CIIPHER’s Tag: Full Profile, Fun Facts, ‘High School Rapper 4’, Debut Era

Ciipher's Tag

Everything You Need To Know More About CHIIPER’s Rapper And Vocalist; Yeom Tae-gyun!

CIIPHER (hangul: 싸이퍼) is a South Korean boy group that debuted on March 15th, 2021 under RAIN Company. They have 7 original members line-up with Hyunbin, Tan, Hwi, Keita, Tag, Dohwan, and Won. They became the first boy group under Rain’s management and also got a spotlight for what their future career would be like.

In this article, we will get to know one of the members of CIIPHER who also has a position as a rapper and vocalist. Do you know who is he? Well, let’s get straight to get to know more about CIIPHER’s Tag, who also appeared as a contestant in ‘High School Rapper 4’ in this article below!

CIIPHER’s Tag’s Profile

Ciipher's Tag

Real Name : Yeom Tae-gyun (hangul: 염태균)

Stage Name : Tag (hangul: 태그)

Birth : Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea, September 30th, 2002

Star Sign : Libra

Height : 176 cm (5’9”)

Weight : 54 kg (119 lbs)

Blood Type : O

Family Member : Parents and Younger Brother

Position of the group : Rapper, Vocalist

Nationality : Korean

CIIPHER’s Tag’s Fun Facts

Ciipher's Tag
  1. CIIPHER’s Tag was raised in Thailand
  2. CIIPHER’s Tag and Prince from Ghost9 were both trainees together from On Air Academy Thailand. They’re believed to be friends as well
  3. CIIPHER’s Tag is able to speak Korean, English, and Thai
  4. CIIPHER’s Tag is currently a student at Joy Dance
  5. CIIPHER’s Tag was a child model and actor when he was younger
  6. CIIPHER’s Tag is a contestant on ‘High School Rapper 4’
  7. CIIPHER’s Tag’s nickname is Gyuni
  8. CIIPHER’s Tag’s MBTI is ENTP
  9. CIIPHER’s Tag said that he look like a cat according to the members because of his personal appearance
  10. CIIPHER’s Tag said that he wants to resemble an otter
  11. CIIPHER’s Tag said that personality changes depending on the mood
  12. CIIPHER’s Tag’s hobbies are writing lyrics, shopping, playing skateboarding, collecting scented candles, comic books, and many more
  13. CIIPHER’s Tag said that after watching the Korean variety shows his mother showed him and he made a promise to himself, “I want to be like the person out there” and nurtured his dream of becoming an idol
  14. CIIPHER’s Tag watched a lot of auditions for agencies. He was contacted by the director of the Rain Company, who had not auditioned because she did not have the opportunity and happened to watch the audition video. She got a contract in a week or two.
  15. CIIPHER’s Tag’s father is a fan of the SBS’ ‘Cultwo Show’, so whenever he came to Korea, he sent a story and as a result, he won two radio shows

CIIPHER’s Tag’s Appearance On ‘High School Rapper 4’

Ciipher's Tag

In Mnet’s ‘High School Rapper 4’, which aired on February 26, 2021, the participants of ‘High School Rapper 4’ were drawn in a team search battle.

Ciipher's Tag

CIIPHER’s Tag introduced himself, saying, “I am a 19-year-old Tag from Rain Company.” Yeom Tae-gyun is preparing to debut as a member of the multinational idol group CIIPHER produced by South Korean singer Rain.

Yeom Tae-gyun said, “When I was able to promote as an idol, I thought a lot, “Can I show 100% of my style rap?” I applied because I thought ‘High School Rapper 4’ would be a good opportunity for my music.”

It was a stage where witty lyrics and addictive melody stood out. At this, mentor rapper Yeom-da said, “I have that. Tears flow when I get shivering. I’m in tears right now. He’s the best in history. I liked the lyrics.

Ciipher's Tag

The Quiett predicted Yeom Tae-gyun’s high score by saying, “Would it have been in the TOP 3?” but the result was 254 points. In response to the mentorship’s enthusiastic response and the scores of other participants, Simon D said, “They make the kids very salty.” The Quiett said, “(Contestants) have a different approach from us, so it’s true.”

CIIPHER’s Tag, expressed his feelings about appearing on the audition program ‘High School Rapper 4’.

On March 15th, 2021, CIIPHER’s debut showcase was held at Spigen Hall, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Cypher is a 7-member group that includes Keita, Tag, Won, Hyunbin, Tan, Dohwan, and Hwi.

It is a group name that contains the aspiration to show a strong image with a password on stage, although they approach the fans in a friendly manner outside the stage.

Ciipher's Tag

“The result was disappointing, but I think I personally gained a lot,” CIIPHER’s Tag said. He continued, “In a way, ‘High School Rapper 4’ was the first time I stood on stage, and it was the first time I listened to my own song. Let’s prepare hard for anything with real self-confidence fully filled. I realized this a lot.”

Rain as the CEO of their agency also introduced CIIPHER’s Tag with affection, saying, “He really loves music, like crazy. He draws sheet music with memo paper, holds melodic lines, and writes lyrics.”

In response, CIIPHER’s Tag said, “Since I first started making music, I was very interested in writing lyrics and composing. I wanted to become an artist who made music that I like while dreaming of being an idol.”

Ciipher's Tag

On the other hand, the debut album of the same name, which includes the title song “I Like You”, contains the love of young boys. The first step to take as a CIIPHER was unraveled with bold love and sometimes fluttering and difficult emotions.

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