Profile of 2NE1’s CL: Age, Songs, Boyfriend and Facts


CL, the Baddest Female from 2NE1

Lee Chaerin or CL is the leader and face of the girl group 2NE1 which debuted in 2009 under YG Entertainment. Unfortunately, 2NE1 had to disband in November 2016 because of members wanting to focus on their own activities. While with 2NE1, CL had a different aura than the other members, such as singing style, dress style, and dance style, which is very sexy and with her own swag. Previously, CL had also trained at JYP Entertainment, but she decided to debut at YG Entertainment with 2NE1.

Since 2NE1 was disbanded, CL has been busy with her solo career. Before the disbanding, CL had already made her solo debut that instantly stole the netizens’ attention with the style of songs and concepts for her very sexy and stylish solo debut. CL alone is able to steal the attention of netizens with the aura of her own freedom. Let’s see the full profile of CL!

Profile of 2NE1’s CL


Name : Lee Chae-rin

Stage Name : CL

Date of Birth : February 26, 1991

Age : 26 years old

Position : Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group

Zodiac : Pisces

Height : 162 cm

Weight : 48 kg

Blood Type : A

Religion : Christian (Catholic)

Languages : Korean, English, French, and Japanese

Specialties : Rap, Dance, Song-writing

Instagram : @chaelincl

Twitter : @chaelinCL

2NE1’s CL as a Singer


After 2NE1 was disbanded, CL decided to continue his career as a solo artist. Even now, CL’s ability as a solo artist really mesmerizes netizens.

In August 2009, CL also teamed up with label-mates G-Dragon from Big Bang and Teddy Park from 1TYM for the song “The Leaders” on G-Dragon’s first solo album Heartbreaker. In August, after completing the I Don’t Care promotion, 2NE1 members released their solo single. CL collaborated with Minzy for the song “Please Don’t Go”, and at the end of November, this song was ranked number 6 on the Gaon Chart.

CL’s first solo single, “The Baddest Female”, was released on May 28, 2013. On October 15, 2014, YG Entertainment announced that CL planned to debut as a solo artist in the United States the following year. On November 21, 2015, CL released a solo single titled “Hello Bitches”. This is her first solo song that is not part of a 2NE1 album.

CL has been doing tours in various countries, especially in America. She is admired by American artists and even her American concerts are always filled with fans. CL does have her own style to steal the attention of netizens and introduce to the public who she is. “Hello Bitches” is a song that really depicts CL to the public with her boldly brought swag and sexy style that suits her character. Many Hollywood artists are amazed by the charm of CL, The Baddest Female from Korea. Even many American artists want to collaborate with CL.

She announced her intentions to formally debut as a solo artist in the U.S. in 2014 and partnered with American music agent Scooter Braun, who has represented Usher and Ariana Grande, among others.

Like many young stars, CL’s experience has not been without a few knocks while breaking out in America. “These days, I mean, my fans are internet kids, so they’re everywhere. I’m happy, you know, if I can inspire them, or even if they hate me.”

“It takes so much more effort and energy to hate something or someone else. I appreciate the hate!” she said.

“I feel like I put so much energy and time into it that I, I’m going to, I have to do it. So, I want to do it right, and that’s why it’s taking so long.”

Songs by 2NE1’s CL

With her debut as a solo artist, of course, CL has stolen the attention of netizens with her songs. Even while in 2NE1, she showed her talent towards being a solo artist.

“Please Don’t Go” (2010) – CL feat. Minzy

“Please Don’t Go” is part of the 2NE1 album titled To Anyone released in 2009. CL together with the maknae of 2NE1, Minzy, managed to steal the attention of netizens with their collaboration that deeply describes their characters.

“The Baddest Female” (2013)

“The Baddest Female” is CL’s first song as a solo artist. Just a few hours after release in 2013, CL gained more than two million viewers on the MV. In fact, she managed to memuncaki many charts in various countries.

CL is not only The Baddest Female in Korea, she is also standing tall in the music charts overseas with her solo debut!

“The Baddest Female” has already grabbed the #1 spot on all of the major live music charts, but it’s also been spotted rising up on the iTunes charts overseas.

The single was spotted at #1 on the iTunes’ Top Singles chart in Singapore, #2 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, #4 in Malaysia, and #9 in Vietnam, charting in the Top 10 in five countries. The song also fared well with #13 in Thailand, #17 in the Philippines, #32 in Sweden, #35 in Finland, #63 in the Czech Republic, #80 in Norway, #94 in Brazil, and #98 in Brunei, making its way into the Top 100 in a total of 14 countries.

It has also topped the Melon, Mnet, Olleh, Bugs, Soribada, Naver Music, Daum Music, Cyworld Music, and Monkey3 music charts since its release.

It’s not that big of a surprise that Blackjacks around the world have been looking forward to The Baddest Female ever since they first heard the news of CL’s solo debut.

There is also much controversy and criticism on the song and style of CL’s appearance. Netizens said she is too sexy with her swimsuit costume. The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KOCSC) has sent an official note of firm ‘advice’ to SBS Inkigayo for allowing CL to wear a swimsuit outfit on stage.

SBS Kim Yong Kwon PD pleaded, “We should have regulated it better, but we were told by those at their office [YG Entertainment] that they put a lot of effort into her outfit, so I can not regulate it strongly. I think that was wrong. I have no excuse to make.” CL’s reps said that she will wear a coat on top of her outfit if allowed, but there was still a problem. “there was a problem. But, when an agency is too strong, there is a limit to how much we can say.” He also added, “Since a few weeks ago, we’ve been having artists send us the outfits they plan to wear through photos because of the (sexual) controversies.

After reviewing the situation, one of the judges on the panel, Um Kwang Suk, said, “It’s kind of overboard to take legal action with the exposure level of a swimsuit. But, at the same time, we thought that if we only gave administrative guidance, even more severe violations may happen in the future, so we thought a lot about it. However, in the end, we still believed that legal action for this is too much.” He explained their aim was to give advice to the show and suggested being mindful in the future.

Junior Chairperson Kwon Hyun Bu disagreed and said, “It was aired during the safe hours for adolescents’ television viewing.“. However, since the majority of the opinions of the others on the panel were that CL’s outfit, if slightly revealing, was not accompanied by a provocative choreography or motions that utilized the outfit, the show was, in the end, just issued a note of ‘advice ‘.

Blackjacks also did not question CL’s costume because, according to them, it is CL’s style and she is entitled to expose herself on stage with his own style. With “The Baddest Female”, CL received the award for “Best Dance Performance by Solo Artist” at the 2013 MAMA, “20′s Style” at Mnet 20′s Choice Awards 2013 and the “2013 Hottest Female Artist” at the 5th annual Philippine Kpop Convention 5.

“MTBD (Mental Breakdown)” (2014) – CL

“Mental Breakdown” released by CL in 2014 reaps a lot of controversies as netizens hear CL reciting the Quran as part of the song. Netizens, especially Muslims, protested to CL through her Instagram.

There are some Quran recitations in parts of the song (at 1:00 and 1:55 minutes).

On the part of the song with Arabic sounding music, it sounds like there is someone who is reciting Quranic verses, although there is no certainty as to whether the part is actually using verses from the Quran or not because the sound is only made in the background with auto-tune to sound vague.

Until now, neither CL nor YG Entertainment has provided an official clarification regarding this issue. Some CL fans were disappointed and asked to remove the “recalled” part of the Quranic pronunciation. Forum Onehallyu has also held a poll related to the fate of MTBD. The majority of users agree that YG should remove the troubled pronunciation but that there is no need to pull the song from the market. Many concerned about this controversy will make it difficult for CL or 2NE1 to hold concerts in predominantly Muslim countries.

However, it seems like the unedited track made its way into CL’s performance in Los Angeles, and some fans were appalled that she performed the controversial track again. Some have even started trending hashtags and demanding an apology and explanation on her Instagram.

“Hello Bitches” (2015)

CL continued her comeback as a solo artist with the song “Hello Bitches”. The song, originally a collaboration with M.I.A., was titled “Asian Bitches” but was later renamed with CL stating “the theme was too categorized. You cannot sing along with ‘Asian Bitches’, you know?” About the song, CL told Noisy’s Jakob Dorof “It’s not an official single but more of a street single.”

“I’m going to give a little surprise video to excite the fans who have been waiting while I prepare for my solo album. It’s a good way of presenting me, and it’s for everyone around the world to see where I am from and to keep it authentic.”

Unfortunately, the controversy again became a conversation for the song “Hello Bitches”. After facing mounting criticism on social media for incorporating verses from the Quran into a song on her Hello Bitches Tour, the K-pop star apologized and promised to remedy the situation.

“To anyone I have offended, I sincerely apologize for my mistake,” wrote CL. “I take responsibility for not realizing this sooner. My intention was never to use this version.”

The original version of “MTBD” was switched out for CL’s performance in Dallas on November 6, 2015, and the following shows in Atlanta, Chicago, and Toronto also featured the updated track.

The song initially evoked outrage when it was released as a solo track by CL off of 2NE1’s 2014 album, Crush, provoking accusations of appropriation and racism directed at the group, its company and K-pop as a whole. After fans and the Korean Muslim Federation demanded the song’s redaction due to its affront to Islam. CL’s agency, YG Entertainment, altered the song so that digital copies and performances of “MTBD” no longer contained the Quran verses. The resurgence of the problematic version of “MTBD” during the Hello Bitches Tour upset many who felt CL and her team should have studied controversies related to the song.

In her apology, CL also wrote that they have since swapped out “MTBD” for the alternate version and that she had requested her engineer to “Delete the old version completely and forever.”

2NE1’s CL’s Boyfriend


The popularity of CL is increasing because many parties admire the figure of CL on stage. CL is also involved in many rumors of relationships with other artists. Some of these rumors claim CL has a special relationship with British model Ash Stymest among others.

2NE1’s CL has not been public when it comes to her relationships. Unlike her fellow idols who like show off their boyfriends, CL has been very quiet. Though she has had several rumors related to dating, she has not come out to accept or deny any of them.

CL is also rumored to be dating a graphic designer. The rumors sparked when some netizens saw some similarities in CL’s and the designer’s Instagram post. Though it has not been confirmed, the two are also seen wearing the same clothes and accessories. The two are rumored to have met through an introduction by 2NE1’s coordinator YangGang. The two then started seeing each other and fell in love. The two are also occasioned together on several occasions. One may say its coincidence, but this is too obvious.

There are other rumors which came out that 2NE1’s CL is dating Mino of WINNER. The speculations started when pictures of the two started popping up on media. The pictures which appeared on October 21, 2015, show the two hanging out at a hotel. However, the management of 2NE1 and Winner, YG Entertainment, came out strongly to deny the rumors. In a statement, the management said it was ridiculous and laughable for people to start such rumors. They said the photo which claimed the two were dating was photoshopped and can not be true. The statement said there is no way the rumors can be substantiated and should be disregarded.

Ash Stymest was in 2NE1’s 2014 music video “Gotta Be You” and is known to have maintained an ongoing friendship with CL, but many speculate that they have been more than friends. Some netizens are saying, “Maybe he is a big fan and that’s why he has that tattoo,” but many more guess that the two had dated in the past. International fans, who are probably the first to notice the model and CL’s development, are saying that this is the news, but it is certainly hitting Korea just now.

2NE1’s CL and Dara

cl and dara

Even though it has been disbanded, the friendships in 2NE1 have always been good. For example, Dara and CL support each other and look after each other.

One day, CL invited Dara to her Christmas party. When Dara arrived, CL warmly welcomed her with a big hug and also complimented Dara for wearing the fur coat she recommended to her. CL then suggested the two exchange fur coats as her own black one matched better with Dara’s outfit that day. CL also tried on Dara’s brown fur coat, but then realized it was a bit too tight. Frustrated at the tiny size, CL revealed, “We all had to lose weight during the 2NE1 days because of Dara eonni. I’m not sure how to look next.”

cl dara bom

Even the main vocalist of 2NE1, Park Bom, says CL and Dara always took good care of her. “They’re really nice to me. Dara and CL, they are taking care of me really well,” she said.

The incident occurred while 2NE1 was in Japan during the 2011 earthquake. In a terrifying set of circumstances, Sandara ended up getting stuck on the 34th floor of a hotel during the earthquake. She panicked and tried to reach someone through the hotel phone.

cl dara

CL was the one who picked up the phone and immediately sprung into action. She told Dara to wait and ran up all 34 floors to grab Dara. It was revealed later that the whole building was shaking during this incident as the earthquake was still fresh. During the entire rescue, CL put on a brave face and attempted to remain calm for Sandara’s sake. However, after she was able to make it up safely and bring Dara back down, CL confessed she was absolutely terrified. She revealed her most intimate thoughts at the moment, sharing that she “thought they might die”.

When they have spare time, CL and Dara must have time to meet and tell each other about their activities.

Wallpaper of 2NE1’s CL

Many fans who edit CL’s photos make them into wallpapers. Let’s see some wallpapers made by CL’s fans!