What Will Happen To Solo Artist CL’s Future After Leaving YG Entertainment?

CL’s Future Career and Current Net Worth

Not long after the news of CL getting out of YG Entertainment, she did not waste the opportunity to work again and greet her fans with the songs she created. On November 29th, 2019, CL released the first video on her YouTube channel. The video uploaded by the real name owner Lee Chae-rin is a teaser for “In the Name of Love.” Here are the lyrics sung by CL:

“Because I didn’t come back. I thought it was more valuable. From the moment I can remember. Being left alone in the world. I was just trying to complain. The world turned back. This is my limit. What’s the point of winning like this? The last gift I gave.”

In the Name of Love itself is an album project that contains six tracks. Starting December 4th, 2019, two songs will be released every week for a period of around three weeks. Along with the release, various versions of album art and merchandise will also be released.

On December 2nd, 2019, CL revealed her feelings to the public for the first time since leaving YG Entertainment through a recent posting on her Instagram account.

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걸어 보기도 전에 달리기 시작해 걷는 법도 쉬어가는 방법도 모른 채 13년 동안 많은 걸 이루고, 많은 걸 느끼고 또 많은 걸 배우기도 했습니다. 저 자신을 여러분들과 나눌 수 있는 CL로 살아올 수 있어 행복했고, 또 여러분이 나눠주신 사랑이 저 자신을 다시 채워주었습니다. 13살 채린이처럼, 우리 할머니가 항상 해주시는 말처럼, 씩씩하고 당당하게. 누군가 선택해 주기를 기다리지 않고 다시 CL로 돌아가 하나씩 스스로 해나갈 거에요. 제가 경험한 시간과 추억, 그리고 감정을 함께 나눌 생각에 오랜만에 신이 나고 설렙니다. 이 세상 모든 CL을 위해. 사랑의 이름으로, CL

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“I started running before I even learned to walk, so without knowing how to walk or how to rest, I achieved many things, realized many things and learned many things in the past 13 years.

I am happy living as a CL, who can share myself all of you and I can also heal myself with the love you all give. Like 13-year-old Chaerin, like my grandmother always tells me, with courage and confidence.

Without waiting for others to choose me, I will return to being CL and move forward, one step at a time. Thinking that I could share my experiences, memories, and feelings (with you guys), my heart was excited and melted for the first time in a long time.

For all CL in the whole world. In the name of love, CL.”

For CL’s net worth, many people know that CL is a rapper and professional singer who is famous for her talent and also her charisma in every performance. The songs released by CL always get positive responses from the fans. Through her Instagram account, we can see CL’s lifestyle that is full of luxury, is glamorous and also fancy.

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+Welcome back Hedi+ #CelineByHediSlimane #CelineC

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At this point, we can see that CL is one of the artists who is rich and has a high net worth too. Based on Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and several online sites, CL has had a net worth of around $ 1 Million – $ 5 Million at the age of 28 years old during 2019.

Public Response To The News

The news of CL, who decided not to continue the contract with YG Entertainment, attracted a lot of attention and also comments from the public and netizens, including:

[+2,728, -27] Wow, CL fans are in a celebratory mood today, what a day to remember

[+163, -1] This is a day to celebrate CL’s escape indeed ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Honestly, what has YG done since 2012 besides tying her down? Congratulations, Lee Chaerin ~~ !!!!!!!! We just need Dara, Lee Hi, and AkMu to leave one by one!

[+379, -68] There have been more than a few who have left YG already, what’s the point? It’s not like CL has been that popular since 2NE1 disbanded.

[+13, -9] Great, I wish her more, more success! Fighting!!!

[+6, -1] 2NE1 was only influential as a group… now that they’re all apart, they really don’t have competitive viability individually.

For fans who have been waiting for CL’s comeback, they also gave positive comments on CL’s YouTube channel and continued to encourage the artist who has a younger sister named Lee Ha-rin by commenting:

[SARAH SAA’DIN] Let’s rewind. Let us start again. Let’s go back to the beginning.


[John Vacchi] 2019: I Am The Worst Year 😭 CL: You Are The Best Buddy 💗


And many more.

Latest News

After uploading the teaser of “In The Name Of Love” on her personal YouTube channel, CL re-uploaded another teaser for her latest song titled “+REWIND170205+.” In the video, she revealed emotional footage that included CL’s happy moments with those closest to her.

Not to forget, she also put photos of all 2NE1 members together and performed emotional CL vocals. This song sounds like a modern ballad that increasingly makes fans moved and can’t wait for it.

On December 2nd, 2019, Sandara Park also posted a Tweet to support her groupmate, CL, so that fans would not miss the happy moment to welcome the CL comeback which was just a matter of days.


Besides that, Sandara Park released a sneak peek of CL’s new songs, “+DONE161201+” and “+REWIND170205+” via Twitter on December 4th, 2019, to coincide with the release of the latest CL music video that has been uploaded on YouTube.

The 6 songs that will be released in the project In The Name Of Love are songs that CL has worked on for the past three years. But according to CL representatives, the songs could not be released simultaneously because of the circumstances. Each song will be numbered according to the date it was created, as if the song was part of the CL diary that represented her feelings during that time.

The two new songs from CL were released through a pair of music videos that highlighted CL and her closest friends. The song titled “+DONE161201+” was filmed as a series of vertical clips, edited by CL herself on her phone.

This clip features people singing together for the song, including BigBang’s Taeyang, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Lee Hi, Wonder Girls’ Sohee, Jung Jae-won, Ricky Thompson, Grimes, and many others. While “+REWIND170205+” features a collage of unreleased images that reflect the elapsed time, even when she sings about starting a new one.

The lyrics contained in CL’s new songs are very touching and many fans are of the opinion that the comeback this time is very special and touching because CL has gone through a period of success in her career and she has also come out of her toughest times.

On December 11th, 2019, CL uploaded 2 new music videos for the second part of the comeback project titled “+PARADOX171115+” which is themed with videos in old karaoke.

As for “+I QUIT180327+,” the music video features sign language and nuances of paint splashes. CL got a very positive response through her comeback this time because she also inserted various languages ​​in her video subtitles on YouTube.

Still in the series of CL’s comeback promotions with the In The Name of Love project, CL posted on her Instagram account that the In The Name of Love filter in “SNOW” has been released and invited fans to use the filter for CL’s comeback promotions.


Besides the SNOW filter and new songs at the end of 2019, CL also announced that she will release merchandise in the form of a sweater with the CL project logo in the middle. For fans who want to buy official CL merchandise in her comeback for In The Name of Love, visit http://inthenameoflove.shop to see more of CL’s official merchandise collection and support CL’s comeback as a singer.

Besides sweaters, CL also uploaded new photos for merchandise that will be released in the second week after the release of the project In The Name of Love. This time, the merchandise is a bomber jacket with a cherry logo with the writing CL on the left side and her image logo at the backside.

It is very unfortunate if CL’s talent classified as a young idol is wasted by any management. But this time, CL regained her enthusiasm to keep on working through the music and songs she created by herself and hopefully the responses obtained from the fans and the public will also be very positive. Don’t forget to continue supporting CL and watch the music videos on her personal YouTube channel!