Find Out More About Solo Artist Chung-ha and the Relationship with her Manager on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View’

Introducing Kim Chung-ha’s Manager – Ryu Jin-a

One of the survival shows that was aired on Mnet, Produce 101 Season 1, has debuted a phenomenal girl group that consists of 11 idols and they managed to achieve huge popularity by having their debut with Dream Girls. After the girl group was announced of disbanding, each member received a chance to debut with a girl group under their agency or debut as a solo singer.

In this article, we’re going to find out more about one of the members of I.O.I who debuted as a successful solo artist, Chung-ha and her friendship with her manager, Ryu Jin-ah through MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View. Are you curious about their close relationship? Check out the article below!

First Appearance

Before this show, Chungha’s manager, Ryu Jin-ah already appeared in public when Chungha got her 1st win on Music Bank for her latest comeback with “Gotta Go.” After the announcement of the winner, Chungha asked her manager to go on stage rather than the back-up dancers that usually come out with the idol.

The 1st win encore stage for Chungha felt really special as her fans hyped up the crowd while seeing her manager, Ryu Jin-ah dancing along with Chungha to her song, “Gotta Go.” It looked very cute and surprising when her manager went to the stage wearing thick white padding and didn’t get shy while dancing along to the choreography with Chungha’s dance moves next to her. It must be a memorable thing that her fans could witness!

After Chungha’s moment with her manager from the 1st win on Music Bank, the solo artist of “Gotta Go” celebrated her win on Show Champion by releasing a performance video from V Live by dancing along with her back-up dancers and her manager on the theme of Cinderella. The lyrics and meaning of “Gotta Go” have the concept of Cinderella, who has to leave at midnight.

Ryu Jin-a and Chung-ha’s Daily Life

As a promise to her fans, Chungha transformed into Cinderella and her manager wore the costume of a prince while dancing along to the song “Gotta Go.” The two were having fun during the performance and it was clearly shown in the behind the scene video that Chungha released and was laughing along with her manager and back-up dancers to the celebratory performance that she brought for her fans.

Ryu Jin-ah and Chungha’s relationship looked more like that of two best friends, rather than a working relationship between an idol and her manager. In the section below, we’re going to show you more of her appearances and moments while going on a schedule together and getting ready to work!

Starting The Day Together

The singer who’s popular with her latest song, “Snapping,” appeared as a guest in MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View (Hangul: 전지적 참견 시점) on June 8th, 2019, in Episode 56. In the first story of Chungha and her manager, Chungha spoke about how her manager got misunderstood about her looks. The MC, Jun Hyun-moo asked her about how it happened and Chungha answered, “It was back when I had just debuted. I was walking around with my manager when a member of the staff asked me to identify myself because he didn’t know who I was.”

Then Chungha continued that the staff couldn’t tell that she was a singer back when she had just debuted and the staff was asking, “Which one of you is the singer?” The MC of the show was amazed that her manager has such a good look and is beautiful as well. Chungha continued the story by telling that some of the male managers who came across them asked Chungha for her manager’s phone number.

The MC, Jun Hyun-moo quickly responded that their managers at the studio were so loud right now since Chungha’s manager is also in the same place as her. The other MC, Young Ja, was joking with her manager to not ask for Chungha’s manager’s phone number because it will make him look cheap. While laughing, Chungha revealed that it’s also her job to protect her manager as well if there’s anyone who is going to disturb her. When the MC asked if her manager is pretty, Chungha quickly answered, “Yes, she’s quite attractive.”

Without a lot of fuss, the MC introduced Chungha’s manager who has worked with her for four years until now so that the audience could meet her pretty manager right away. The first scene showed the SUV car which drove through a bumpy lane, then the camera switched to the one driving the car. The MC, Jun Hyun-moo quickly guessed that it should be Chung-ha’s manager, Ryu Jin-ah. It was true that the person who drove the car is a young girl who doesn’t look like a professional manager at all.

The MCs of the show were really shocked seeing how beautiful Chungha’s manager is and the singer herself was really happy and proud of her manager’s first appearance on this show.

As expected, Ryu Jin-ah introduced herself as Chungha’s manager of four years and MC Jun Hyun-moo noticed her appearance that looks like a character from a comic book. Ryu Jin-ah continued to introduce herself and said that she’s actually scared and shy to speak in front of the camera and her heart quickly starts racing if a camera spots her.

The comedian, Yoo Byung-jae who appeared in the studio asked Chungha if her manager is older than her and she confirmed it. The MC, Young Ja, commented that she really looks young and seemed to look the same age as Chungha.

Ryu Jin-ah then continued that she was promoted to Senior Manager of the Management Team and she was experienced in watching over the agency’s new girl group. Ryu Jin-ah also revealed that she used to be with Chungha every minute of the day but now, her juniors were taking care of Chungha more. She was kind of slightly worried that she’s no longer involved in Chungha’s life anymore.

In another scene, Ryu Jin-ah could be seen driving somewhere to pick up Chungha and the MC kept complimenting on how beautiful and young she looks. In her individual interview, Ryu Jin-ah revealed that Chungha lived in Gwangju of Gyeonggi Province that’s why she drove far and looks like she was about to go to her grandma’s house. She said that every time she needs to pick up Chungha from her house, she likes to listen to music while driving there.

Soon after, Chungha went inside the car. Ryu Jin-ah’s asked her if she wants to sit on the back seat since she once told her that she hurt her shoulder but Chungha said that she will be fine sitting in the front. Not waiting any longer, Ryu Jin-ah put on her seatbelt and was ready to drove Chungha to the 1st schedule of the day. Before they headed to the 1st place for their schedule, Ryu Jin-ah and Chungha went to a salon to get Chungha ready before performing in front of people and her fans.

While they were on the main road, Chungha commented that there weren’t so many cars and hope that they will not get into the traffic this time. But not a long time after they drove, the car seemed to slow down for a bit. Ryu Jin-ah took something from the back seat and gave a bag full of snacks to Chungha to keep her from getting bored during the trip.

Ryu Jin-ah revealed that the snacks she brought for Chungha are the ones that she likes the most which are palate and foods that grannies enjoy the most. The statement from Ryu Jin-ah made the MC’s laugh along. The manager of Chungha, Ryu Jin-ah, stated that she likes yakbab, monaka, and her favorite snack is matdongsan. She also stated that she always prepares what she likes the most.

The solo artist who brought the mega-hit “Roller Coaster” enjoyed her snack, yakbab, during the trip and when she tried to feed her manager, she quickly rejected it right away. The long drive from her house to her schedule’s place took a long time and it made her back hurt. Seeing Chungha was in pain, her manager commented, “You’ll break your neck,” and Chungha grabbed the massager to relieve the pain in her neck and shoulders.

When the two women’s eyes met, bot Chungha and her manager started laughing as she pressed the massager onto her head and it was obvious that Chungha is in a lot of pain, probably due to all the demanding dance movements she is doing on stage. Ryu Jin-ah stated that her shoulders and back are in constant pain, which is why she uses the massage ball to relieve some of the pain and she completely understands that.

During the long trip, Ryu Jin-ah and Chungha also listened to music together and shared their stories. Ryu Jin-ah talked to Chungha about taking care of the new girl group from MNH Entertainment, BVNDIT, and how she sometimes loses her confidence because the members are really tall. She forgot that Chungha was of the same height as her and she couldn’t help but be annoyed by the story of her manager at that time.

In her individual interview, Ryu Jin-ah revealed that after they were together for years, their relationship became more than just a celebrity and manager. Many think that they are sisters followed by MC Young Ja’s commented that they looked like best friends.

After an hour and a half, Chungha and her manager finally arrived at the salon and Chungha was ready for make-up and hair-do for the day’s performance. Chungha and her manager greeted the make-up and hair team while she got ready to transform herself as a top idol on stage.

While Chungha was getting ready to get her make-up done, her manager peeked from the door to check out if she’s already done with her make-up which was edited into a horror scene by the staff of MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View. Although it wasn’t scary at all, the make-up staff was asking her to get inside the room and not just peek behind the door. It took a very long time until Chungha’s make-up was done and her manager was sitting next to her. She was starring at her and asked the make-up staff, “How long will it take?”

In her individual interview, Ryu Jin-ah stated that she’s very strict when it comes to time and how long it takes so she usually asks the staff how long it will take. She said that she doesn’t mean to intimidate the staff but they’re normally right on time and casually informed the other staff to do that.

After a long break and waiting until Chungha’s make-up is done, her manager switched eyes on her and joked, “What are you looking at?” at the idol which made the entire studio and MC laughe along with Ryu Jin-ah’s side joke. Besides that, Ryu Jin-ah also got her own make-up by putting lipstick and the staff was distracted at how funny she put on the lipstick.

In her individual interview, Ryu Jin-ah was asked does she usually put on make-up? She answered that it doesn’t mean that she likes to wear the make-up but every manager reflects on how the singer looks so she tries to look neat. She doesn’t want to ruin Chungha’s image by her looks and tries to impress everyone who works with Chungha. Another question was about her looks and outfit in her daily life, to which Ryu Jin-ah stated that when she isn’t at work, she tries to wear pretty clothes and put on make-up, she also likes to go out with her friends too.

After the 1st stop at the salon, Chungha and her manager were ready to go to the next place while discussing what food should they eat for lunch. They decided to go to an old restaurant where they usually eat together. Ryu Jin-ah was the one who recommended Chungha after receiving a suggestion from another manager that this place has one of the best dishes in town and they often eat together in this place.

As a manager, Ryu Jin-ah fed Chungha very well and she also took out a few beans from her glutinous rice for Chungha because she couldn’t eat a lot of beans. The two ate so well together and enjoyed the food like there will be no tomorrow.

After they had lunch together, the two met the agency’s director at the office and they discussed the planning of Chungha’s new album. The director sat together in the meeting room and asked what’s her schedule that day and Ryu Jin-ah revealed that she has two events. Chungha, Ryu Jin-ah, and her director went on a short meeting for her upcoming album and discussed every little thing that they prepared for the album.

After the short meeting, Chungha and her manager were ready to go to another place. Chungha was already dressed up in her costume which was followed by her back-up dancers who walked outside from their company’s building. The MC was in disbelief seeing the diva, Chungha, who was previously eating granny food has just walked out from the idol’s company and brought her back-up dancers to get inside the car.