Profile of Chun Ho-jin: Wife, Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows


When he was in high school, he found his passion for acting after watching Robert De Niro’s performance in the movie The Deer Hunter. Because he didn’t know how to be an actor, he participated in the talent show instead.

After being recognized for his participation in the show, he started to act in movies and dramas. His drama debut was in MBC’s Bestseller Theater “The Midday of Youth”. Chun also plays various roles in movies.

In his first movie, Blue Blue Sketch, he played a baseball player that fell in love with a girl named Yumi. In the movie The Chosen: Forbidden Cave, he played a pastor.

Eventhough Chun has been acting for 34 years, in 2017, he won Daesang for the first time because of his performance in the drama The Golden Life. When he gave his speech after he won, he mentions his dad.

“My Father is a little bit sick, and I hope he gets better soon.”

He also left a heartwarming message for his wife in the speech.

“Honey, it took me 34 years to keep a promise when we were dating. It is too late. I’m sorry. If you allow me, I will lie with you again in my next life. I will keep my promise.”

The Daesang award is very meaningful for him, because he hasn’t won many awards even though he has given outstanding performances. In the past, he was only ever nominated and rarely won any awards. His last award was in 1994 in KBS’s Drama Awards. This Daesang will be his third award. In 2018, he got Best Performer Award from Korean Producer Awards and that was his fourth award.


Personal Life

Chun has several hobbies. One of his hobbies is playing classical guitar. When he was 13, he watched his mother playing guitar, and fall in love with his mother’s hand movements. Actor Shin Hyun Soo shared Chun’s guitar skill on his instagram.

세트 마지막날, 아버지 연주회.

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In 2009, he published Chun Ho Jin’s Woodworking DIY book. His hobby of woodworking gave him the chance to publish a book. Chun got his talent in woodworking from surfing in the internet in the mid 1990’s.

Because he was interested in wood, he started to read more about woodworking from foreign sites. He also ordered more than 100 books about woodworking. With the help of an English dictionary, he got to understand and publish his own book. Here’s his video for Design Brand Be Bop.



  • 30 years into his acting career, he has never associated with a company or manager. In February 2013, he finally signed a contract with J-Wide Company.
  • In his early career, he had a rebellious image after starring in the movie Blue Blue Sketch.
  • He trained himself to be an actor.
  • He also learned how to use a computer by himself.
  • He got nickname as “National Father” because of his role in the drama The Golden Life.
  • He has 4-level in Taekwondo and 3-level in Judo.
  • He can ride a horse because of his role as a king in movies and dramas.