What Will Happen To Solo Artist CL’s Future After Leaving YG Entertainment?

CL Complains To YG Entertainment

Since “Hello Bitches” and “Lifted,” many fans have been waiting for CL to come back with a new song, but the management in America has directed it to become a singer featuring some Hollywood artists rather than giving CL a chance to release new songs.


Even after not getting a proper comeback or promotion from YG Entertainment, CL seemed to be engulfed by the earth and her whereabouts unknown by the fans. Many still hope that CL will release new songs soon, but none of the hints are visible. CL is known that she lives in America to work with a number of producers there making music.


CL’s appearance at the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony at the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium surprised fans and the public who knew CL’s identity as a famous singer with her charisma on stage now appearing with a drastic weight gain. The fans consider that extreme weight gain experienced by CL because of irregular eating patterns since she lives in America and the stress caused by a comeback that is always delayed.

Surely this is a moment that really made the fans sad and did not think that CL experienced severe changes and depression in her life, especially when she had to survive in her career in the entertainment world. Basically, CL is a very talented idol and YG Entertainment is heavily criticized by fans because they wasted the talent and work that CL should share with fans.


Many are concerned because of CL’s forced performance and difficulty breathing when she had to perform in several live music shows. YG Entertainment also received many negative comments because they were considered unable to take care of their artists well and were involved in many problems.


CL looks very depressed every time she has to appear in public and she really loses her confidence which is inversely proportional to her glory with 2NE1. Fans referred to as Blackjack continue to give positive reactions and post comments to encourage CL through social media. In addition to the CL comeback that is always delayed, CL is hit by a body-shaming case because there are people who do not accept the appearance of CL with a drastic weight gain.


YG Entertainment who just kept quiet and did not give any response regarding CL also received comments from the public and fans, “The agency has not been able to provide a new album for Lee Hi and CL. And now, they want to debut a new group? They really tried everything since BIGBANG is absent. Unfortunately, all failed,” said a netter.


While another netter said, “Please take care of the artist that you (Yang Hyun-suk) debuted. CL, Sandara Park, Soo Hyun ‘Akdong Musician’, and Lee Hi. We haven’t seen them in a very long time.” This was conveyed by the fans to YG Entertainment because the agency was considered unable to take care of the artists well but still insisted on finding new trainees and expressed wanting to debut several new idol groups.


In July 2018, CL’s patience seemed to have run out and she wanted to immediately go back to work and release songs that she had previously made. There have been many reports that CL intends to leave YG Entertainment and CL was back being active on social media to reply to some of her fans’ comments asking whether she will come back as a singer or not.


On July 14th, 2018, Yang Hyun-suk uploaded screenshots of Sechskies’ Eun Ji-won and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo articles on the ‘Unexpected Q’ event. “This is what the original Eun Ji-won looks like every day. I like the same people inside and out. We need to start recording (Sechskies’ new album) immediately,” Yang Hyun-suk wrote on the caption. This post was commented on by CL who wrote, “What about me, boss? #Pleasereplymymessage.”


Responding to this, fans and netizens wrote supportive comments for CL, which were later liked by the “Hello Bitches” singer. “Please, leave YG! You deserve better,“ “Keep crushing everyone,” ”Queen who deserves better,“ ”GET HER JADE,” ”Yes mom,” “I hope there is a good surprise not bad,” ”Get away while you can baby girl,” replied many fans on CL’s comment on Yang Hyun-suk’s post.


One netter asked her to leave YG Entertainment while another commented that she was entitled to better treatment. In one of the CL posts in a photoshoot for a magazine, a netter commented, “Don’t leave YG,” with a crying emoticon. The comment was responded by the owner’s real name Lee Chae-rin who wrote, “You (only the one who remains) stay.

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Previously, in early 2018, CL had already insinuated Yang Hyun-suk’s behavior who never gave her the opportunity to make a comeback by releasing her new song. Through her personal Twitter, CL posted a tweet that was suspected as a form of disappointment of the former 2NE1 member from her agency, YG Entertainment.


She deleted the post shortly after, but several fans had seen the tweet and got 1,127 retweets and 2,481 likes. CL also briefly wrote additional comments in her post. “Still waiting for YG to release my album,” CL wrote.


The news that CL left YG Entertainment has been blowing since 2018. The owner’s real name Lee Chae-rin was caught like a fan comment on Instagram which said, “Baby, why are you at YG? I hope you just go out for the best… YG is just arrested you and GZBs are tired of waiting. Please don’t let him use you again.”


Other fans also commented by showing their support for CL leaving YG Entertainment. “Please don’t leave YG Entertainment. I love you, Queen. Blackjack and YG both always support you. Please take care of your health,” commented one fan. “There are many more amazing people representing YG now!!! As you can see…” CL replied, “I really love you guys! Forever!!! Thank you for the support you always give!”

“I hope CL and Lee Hi leave YG as soon as possible,” said the netter. “I don’t blame her (CL), it’s about time she left,” the netter exclaimed. “I hope she does. She is wasting her time at the agency,” added the netters.

“She really should run away while she can,” said a netter. “I hope she leaves, if it makes her happy. She’s a strong woman, so I believe she can do whatever she wants. She sometimes reminds me of Jay Park,” continued another netter.

But there are also netters who do not agree with these comments. “Nobody would care about her if she left YG. She doesn’t even have a big fandom,” the netter chimed.

After protesting with the likes of the fans’ comments on Instagram and replying to one of Yang Hyun-suk’s posts on his personal account, CL also gave some signs through her post in an Instagram Story on July 16th, 2018. The photo is CL’s cat wearing a hat that says “boss” as well some messages intentionally written in white font so they are not too visible.


After taking a better look, you can see that there are three “hidden” writings visible. “You’re silly (how cute),” the other one is “Just do it,” while the last one is “Do what you want to do.” The fans consider this post as a satire for Yang Hyun-suk, whose figure is represented by a cat. Yang Hyun-suk is thought to have ignored CL by continuing to postpone the solo album and not replying to her messages.

“Just leave YG if you want! You deserve better,” commented the fans. “Just do what you want. We will always be by your side,” said other fans. “Make your own agency and then save your friends from YG,” said fans. “YG doesn’t have the right to get you,” added the others.

In November 2018, netters and fans were shocked by Scooter Braun and CL posts circulating on Twitter. There are screenshots of conversations about CL’s career in America and what Scooter Braun will do for the next stage.

“I started with her (CL) and very quickly saw that I would never be authorized,” wrote Scooter Braun. “She and I are very frustrated and nothing happened because from the beginning she didn’t get a contract that said that I had the authority. I love her but there isn’t much I can do.”

“Yes, that makes sense. We know who is to blame… We even trouble you and you’re just as frustrated as us. Is she still part of SB (Scooter Braun management)?” replied the fans. “No. She is still attached to them,” answered Scooter Braun.

Seeing the contents of the DM, the fans also blamed YG Entertainment which was considered to sabotage CL’s career in America. But contrary to the contents of this DM, CL’s conversation with Scooter Braun shows the opposite.

CL’s Tweet was answered by Scooter Braun with, “Lol. Yes, we ran away from each other #sisterforlife” and CL answered it with, “Love youuuuu #broforlifeee.”

As if refuting rumors, Scooter Brain returned to CL’s tweet and wrote, “Can’t wait to work with you.” The tweets exchanged between CL’s management in America regarding her career invited a lot of attention and fans were even more confused about whether there will be a CL comeback in the near future?

On February 28th, 2019, CL uploaded a photo on her Instagram using a very emotional caption. CL herself has not given any explanation about the difficult path and journey points she wrote in the caption. But fans are suspicious that this point might refer to her hiatus in the music industry. News also circulated saying that CL would leave YG Entertainment due to this post.

“What does this mean? Are you going to leave YG?” said one fan. “Do you want to stop music? Or just leave YG?” continued the others. “This isn’t a farewell right?” said fans. “Yeah, just get out of YG, you deserve better,” continued the fans. “Cheer up, whatever decision Blackjack (2NE1 fans) will always be by your side. MY QUEEN!!!” added fans.

CL Leaves YG Entertainment

On November 7th, 2019, Sports Today media outlet reported that CL would be leaving YG Entertainment. According to Sports Today, talks about the contract extension between the two parties were unsuccessful.

This news was immediately responded to by YG Entertainment, who stated that no definitive decision has yet been taken. “We are discussing renewing the contract with CL,” said the agency that also debuted BLACKPINK.

The news of the departure of CL from YG Entertainment apparently received enough attention and comments from netizens. Not a few of those who provide support by posting comments, such as “Princess YG wants to leave,” commented the netizens. “If you can, just get out of the same and get the four members back together,” said another netizen. “Let’s go. What do you do if you don’t have a song?” said another.

“CL, I want you to join a better agency and see your extraordinary side again,” netizens said. “You’re finally out! Congratulations…” commented another netizen. “CL, congratulations…” added another.


The next day, on November 8th, 2019, it was revealed that CL really did leave YG Entertainment. This was revealed through the agency’s official statement as follows:

“Hello. This is YG Entertainment. Respecting each other’s opinions, we reached an agreement with CL to terminate her exclusive contract. We express our deep gratitude to fans who have supported CL, who shone with her activities as a YG artist.

At YG, CL debuted with 2NE1 in 2009, and while undergoing activities as a leader and rapper, she led trends in various fields including music and fashion. She also left a big mark in K-Pop history when she became the first Korean female solo artist to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart on October 12th, 2016.

We ask for a lot of interest and support for CL’s new activities, and YG will also support her with unchanging trust and love. Thank you.” – YG Entertainment

The departure of CL from YG Entertainment, of course, received a lot of attention from netizens and fans. They flocked to provide support for the owner’s real name Lee Chae-rin. “Woah, CL fans, congratulations,” commented netizens. “Let’s meet again at a better agency,” said another netizen. “Can Sandara Park leave YG so I can see 2NE1 as a complete group?” said another.

“YG, seeing your management is frustrating now. Wow, wow, what if all your talented singers leave the agency? Time goes by fast and you ask for abilities. CL is very talented. It’s very unfortunate,” said netizens. “Let’s celebrate,” added another.

Following CL’s departure, YG Entertainment deleted her official Facebook page and Twitter account. This triggered the suspicion of fans that the owner of the name Lee Chae-rin did not leave YG well considering the agency did not do this to PSY and Epik High who previously left.


But there are some fans who try to think positively. Maybe it is a CL request because she is no longer related to the agency.

“YG has all the content and revenue rights for the account so deleting the two can also mean it’s a CL request because they don’t have the right to take advantage of the picture again and she might want to start over with her own content,” commented fans.

“I hope she asks them to delete it so she can re-upload the content herself,” added another fan. “Maybe because of her request so she can start all over again. She isn’t part of them anymore, so why does she have to continue promoting herself with their name?” concluded the other.

Many have speculated that CL’s career after leaving YG Entertainment would be complicated because she did not have any agency after a long 10-year promotion under the agency. However, CL immediately worked quickly by creating an official YouTube account to promote herself in the future.

On November 23rd, 2019, Sandara Park also helped CL in promoting her new YouTube channel by posting a Tweet so that fans would later know CL would release several new songs and make her comeback as a solo artist.

On the sidelines of promoting CL’s comeback, Sandara Park also briefly replied to the netter’s tweet asking about Dara’s work or position at YG Entertainment after 2NE1 disbanded that the rumors about her position as Administrative or PR Director at the agency were untrue.