CIX’s BX: Profile, ‘MIXNINE’, and ‘YG Treasure Box’

Former Trainee of YG Entertainment Who Debuted With CIX

Every year, K-pop idols are born and give dynamic nuances to the entertainment industry. Through his talent, skill, and visuals, Byounggon, who has the stage name BX, became a South Korean singer in the boy group CIX. The name CIX stands for Complete in X and consists of Hyunsuk, Jinyoung, Yonghee, Seunghun, and BX.

BX is popular for his rap style as a rapper with a low tone in CIX. He signed a contract under C9 Entertainment and later became the leader of this boy group. Let’s get to know BX more on this Channel Korea article below!

Full Profile of CIX’s BX

Stage Name: BX (비엑스) / Byounggon (Hangeul: 병곤)
Birth Name: Lee Byoung Gon (Hangeul: 이병곤)
Chinese Name: Li BingKun (李柄鹍)
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: March 5th, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Korean
SoundCloud: BE:XXX

Fun Facts About CIX’s BX official

– BX is the youngest in his family; he has an older brother of two years.

– BX is often heard sharing dad jokes with people around him to lighten up his surroundings.

– Many fans of BX say that he has similar looks with iKON’s June.

– BX is the fifth member to be revealed in CIX.

– BX is a former YG Entertainment trainee along with Seunghun.

– He is a good friend of DICE’s Woo Jinyoung.

– His fandom’s name is ‘Gonisaurs.’

– BX is not convenient nor patient with people who are not polite.

– BX is close friends with Treasure’s Hyunsuk and ONF’s Wyatt.

– BX’s favorite color is blue.

– His brother gave him the inspiration to become a rapper.

– BX has a passion for songwriting and producing music.

– BX doesn’t like vegetables and mint chocolate.

– He was a trainee for 3 years.

– BX and Seunghun were in a YG trainee group called Silver Boys.

– He is allergic to flowers.

– He graduated from Gunseo Middle School and Gunseo High School.

– BX even participated in MIXNINE and was successful until the final set, but the debut was canceled.

– BX has a bright and happy character.

– His role models are BigBang’s G-Dragon and Winner’s Mino.

– BX’s nicknames are Tyrannosaurus, Kuroko, Lamborghini, Blue Hair, and Bbiyakgon.

– BX joined Def Dance School in the past along with Treasure’s Junkyu and Doyoung.

– He left YG Entertainment in January 2019 after not debuting with Treasure13 together with Seunghun.

– BX finds it easy to catch a cold and is injured often.

– His MBTI type is ENFJ.

– BX has 105 cm of long legs.

CIX’s BX’s Visuals

His smile is contagious and bright! Do you agree?

Look at his sharp eyes! Could you deny him?

His cute expression is undeniable. He could steal your heart, perhaps?

CIX’s BX’s Pre-Debut in MIXNINE

Before debuting with CIX, BX joined in the survival show MIXNINE on JTBC in October 2017. BX, who went under the name Lee Byoung-gon at that time, succeeded to be at rank 9 among the final contestants.

Yet, YG Entertainment decided to cancel their debut due to a scandal among the big entertainment companies regarding manipulating votes for their trainees. The debut cancellation made the contestants very disappointed and one of them filed a lawsuit.

CIX’s BX’s Pre-Debut on YG Treasure Box

Later, in 2018, BX had also joined another survival show as a YG Entertainment trainee called YG Treasure Box. Unfortunately, BX was not chosen to be debuting in the finale because he was eliminated. From YG Treasure Box, a boy group called Treasure was debuted.

Check his overview from the YG Treasure Box survival show above!

CIX’s BX’s Debut With CIX

Finally, after he was eliminated from the survival show YG Treasure Box, he left YG Entertainment and signed a contract with C9 Entertainment. BX later debuted with the boy group CIX on July 23, 2019. CIX’s members include Bae Jin-young, Seunghun, Hyunsuk, Yonghee, and, of course, BX.

Surprisingly, his group debuted first before Treasure, the YG Treasure Box’s boy group formed by the final contestants. This is because Treasure had been delayed from debuting due to circumstances. The group CIX is an acronym for “Complete in X.” The group released the album Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger. Next, in November 2019, CIX also released a second album called Hello Chapter 2: Hello, Strange Place.

Comeback With Hello Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time


In 2020, BX with his group CIX had announced their first fan-meeting tour called Hello FIX, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was canceled. CIX also released their third album called Hello Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time which was supposed to be released on June 30, 2020. However, Bae Jinyoung, a member of the group, got into an accident when in a practice session.

So, their third album came out on October 27, 2020, under C9 Entertainment. That’s all about BX, the former YG Entertainment trainee, and his career journey in CIX. What do you think about him? Put your comments below and share your thoughts on Twitter!