Everything You Need to Know About Clara Lee


Get to Know the Sexy Icon, Clara Lee

The Sexy Icon Korean-American actress and model from South Korea, Clara Lee, who is much discussed these days. The pretty girl who was born in Bern, Switzerland, 34 years ago, is the daughter of Tom Lee (Lee Seung-gyu), the South Korean legendary singer from Koreana Band, and Lee Kyung-oae, a former ballerina from Europe.

In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything about Clara Lee’s full profile, facts about Clara Lee, Clara Lee’s filmography, Clara Lee’s first pitch, Clara being the Sexy Icon, Clare Lee’s scandal, clubbing with IKON’s Junhoe, lawsuit against Polaris Entertainment, Clara’s husband and wedding, plastic surgery, and latest news of Clara Lee.

Clara Lee’s Full Profile

Clara Lee

Stage Name: Clara Lee

Real Name: Lee Seong-min

Nick Name: Clara

Place and Date of Birth: Bern-Switzerland, January 15th, 1985

Age: 34

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Nationality: American-Korean

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: El Camino College, Los Angeles, California

Family: Father (Lee Seung-gyu), Mother (Lee Kyung-oae)

Spouse: Hwang Samuel

Occupation: Actress and Model

Specialty: English

Hobbies: Cooking, Finding new recipes for cooking

Agency: Koreana Clara and East West Artist (EWA)

Active: 2005 – present

Instagram: @actressclara

Facts About Clara Lee

Clara Lee
  • She is perfectly bilingual speaking fluently both Korean and English.
  • Clara and her family moved to Los Angeles, California where she went to senior high school and college.
  • Clara had her first casting on the streets of Los Angeles.
  • She debuted as a model in the Korean Bank Campaign.
  • In 2005, she moved to Seoul, South Korea and begun her career as a professional model.
  • Clara made her first professional model debut in Korea with the “Beautiful Face Contest” at the age of 19.
  • She made her first screen appearance in the advertisement “Man with flowers; Coenzyme Q10” of Somang Cosmetic, which promoted a huge surplus in Korean cosmetic society in the year of 2006.
  • She appeared in Jay Park’s “Joah” Music Video.
  • She defeated Angelina Jolie by holding the 2nd rank as the most beautiful woman in the world according to Mode Lifestyle Magazine.
  • Clara has been a supporting actress in more than 100 video clips and advertisements.
  • She changed her name to a western name because her real name sounds masculine.
  • She has even conducted a lingerie photo session for the clothing brand Guess.
  • Regarded as a sexy icon, both in South Korea and Internationally.
  • Clara has landed major roles in popular TV series such as Taehee, Hyegyo, Jihyeon E, Good Windy Day, Please Captain, Delicious Life, Goddess of Marriage, and many more
  • She married to a Korean-America businessman in January 2019.

Clara Lee’s Filmography


Year Title Role
2019 Space Intellectual
2019 Jump Out of Primitive Tribe
2019 Shenzhen Love
2019 Bodies at Rest
2018 Love Illusion
The Jade Pendant
2018 Killing Mobile Webcam Model
2018 Fat Buddies Chinese immigrant’s wife
2017 The Jade Pendant Ying Ying/Peony
2016 Some Like It Hot Yoyo (Korean Actress)
2016 Line Walker Assassin
2015 Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies Oh Nan-hee
2013 Ask This of Rikyu Joseon noblewomen
2009 Five Senses of Eros Lee Yoon-jung


Variety Shows

Year Title Network Notes
2017 The Taming of The Shrew JTBC2 Cast
2014 Fashion King Korea-Season 2 SBS Cast
2013 Saturday Night Live Korea-Season 4 tvN Cast (episodes 20-38)


Television Series

Year Title Role Network
2017 Meloholic Yoon Kyung-ae OCN
2017 Strong Woman Do Bong-soon Lee Bong-soon/Dental Hygienist (ep.16) JTBC
2016 Entourage Herself (episode 2) tvN
2014 American’s Next Top Model Herself (Season 21 Episode 14) The CW
2014 You Are My Destiny Hye Jin (Episode 1) MBC
2014 Emergency Couple Han Ah-reum tvN
2013 Love For Teen- Generation of Youth Kim Yang Mobile Drama
2013 Reckless Family- Season 3 Clara Park MBC Every 1
2013 Goddess of Marriage Cynthia Jung SBS
2012 Tasty Life Min Young-woo SBS
2012 Take Care of Us, Captain Hong Mi- joo SBS
2011 Baby Faced Beauty Chae Seul-ah KBS2
2010 Happiness in The World Choi Mi-ran KBS1
2009 Creating Destiny Shin Jin-hee MBC
2009 Hilarious Housewives Lee Sung-min MBC
2006-2007 High Kick! Kim Yoon-joo (Episode 64) MBC
2006 Invisible Man, Choi Jang- soo Cha Hye- jin KBS2


Music Videos

Year Song Title Artist
2017 I am Clara (Chinese version of Hitchhiking) Clara
2017 Hitchhiking Clara
2014 Fear Clara ft. Yasu
2014 Gwiyomi Song Clara
2013 Invitation House Rulez
2013 Joah Jay Park
2010 오고있나요 (Is He Coming?) December
2010 Dazzling Tears December
2010 Shout to the World December
2010 Nothing to Lose Juno
2009 Toy Moon Hee-joon
2009 Empty Bet Kim Joon
2007 Love Song Tei
2007 Some Pillow Tei

Clara Lee’s First Pitch

On May 3rd, 2013, Clara Lee did the first pitch at the baseball game that made her become an overnight star, literally over a single night.

Clara caused quite a stir when she did the ceremonial first pitch for the baseball game between the Doosan Bears and the LG Twins. She wore a short Bears uniform that revealed her abs and tight striped pants. She revealed her beautiful and sexy body in that uniform that brought the nickname “Sexy Pitch.”

Clara Lee

Clara Lee explained how she became a famous actress, “After I pitched, my name popped up all over the real-time search engines. Being recognized at last, I felt my sorrows being washed away. I posed for CFs and earned 3x more in my earnings. I was so busy that I didn’t even notice time was passing by.”

Clara Being the Sexy Icon

Clara lee

Known well due to her many scandals, still, Clara Lee is also famous for being a sexy icon in Korea. She has a beautiful face like a goddess with an attractive body that automatically makes her part of the generation of Hyori. Contrary to the beautiful face, Clara possesses the body of fiery, glamor that the Korean media consider her as one of the sexiest faces in the kimchi country. Not stopping there, the beautiful Lee is called the “sex bomb” of the Korean movies.

Clara Lee stood in rank two on the poll of the most beautiful woman in Lifestyle magazine in 2014, beating Angelina Jolie. After her first pitch on the baseball game between the Doosan Bears and the LG Twins in 2013, suddenly Clara became the new sex symbol of South Korea.

Clara Lee

Clara Lee’s Scandal

Clara Lee

Clara is known in South Korea not only as a “Sexy Icon” but also as a very scandalous celebrity. One time she offered a public apology admitting having lied several times in an attempt to cover up past mistakes. Her appearance on the show came after a self-imposed exile from the TV screens and social networking websites for days in an apologetic move. Yet it seems that there are still many disappointed and even angry fans.

“She made an apology on a comedy show with no feeling of remorse showing on her face. Are you kidding me?” an SNL Korea viewer wrote on the program’s online bulletin board. Another viewer echoed the same sentiments, saying, “I felt no sincerity from her. This is another smokescreen.”

Clara responded to her lying controversy and answered the netizens’ comments. She wrote, “I understand if you say you were not entertained, but if you say I was not being truthful it is a lie to say I like chicken and beer because I’m with good friends in a nice atmosphere, even though I actually don’t like chicken and beer? Is it a lie to be good at yoga when I was never taught it? Is it a lie to say I never dated another celebrity because I didn’t want to mention my past celebrity boyfriend?” She also pointed out that she was not used to the South Korean environment, but she will try harder to learn the culture and correct her behavior.