Cignature: Members Profile, Facts, Official Debut

Cignature Official Debut

Cignature officially debuted with their lead single “Nun Nu Nan Na,” which is kind of a trap-based track like dubstep and disco, which creates unique rhythmical change. Their debut showcase took place in Gangnam, Seoul, at Ilchi Art Hall on February 4, 2020. At their debut showcase, Chaesol explained the meaning of their group’s name. She said, “Like our group name, Cignature, we are going to carve our own “signature” sound to the listeners!” Chaesol said that they want to show the kind of good energy that only Cignature can show. They prepared for their hard work and asked fans to wait for it. Sunn also said that they wanted to start off by showing their own music and performances that will make them happy if people listen to it.

About their new single, “Nun Nu Nan Na,” Cignature said, “It has a fun and energetic vibe, like the title, so we think that it could bring people’s energy levels up if they listen to it on the way to work on Monday morning. It would also be fun to listen to on your way home on Friday evening.

Watch their debut showcase, “Cignature Move,” here: CIGNATURE DEBUT SHOWCASE VLIVE


Debut Stage


Second Debut with Assa

After debuting with “Nun Nu Nan Na,” Cignature announced that they were going to release their second debut lead single on April 5, 2020. Their second debut single is called “ASSA!” Different from their previous concept, this time Cignature appeared as tough women with a more mature concept.

MV, Dance Practices, and Video Reaction

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