Find Out More About Solo Artist Chung-ha and the Relationship with her Manager on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View’

Going To a Campus Event

In her individual interview, Chungha’s manager revealed that they are going to the Wonju Campus of Yonsei University and The University Of Suwon. On their trip to the place where they are going to perform, Chungha and her back-up dancers had fun together while dancing along to their memorable songs which they practiced together, such as Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name.” They also had fun singing trot songs, “Amor Fati” for example.

They finally arrived at the campus and got ready to make their way to their waiting room. When they did the rehearsal before going on stage, Chungha asked her manager if her lipstick was in the car and she quickly ran to the car. Ryu Jin-ah’s speed is no joke, the camera who was following her was running behind her and she quickly stopped at the parking lot to find the lipstick.

After her manager arrived in the waiting room, she quickly gained attention since she brought a lot of bottles of water for Chungha and her dancers and also made sure that she checked up everything before going on the stage to perform.

Ryu Jin-ah also took care of Chungha when she told her that the stage was in the shape of a T and prepared for their performance and reminded her not to forget to greet their fans and asked Chungha whether she needs to step down on the stage after they dance along. Ryu Jin-ah showed her professional skills as a manager when she was tending to Chungha’s schedules.

Before Chungha went to the stage to perform in front of thousands of students at the university, she peeked behind the stage and was that there were a lot of people waiting for Chungha’s turn to perform. While Chungha performed, Ryu Jin-ah’s as her manager watched her in front of the stage and was carefully looking around making sure that no accident or mistake happens.

After the 1st song ended, Ryu Jin-ah also went to the stage to give her a bottle of water. On the next song, Chungha managed to go off-stage and greet her fans. Ryu Jin-ah and Chungha exchanged looks with each other and she was walking next to Chungah while the diva greeted her fans who were screaming her name and were hyped up by her performance. Ryu Jin-ah also went to one of Chungah’s fans and took her phone then gave it to Chungha so she can take a picture using her fan’s phone.

Ryu Jin-ah put a lot of effort into her work while monitoring and guarding Chungha as she performed in front of a lot of people. Without people knowing, Chungha and her manager exchanged their sign which can be controlled by Ryu Jin-ah. She also helped Chungha to increase the mic volume during her talking session. It was perfect teamwork between the idol and her manager during the performance.

“During the event, you don’t know what kind of unexpected situation might happen. That’s why I watch her carefully. Safety is the top priority, that’s why I have to go here and there.” Ryu Jin-ah stated in her individual interview before running again in the backstage after Chungha’s performance was about to end.

After Event

Right after Chungha ended her schedule, Ryu Jin-ah drove everyone inside the car and made sure nothing’s left behind. That day was an unforgettable moment for Chungha since it was also Ryu Jin-ah’s birthday. During the last song of Chungha’s performance, Ryu Jin-ah was asked to get on the stage and dance along with her. Ryu Jin-ah stated that her legs were trembling and she almost tear up at that time. She also extended thankful comments to Chungha for letting her experience dancing in front of a lot of people and letting her appear on MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View.

Despite working so hard and getting tired, Chungha was having fun again while singing along with everyone who was inside the car with her. Chungha became a diva again and led everyone in singing along to her song while everyone also added a sound effect to Chungha’s singing and laughed at each other’s jokes.

After joking around with each other late at night, Manager Ryu drove them somewhere to eat and would not let them go home with an empty stomach. “I thought they might be hungry after the performance was over, so I looked up some restaurants. There is a popular restaurant with a famous chicken street in Suwon. We’re going to the short ribs and chicken place that was in the ‘Extreme Job’ movie.”

Ryu Jin-ah is such a caring person and manager who likes to treat everyone who worked together with her as a family. While waiting for the food to be ready, Chungha, Ryu Jin-ah, and her back-up dancers were sharing stories with each other, especially Chungha with her idol life.

When the food was ready to be served on their table, the back-up dancers’ reaction was so funny because the food arrived just as Chungha was sharing her emotional story putting a lot of feelings into it, but everyone just got distracted by the food as they were extremely hungry, so basically they just completely ignored Chungha’s story.

The dishes were coming one by one, and Chungha kept on talking, sharing her story with the people present. Still, the reaction of the people around Chungha, who were starving, was so funny and made the whole studio laugh out loud because they couldn’t handle their empty stomach anymore. Before they dug in, they took a picture together and started enjoying their dinner.

It was 12.30 AM but they still hadn’t parted ways and headed to their office’s dance studio. Chungha, Ryu Jin-ah, and her dancers were preparing for a new choreography for Chungha’s upcoming album. They arrived at the dance studio half past midnight after eating their dinner together. Chungha seemed very suspicious leaving the dancers with her manager and said that she wanted to use the restroom for a while.

On the other side, Chungha had already prepared a birthday surprise for her manager, Ryu Jin-ah! She took the birthday cake quietly from the other room. It was the right time for them to celebrate Ryu Jin-ah’s birthday since it was already past midnight. Chungha quietly put the candle and took the props to surprise her manager.

She walked with the birthday cake in her hand and a gift while slowly going inside the dance studio which was already planned with her dancers to keep her manager occupied and busy. At the right time, Chungha and her dancers started a countdown as they were getting ready to dance but in the end, Chungha made her way inside the studio while holding the birthday cake for her manager, Ryu Jin-ah.

Ryu Jin-ah, who was very surprised at that time, couldn’t move a bit and stared at Chungha who walked toward her and brought the birthday cake. The dancers were putting birthday props on Ryu Jin-ah while she was getting ready to make a wish and blow the candles. “I almost cried when I saw you walking with the cake,” Chungha’s manager stated after she blew the birthday candles.

Chungha’s manager who got a surprise birthday party also joked around by saying, “The tears went back in because of your terrible harmony. I’m not kidding.” Which made everyone who was there laughe a lot seeing the reaction of Ryu Jin-ah.

Through a letter, Chungha expressed her feelings and congratulated her manager on her birthday. “Unnie, happy birthday! I can’t believe this will come out of a cake. From when I was a trainee… I was able to come this far thanks to you. You know you’ve been my rock, right? Happy Birthday!” After the long letter ended, Ryu Jin-ah finally shed a tear in front of Chungha.

While she was unwrapping the birthday gift from Chungha, the idol who sang “Love U,” revealed that the gift is really useful for her manager since she always carries her wallet, handphone and car key without a pouch bag and she decided to buy her one as a birthday gift. The surprise birthday party for Ryu Jin-ah was really meaningful because it was filled with the people she loved and it was also full of tears.

For the last footage of Chungha’s manager individual interview, the staff was asking what is her message for Chungha, to which Ryu Jin-ah said with a lot of meaning from the bottom of her heart, “I haven’t said such a thing before, Chungha-ya, I always feel that performing alone on such a big stage must have not been easy. I’m always proud of you and think you’re really great. I’ve felt that up to now and I’ll be your good support behind you. I just hope you don’t get ill and stay healthy this year. Chungha-ya, I really love you very much.”