for in a man are a polite person who has a clear direction in his path, is responsible, and enthusiastic.

CLC’s Seunghee’s Pre-debut Era

Seunghee was a member of the original CLC debut line-up. Along with Seungyeon, Sorn, Yeeun, and Yujin, she appeared in the music video of G.Na’s “Pretty Lingerie.” In 2014, they made their first appearance as back-up dancers for G.NA. Seunghee and the other CLC members also appeared in the SMART endorsement as models along with GOT7 and B1A4. It is part of a joint partnership between the Ministry of Gender Equality and the Family program.

Check out CLC’s documentary video with Seunghee in the focus, here:

CLC’s Seunghee’s Debut Era

Seunghee made her debut with CLC on March 19th, 2015, under Cube Entertainment. She’s debuted with Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, and Yeeun. As of now, CLC consists of seven members: Seungyeon, Seunghee, Yujin, Sorn, Yeeun, Eunbin, and Elkie. Seunghee is in charge of the group’s main vocalis. Seunghee used to be the leader along with Seungyeon. She had a great capability to manage members with a great personality as a mother on the team and shows a lot of mature aspects.

She is no longer the leader after two members were added to the group. She decided to step down from the leader position in order to make CLC more solid and strong. Even though she’s no longer the leader, she’s still helping Seungyeon from the sidelines.

CLC debuted on March 19th, 2015, with their first EP First Love, which contains the lead single titled “Pepe.”

Check out the debut stage and the music video of CLC’s “Pepe,” here!


Seunghee’s Focus Fan-cam

Check out the close details of Seunghee singing and dancing CLC songs!

Fans said she’s so ethereal, and she seems more assured. Others said she’s the most stunning celebrity idol they’ve ever seen. Fans also talked about Seunghee being the center, and she just keeps improving for every comeback.

Seunghee has a great proportion and slim body. Take a look at one of the fans’ comments about Seunghee’s appearances: “Seunghee’s body is just <3 <3 <3 I do like her better without bangs because she is so pretty bangs hide her face. but she always kills it. The way these dresses hug her body yasss! i wish more idols had the figure of her Skinny but not stick thin. I need a track where they show off her vocals more! She has a amazing voice that people over look. She has pipes!”

Seunghee has got that kind of fierce looks. Even so, she’s still beautiful and stunning. Her visuals are really pretty, right?