Find Out More About Solo Artist Chung-ha and the Relationship with her Manager on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View’

Fun Facts
  1. When Chungha debuted, her manager wasn’t there to help her during her schedules and the only one who helped Chungha was the director himself.
  2. When the director recruited Ryu Jin-ah, she was eating alone by herself and the director asked her to join the company and work together with him. After Ryu Jin-ah joined the company, the director handled everything as a manager for Chungha. Ryu Jin-ah revealed that the three of them worked since the very beginning when the small company started and it has finally become a lot better.
  3. Chungha’s back-up dancers are her friends who have already known each other for more than 10 years and they have been together as a family. When they are going to perform, they already have fun together and not think about work anymore since they get along really well. Chungha said, “We meet each other almost every day so when we’re not able to see each other for 1-2 days it feels strange.”
  4. Ryu Jin-ah’s stated that Chungha didn’t travel a lot so when they got to a new place, she would research for good food or anything that will entertain her. Ryu Jin-ah brought Chungha and her back-up dancers to the bridge square where the rest area is floating in the sky. They brought snacks there.
  5. Ryu Jin-ah likes to workout a lot. She revealed that she was a taekwondo player and runner when she was in elementary school. She also graduated from a college of physical education and can run 100 M within 13 seconds.

Latest News

In early October 2019, Chungha made a comeback by featuring a rapper from 88Rising, Rich Brian.

This collaboration was announced both through their respective Twitter accounts, as well as 88Rising’s accounts. No doubt after it was announced, fans were immediately shocked and excited at the unexpected collaboration.

“Helloooo Brian. Chung Ha x Rich Brian. October 3rd, midnight,” wrote Chungha on her Twitter account.

Rich Brian and Chungha’s collaboration song is titled “These Nights,” which was released on October 3rd, 2019. It is likely an addition to Rich Brian’s album HEAD IN THE CLOUDS.

In the teaser video that has been released, it appears Rich Brian wears additional hair which is also a topic of discussion among fans. After that, both of them can be seen riding a motorcycle with Chung Ha riding in front of Rich Brian.
In the MV, the two singers unite in a smoky, neon-lit room reminiscent of a disco atmosphere of the 80s. Throughout the video, the fans are presented with scenes where Chung Ha and Rich Brian are riding intently a motorcycle late at night.

“These Nights” is a song about being there for the night and making use of unforgettable moments that can be made with their lovers. Chungha managed to show off her subtle voice in Korean and English to give the song a unique multicultural appeal.

Have you listened to Chungha’s latest collaboration with Rich Brian titled “These Nights?”

That was all the information about Chungha and her manager, Ryu Jin-ah and their relationship which is really unordinary, where they can be like sisters at times and work professionally on schedules at other times. Well, let’s hope for all the best to Chungha and her manager in the future so we can see her appearances and comebacks in the music industry!