Cha Eun-woo’s Labelmate, Chu Ye-jin: Profile, Child Actress, Appearance In ‘Produce 101’, Etc.

chu yejin actress

Get To Know Fantagio’s Future Actress, Chu Ye-jin

Chu Ye-jin is a Korean actress and member of Fantagio’s actress lineups. She started acting at the age of eleven. Even at a young age, she has already appeared in many dramas and movies. At one point in her career, she decided to change her career and became an idol trainee. She participated in Mnet’s Produce 101 but failed to debut in a new group.

She quickly returns to acting, which brought her early popularity as a child actress. It seemed that fans love her better as an actress. Currently, she performs various roles but mainly as an innocent high school student. It may take some time to shed her innocent and childlike image before she can get another role. However, soon enough, she will become Fantagio’s future actress.

In this article, Channel Korea will talk all about Chu Ye-jin. So stay tuned!

Chu Ye-jin’s Full Profile

chu yejin actress

Name: Chu Ye-jin

Birthday: October 11th, 2001

Place of birth: Gyeonggi Province, Bucheon city

Height: 160

Weight: 47 kg

Blood type: B

Label management: Fantagio

Education: SeongGyunGwan University, Majoring Acting and Arts

Instagram: @chuuu.3.yejin

Chu Ye-jin’s Facts

chu yejin actress
  • She trained for 2 years and 5 months before representing Fantagio as idol trainee in Mnet’s Produce 101
  • Chu Ye-jin was planned to debut with Weki Meki but failed to make the final cut
  • She appeared in i-Teen Girls V-Live, but she also failed to make the final cut
  • She performed Girlfriend’s Glass Beads in one of Mnet’s Produce 101 episodes.

Chu Ye-jin’s Appearance In Produce 101

chu yejin actress
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In 2016, Chu Ye-jin joined Mnet’s Produce 101 and represented Fantagio. Sadly, she failed to progress to the final round and got eliminated. In the end, she never debuted as an idol.

In the second episode, trainees from Fantagio performed Girlfriend’s Glass Bead. The team consisted of Kim Do-yeon, Lee Soo-min, Jeong Hae-rim, Choi Yoo-jung, and Chu Ye-jin.

.In group performance, her position was sub rapper and subvocal. Her team collected 221 votes when performing Hot Issue and collected 690 votes when performing Day By Day.

Fans noticed that Chu Ye-jin resembled Sistar’s Dasom and wished her to debut as a member of the Fantagio girl group.

Chu Ye-jin started the first episode in rank 36 and class F. In the second episode, she climbed one position higher but fell 5 positions lower in the third episode. She fell even further in the fifth episode and collected only 41.048 votes. She was eliminated in the 8th episode for failing to reach a higher position. She gathered 126.296 votes and was positioned at rank 46th. She remained in class F throughout her participation in Produce 101

Chu Ye-jin’s Most Popular Drama And Movies

chu yejin actress

Chu Ye-jin started her career in entertainment at a very young age. At the age of only eleven, she performed in the MBC drama The Best Day in My Life and movie A Day Worth Dying For. She took time off from acting and chose to train as an idol. After failing to debut as an idol, she returned to acting and performed in the MBC drama A Pledge to God.

Chu Ye-jin in A Day Worth Dying For

chu yejin actress

In the 2012 short movie, A Day Worth Dying For, Chu Ye-jin performed as a 6th-grade elementary school student, Hyemi. Hyemi fell in love with Seung Jun, her junior in school, and confessed her feeling. On the same day, Seung-jun also gets another attention from his best friend, Yoo-jeong.

She misunderstood that she was dying from an illness and confessed about the problem to Seung-jun. Both Yoo-jeong and Hyemi were jealous of Seung-jun attention to each of the girls. This movie told the cute and lovely moments of elementary school student when they fell in love or felt jealousy for the first time

Chu Ye-jin in When The Weather is Fine

chu yejin actress

Chu Ye-jin performed as Gwon Hyun-ji, a senior high school student who dreamed of becoming a rapper. She is the daughter of a pharmacy owner. She is known for fair skin and beautiful face, but her haircut is long but too simple. Her friends tried to convince her to cut her hair shorter and changed her appearance. Even though she wanted to be a rapper, she never had the courage to perform or tried an audition.

Chu Ye-jin in Tale of the Nine-Tailed

chu yejin actress

Chu Ye-jin made a special appearance in tvN drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed. She performed as a high school student who survived a tragic bus accident. A supernatural ate her, and the creature uses her body to fool other people.

Chu Ye-jin’s Transformed Into Supernatural Being

chu yejin actress

Chu Ye-jin’s label, Fantagio, announced her appearance in the drama Gumiho or Tale of the Nine-Tailed. The drama is a romantic-action drama of a supernatural being trying to find a way to reincarnate his lover. Chu Ye-jin usually performed as an innocent high school student in her previous dramas, but she transformed into a vicious flesh-eating creature in this drama. Fantagio asked fans to support Chu Ye-jin and look forward to her new role in the future.

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