Everything You Need to Know About Clara Lee

August 19th, 2014

Clara: As I’ve mentioned to you several times previously, what I was afraid of did happen due to the reports about my contract with Polaris. I hope you take appropriate action.

Clara: (sends certification of contents from previous agency, Galaxia) Notice of breaching of exclusive contract: Concerning the issue that Clara’s exclusive management rights are with Galaxia.

CEO: [You] are introduced as being under Koreana Clara and Mr. Kim pretends to be the CEO, meeting all kinds of people for management.

CEO: If you’re pressuring our staff to bring in new work, but then want us to push back announcing that we’re your exclusive agency, how do you expect us to be able to do anything?

CEO: If I can give you one piece of advice, it’s that what you need to focus on more than Galaxia is your internal relations with this company. Because if your relations with this company are good, we will all help you.


August 30th, 2014

CEO: I really feel like you are ignoring what I’ve been telling you. Why are you doing that?

CEO: Even your dad conversed with me in order to make me understand…

CEO: You should have been satisfied with going to Jeju-do with Director Kim.

CEO: Did you want to be exposed to the reporters when going to America with him? A press outlet contacted me on the day of your departure…

CEO: I held it in because I didn’t want to damage your activities. I am worried and don’t know why you’re doing this.

Clara: Director. Thank you for worrying about me. I will be careful next time. I finished the Japan Kobe Collection performance well.


September 4th, 2014

Clara: I don’t want a lawsuit. They want [undisclosed amount of KRW].

CEO: That’s the amount that you were going to give them anyway, isn’t it? Just settle on giving it to them. I think focusing on working would be better.

Clara: I don’t have the money right now. They are saying they want the [amount] in one full payment. Is the company able to pay it for me?

CEO: I’ll tell the legal department and the management team to look into a solution. Discuss with them and focus on work after it’s been taken care of.

CEO: I can’t focus on anything because of the Ladies’ Code accident.

Clara: I only want to focus on work. Hang in there.


September 5th, 2014

CEO: I’m going now after having some wine because it hurt so much after laying to rest a 22-year-old young girl who had her whole life ahead of her.

CEO: Our [company] family all came to pay respects and some even stayed for the three days, which made the time bearable.

CEO: Not even just broadcast affiliates, but hundreds of celebrities came by. People were talking about the fact that someone from our family didn’t even show their face or send a message.

CEO: I want to at least hear some sort of excuse. That you only ever talk to me about things regarding you didn’t look good, either. Even idols that I’ve never even met came by at 3 am, and the whole country is in mourning.

Clara: Director, I’m really upset, too. I really wanted to go pay my respects to EunB, and I’m really sorry that I couldn’t. I’m in mourning too.


September 10th, 2014

CEO: You should have at least showed up… That’s something you are to deal with.

CEO: It’s not something for me to give you stress over.

CEO: The [members] are grieving but this is the first funeral for our company. The entire week of being at the funeral was a hard time for me, the staff, and the members, and both my mind and body are tired.

CEO: Even Xia Junsu and Naul, who have nothing to do with this situation, came to the funeral late at night after a long drive from the countryside because I contacted them. They were singers that RiSe liked, and I wanted to show them to her for the last time so I asked them a favor.

CEO: They came even while telling me not to tell the press since they usually don’t go to other people’s funeral.

CEO: I wanted you to come, not just because it would have given me strength, but because I am disappointed in you. After RiSe’s funeral, I had dinner with people like Bum Soo, YoonA, Seon Woo, and Choi Jin Yi.

CEO: Let’s meet sometime after the Chuseok vacation is over.

Clara: Director, I am also very hurt and struggling. Please help me so that we can be on good terms once again. I hope all your problems will be resolved.

CEO: Thank you. I want that too. I hold back my hatred for some people and still meet with them, so why would I want to be on bad terms with you, who I like.

CEO: You know that relationships with people can’t be one-sided, right? You have to respect one another and be considerate. Let’s both try harder.

CEO: If you still trust me as a person and want to have faith and depend on the company’s capability, you should have consulted with me and the company rather than Director Kim about your situation.

CEO: You only talk with Director Kim, and the company and I are second priority. If you go to your schedules with Director Kim instead of a manager, the company and I will be unable to help you out. You should think about that.

CEO: What you want to do and what you can do are two different things. Celebrities are public figures so they should only do things that they can do and should do.

CEO: Public figures can’t just do the things they want to do. People are influenced by love, and go wild for [public figures] because they are given that much social responsibility and burden.

CEO: I really want you to become a celebrity who influences society positively. Someone that is unlike those celebrities who are criticized and get in trouble and one day disappear.

CEO: Why are you trying to ruin the big picture because of a small thing? Everything is related to Director Kim, right? That’s so unfortunate! Please think it through carefully! You shouldn’t forget that others have ears, eyes, and are able to think for themselves…

Clara: Director. As you have experienced recently, life is very short. Please help me. I am so tired.


October 5th, 2014

Clara: You said you were giving up, but it looks like you sent yet another certification of contents. You wanted a reply by noon today, so I’m sending you a text.

Clara: I really hate you.

CEO: I thought of you as a sensible person, and I wanted to do my best to the end, but seeing as how you’ll say anything now, it’s regrettable.

CEO: And you don’t even send what’s true in the content certification. Why are you so sensitive about sending what’s true?

CEO: You can’t beat the truth with lies!

In May, Clara’s father, Lee Seung-kyu, told the prosecutors, “CEO Lee has actually blackmailed them and asked Clara to be an arms merchant lobbyist.” They continued to state that they found evidence of CEO Lee telling her to “cut ties with Clara’s managers and do as he says,” which also proved their case against CEO Lee.