Let’s Check Out CLC Members Instagram Feeds!


The Gorgeous Girl Group From Cube Entertainment, CLC

Cube Entertainment has always been a major player in the Korean music industry, with hitmakers such as B2ST, 4Minute, and BTOB. Recently, their last generation groups have also been making waves in the industry and one of them is the girl group CLC. Debuting in 2015 with 5 members: Seung-hee, Yu-jin, Seung-yeon, Sorn, and Ye-eun, the group exploded with the hit song “Pepe” that brought a fresh new twist to the typical girl group dance song. After several comebacks and the inevitable hit that is Produce 101, Cube decided to add two new members, Elkie and Eun-bin, to the lineup in order to boost the group and help them expand abroad.

While Eun-bin was still competing in Produce 101, the remaining members promoted with the song “High Heel,” which received a warm response, as well as their next single with all the members titled “No Oh Oh.” It was not until their next comeback, with the song titled “Hobgoblin,” which was personally overseen and directed by former Cube it-girl, Hyuna, that they hit the top of the charts. The song was such a hit that peaked at No.10 on Gaon’s Albums chart and No.6 on Billboard’s Worlds Albums chart. This became the catalyst to CLC’s popularity and their musical development.

They followed up the success with more hits such as “Where Are You?” and most recently, “Black Dress.” Not only that, but the group has also branched out and started doing solo activities such as hosting music shows, acting in dramas and releasing solo singles. Most would think that because of it, fans would not be able to see CLC as a group very often, but worry not because CLC is very active on their official Instagram page, under the username @cube_clc_official.

Through their Instagram, the members are able to communicate according to their personal schedules but also together with other members in their free time. They often post selfies, covers and even behind the scenes photos and videos, so fans are never left a single day without CLC on their minds. Each member, who has her own schedule and activities, also has a very unique and special way of communicating with fans, thus we shall dissect each members’ posting habits and contents! So are you ready to fall for CLC’s charm? Let’s get to it!

CLC Members Instagram Feeds

Seung-hee’s Instagram Feed

We are starting with CLC’s main vocal, Seung-hee, who is known to post a lot of behind the scenes photos, both of herself and the other members. Her captions are also very unique as she uses emojis in both the text and hashtags.


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승희와 승희가 만나면? 👯씅씅 반가워요 #CLC #OHMYGIRL #현승희 #오승희 #또만납쎄

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As mentioned above, Seung-hee often takes photos with friends and members and uploads them to show the fans their heartwarming friendship. Take for example the first photo, where she and other CLC members are at the airport on their way to meet fans in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is a way to remind fans that they are on their way and will see them soon. Also as a bonus, she added a cute picture of herself in the airplane seat at the end, covered in her sweater. The second picture displays her tight friendship with Oh My Girl’s Seung-hee, whom she became friends with during the filming of the variety show Girl Spirit. The two, who share the same first name, are extremely tight due to their similar roles in their respective groups and also appearing in the same variety show together.


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해주세요 #CLC #씨엘씨 #승희 #덕스타그램 #🐥🎂 #잘가내년에또봐

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Another very personal thing that Seung-hee shares with her fans through the group’s Instagram is her birthday celebration. She posted several photos, such as the official post made by Cube, and another one where she is posing with her birthday cake. She used the hashtag, “fan-stagram” to describe the post as it shows just how close she is with her fans that she could share these kinds of personal things with them.


Seung-hee also shares a behind the scenes look at their schedules and activities, such as photo shoots and the Idol Star Athletics Championship. With these posts, fans can take a look at the activities through CLC’s eyes.

Yu-jin’s Instagram Feed

CLC’s angel, Yu-jin, is known for her friendly and approachable personality that has made its rounds through the net with a viral post describing an impromptu meeting with her. Her personality definitely shines through her cute pictures and funny videos.

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Yu-jin has recently started to update fans with information about the group’s boarding the airplane on the way to achieving their agendas. She always reminds fans that they are on their way to meet them and they will return from their schedules safely.


Unlike the other members, she posts selfies both alone and with cute animals, showing her truly relatable and cutesy style. Her friendliness shines through without having to post videos, as her expressions and poses are exuding vibes of a girl next door. As the center of the group, she definitely proves that her visuals are unmatched.


As for her funny side, Yu-jin also posts videos of her using the application TikTok sometimes, dubbing songs and dialogues like the one above. The application has recently been a hit with popular idol groups such as BTS, who even started a trend with their choreographies. Hopefully, in the future, CLC can follow in the same footsteps and start their own choreography challenge turned trend on the same application.