Everything You Need to Know About Clara Lee

Clubbing with iKON’s Junhoe

Clara Lee and Koo Jun-hoe

In 2016, netizens claimed to have spotted Clara Lee clubbing with a member of the idol group iKON, Junhoe. They were in Arena club multiple times clubbing together during the month. According to netizens, Koo Jun Hoe was spotted walking around with a white mask and a hat. He soon joined Clara at her table for the night.

Lawsuit Against Polaris Entertainment

Clara Lee

Dispatch, in an exclusive report, has revealed the full conversation between Clara and Polaris Entertainment CEO Lee Jong-myung, based on Clara Lee’s claim of sexual harassment and Polaris having filed a criminal suit against Clara for threatening the agency.

On January 21st, the text revealed by Dispatch shows in more detail the progression of the relations between Clara and the Polaris CEO, from friendly to strained and uncomfortable.  The text conversations conclude between the two regarding Clara recommending her previous agency CEO to be her manager at Polaris, as well as the Polaris CEO trying to dissuade Clara from trying to cancel her contract.

This is how the conversation was going:

June 18th, 2014

Clara: My father is the head of Koreana Clara’s legal department, so he has to be there, but he’s overseas golfing. I’m really sorry but could we meet on June 20th?

CEO: I’m okay, but this is something that we were really busy trying to finish up. Pushing it back after hurrying it along won’t look good to the staff. I told them late last night that you were coming at 10 today.

Clara: I’m really sorry. I ended really late last night and I just found out today ㅠㅠ. I’ll explain to lawyer Moon.

CEO: Okay, I’ll explain. And I think it would be good for me to meet your father personally.

CEO: Just send me the Japanese agency contract by mail or fax.

Clara: Okay! (heart emoticon)

Clara: I’ll contact you once I get to Shanghai.

Clara: (picture)


July 5th, 2014

CEO: I’m upset! I am honestly trying to help you, but…

CEO: You should have said from the beginning that he’s your close oppa and you want to help him.

CEO: You’re rushing things, and because of that, I asked my employees to have meetings [regarding your digital single] even though it’s late.

CEO: I sent you messages during lunch to ask for your opinion, but… My time and stance become worthless, don’t you think? This doesn’t have to be rushed, and it isn’t important… First, you decide everything, and then, as if you’re simply notifying me…

Clara: I am truly sorry for upsetting you.

Clara: As we are only able to communicate through text messages, unfortunate things are bound to happen. Director. I should have talked about this on the phone, but I am always impatient, and I think I made a mistake. If we want to work happily together, we can’t make each other sad. I will be careful from now on. I had another big worry today, and that made me sensitive.


July 9th, 2014

Clara: Director, good morning~ What about having dinner today? I have a radio show tomorrow at 10, so I’d have to leave at 9. What do you think?

CEO: Did you talk with Director Kim? Let me know Director Kim’s phone number. As for dinner, let’s have it next time.

Clara: (sends contact information of Director Kim, Director of Clara’s previous agency)

Clara: Yes. Director Kim started working immediately yesterday. Director Kim made a deal on the choreography fees, and got the fees down from 2,000,000 to 250,000, found a stylist, and ordered costumes to be made.

Clara: Marketing Director [undisclosed] and President [undisclosed] finished their meeting yesterday.

CEO: I can’t fully understand what you’re trying to say. What Director Kim did? What about the stylist? And the choreography fees?

Clara: [Everything I mentioned] is what Director Kim arranged yesterday.

CEO: Did you talk about this with [undisclosed]? Is there no need for us to do anything? I advised the company president to meet up with Director Kim, and I gave him related documents. I will also personally meet him.

Clara: I don’t want to be a burden to the company. I will take care of everything, Director. Thank you so much.

CEO: Director Kim just informed me that we’ll be meeting tomorrow evening. I am currently on my way to lunch. Make sure to eat lunch.

Clara: Director, you are so fast, as expected ^^ We can’t have wine this week, then?

CEO: You got angry at me yesterday, don’t you remember? Let’s take it slow… Let’s have fun while drinking wine after you feel better again.

Clara: You are the only one I can trust, Director. Having fun sounds good.


July 15th, 2014

Clara: (sends photos from underwear photoshoot)

Clara: I’m sorry I keep showing you weakness. I’ll do better.

CEO: It’s pretty! Just don’t stress me out, and I’ll do well too.


July 17th, 2014

Clara: What do you think?

(Sends photos of August underwear photoshoot)

Clara: The photos will be in the August issue of Sure.

CEO: Your gaze and poses are seductive.

Clara: Oh yeah! Of course, Director, you’ve got a good eye. I’m glad you noticed!

CEO: I’m glad you noticed, too! See you tomorrow.

Clara: I’m in the middle of shooting an ad, so I’m just getting back to you now, sorry. I’ll see you tomorrow! Good night~


July 23rd, 2014

Clara: Director. As we initially discussed, it’s safest for me if I carry out my activities under Koreana Clara.

Clara: I would appreciate it if you didn’t distribute any press releases regarding an exclusive contract.

Clara: This is because of issues with previous agencies, and I would be met with a lot of criticism.

Clara: If you truly wish to protect me, then please, as we discussed, help me quietly and anonymously. Please. I’m always thankful.

CEO: Changing the exclusivity of the contract is not the goal, so you don’t have to worry about that. But not only do I not understand about helping you quietly and anonymously, but I also don’t think that is relevant.

CEO: It seems that rather than having trust in me, you still are of the same opinion as [Mr. Kim].


July 25th, 2014

Clara: I arrived. Where should I go?

Clara: Director. You’re so busy but I feel like I was only a burden while you are having a hard time, and I feel really bad. I am sorry.

CEO: No, that’s not true, just give me strength from now on!


July 30th, 2014

CEO: I hope that you grow to be a celebrity that works hard and doesn’t just calculate what’s best for herself.

CEO: I’m a good person, but to bad people, I can also be a very scary person. I don’t want to show you my scary side.

CEO: No matter what bad influence tries to move you, if you stand your ground, it’s okay.

Clara: Director, after claiming to want to protect me, you sent a certification of contents [on revealing the contract terms] after just a day. As you said, you’ve become a scary person.

CEO: Who sent it? I didn’t know about it. If there’s a problem, of course we would send a certification of contents.

Clara: I’ve already received it from you.

CEO: I just approved it, and there is nothing that’s not true, and nothing that suggests anything negative. We only have good intentions. Why are you being so sensitive?


August 14th, 2014

CEO: I am on an overseas business trip and I’m on my way to a dinner plan right now, and was thinking about you, Clara… What happened is a shame, thinking about it again.

CEO: When you first came to me, I was happy and I tried to have a conversation with you and make it fun… Even now, my heart is the same and hope that you and I will remain in good terms. I still wish to help you succeed, but I don’t want to be used by Director Kim.

CEO: More so because he is a very rude and reckless person. He is someone to get in big trouble at least once by someone. I don’t want to be the one to deal with him, which is why I am avoiding this situation. [This is] for you…

CEO: Whenever we’ve met, you told me that you’ve been lonely and tired and were happy to be working with me. I trusted what you said and was very sad about it so I was willing to do anything to help you. You probably know that that is why I tried to help you personally, which I’ve never done for anyone else.

CEO: But I was the only one in this whole world who didn’t know about the relationship between you and Director Kim. You put him into the company in order to have him take over your affairs. As always, you’ve been discussing everything with Director Kim. That you’ve been dealing with the situation this way makes me very sad and disappointed.

CEO: I know you won’t be changing your mind as long as you stay close to him, but I’m still messaging you anyway.

CEO: This is your business and you may take damage in a way that’s not recoverable. I’m messaging you, throwing away my pride, in order to prevent that from happening!

CEO: Looking at how you’ve been trying to cancel the contract by picking fights about every single little thing reminds me of [undisclosed] from a few years ago.

CEO: At the time [undisclosed] was 29 years old too and it’s disappointing that you seem to be walking the same path.

CEO: Who will benefit fighting over the certification of contents? It’s true that I am the final-decision maker but I can’t ignore the opinions of other staff members, and rumors spread quickly, too.

CEO: If you really don’t want to work with the company and want to fight, you should consult with a good lawyer without Director Kim. I emphasize this again but personally, I want to do everything for you that you’ve been wanting. You should think it through and make a wise decision.

Clara: Thank you for messaging me. I know that you are a person with strong pride. Are you available for wine sometime soon?

CEO: I also don’t like wasting time and energy but I hope you know that I care more for you than my pride. I return [to Korea] over the weekend so dinner next Friday would work. We can adjust according to your schedule.