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Clazziquai Project’s Alex Chu’s Appearance on MBC’s King of Masked Singer

Clazziquai Project's Alex

On April 7, 2019, Alex Chu made an appearance while wearing a Chuno mask on MBC’s King of Masked Singer. From this performance, Alex Chu showed his well-known vocal ability as a soloist and also a member of Clazziquai Project. He was able to survive up to the 2nd round while appearing on this show.

In the 1st round, Alex Chu as Chuno had a rival with Imgeokjjeong, and they both appeared on stage by singing one of Paul Kim’s top hits entitled “Me After You.”

After only a few seconds of their appearance on the stage, they managed to hypnotize the panelists and also the audience in the studio because these two contestants have very melodious voices. Lovelyz’s Mijoo who was there as a panelist even guessed that the two contestants were idols.

Watch Alex Chu’s 1st round performance on MBC’s King of Masked Singer:

In the 2nd round, Alex Chu was able to maintain his position and advance to the next stage. The panelists still hadn’t managed to guess who the Chuno behind the mask was even from his very melodious voice from his previous appearance. This time, Alex Chu came with a single entitled “Waiting.” His solo performance again amazed many people with his very melodious voice, and he even was able to bring a ballad song with a very sweet voice that was easy to listen to.

Watch Alex Chu’s 2nd-round performance on MBC’s King of Masked Singer:

Finally, it came to the stage where Alex Chu had to finish his journey on this show by revealing his face to the panelists and also the audience who were there. At this stage, he finished his performance by talking about his identity and how amusing the panelist guesses were.

Watch the video below to see Alex Chu revealing his face on MBC’s King of Masked Singer:

Alex Chu also previously appeared io this show in November 2015 by bringing the top hit from Kim Gwang-seok titled “About Thirty.” His singing ability is no longer in doubt because Alex Chu has a sweet and melodious voice when singing live so that only with his voice the panelists and the audience can enjoy his singing.

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