Korean Descent’s ‘Miss Chinese International 2009’ Christine Kuo’s Full Profile and Filmography

christine kuo

Canadian Top Model and Actress With Korean Descent!

Christine Kuo gained her popularity after becoming the winner of Miss Chinese International in 2009. People might not know that she is actually Korean descent as well as other descents. Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the complete information about her, so stay tuned!

Christine Kuo’s Full Profile

christine kuo

Birth Name: Kou Yun Hui

English Name: Christine Kuo

Occupation: Actress, Model

Nationality: Canadian

Birth: Taichung, Taiwan, July 11, 1983

Age: 37 years old

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Years Active: 2008 – preset

Label: TVB

Instagram: joyfulck

Christine Kuo’s Filmography

christine kuo


Year Title Role
2010 The Jade and the Pearl Princess Gou
2011 I Love Hong Kong Secretary
2011 The Fortune Buddies Qi Hua Bakery Salesperson
2012 I Love Hong Kong 2012 Siu Fa
2012 Natural Born Lovers Hui-yan
2013 Hardcore Comedy Tse Wing-yan
2013 White Man
2019 I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!


TV Series

Year Title Role
2010 Don Juan De Mercado Yeung Sin-wah
2010 The Mysteries of Love Pauline
2010 Home Troopers Michelle Kwai Sin-yau
2011 The Life and Times of a Sentinel Kin-ching
2011 Super Snoops Chap Yau
2011 Forensic Heroes II Ahn Cho La-mei
2012 Daddy Good Deeds Waitress
2012 Tiger Cubs Ting Wai-wai
2012 Ghetto Justice II Lynette King Ling-lei


Year Title Role
2012 Friendly Fire Bella
2013 A Great Way to Care II Dr. Scarlett Chan Sze-ka
2013 Beauty at War Pakkiya Qianyue
2013 Always and Ever Princess Hing-sau
2014 Tiger Cubs II Ting Wai-wai
2016 Over Run Over Joyce

Christine Kuo’s Career Journey

christine kuo

Christine Kuo started her career through her appearance in 2008’s Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant. From the event, Christine Kuo also received four awards such as Miss Photogenic, Miss Most Beautiful Hair, Miss Popularity, and Miss Fittest Posture as well. A year later, due to her awards and popularity, Christine Kuo became the representative of Toronto, Canada, to join the 2009 Miss Chinese International Pageant.

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Her participation led her to receive the Miss International Charm Award and also her victory to become the winner of Miss Chinese International in 2009! Later on, Christine Kuo signed a contract with TVB, a television broadcast company based in Hong Kong. Christine also moved from Toronto to Hong Kong in order to pursue her acting career afterward.

christine kuo
christine kuo

In her acting career, Christine Kuo has appeared in a lot of movies and television series. She started from a minor role to a major role along the way in her career, but mostly, she was involved in movies more often instead of television series. About her acting experience, Christine Kuo also expressed her gratitude for all of the opportunities that her company has given to her.

Later on, Christine revealed that her role in Ghetto Justice 2 also resembled her personality the most. Her participation in Ghetto Justice 2 was one of her breakthrough appearances which made her popularity in acting increase rapidly. Then, in 2019, Christine received an opportunity to become one of the judges for Miss Chinese International Pageant with other judges as well!

Christine Kuo’s Visual

christine kuo

Christine Kuo definitely has such a stunning visual appearance. Raised as a born mixture, Christine Kuo also amazes people with her attractiveness and beautiful charm as well. The mixture of Korean, Japanese, Dutch, and Taiwanese in her blood became such a perfect mixture for her visual!

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christine kuo

In a white dress and a flower bouquet in her hands, Christine Kuo looked effortlessly beautiful! People could have seen the mixture of blood from Christine’s visual appearance since it has something that other women could not have. Strong and thick eyebrows, pointed nose, thin lips, and beautiful jaws also portray perfectly her visual features!

christine kuo

From a close-up picture, Christine Kuo’s sophisticated visual appearance looks even more real. All of her visual features seem to be portrayed with no flaws, and Christine Kuo also appears almost perfect on every occasion. She looks like a live Barbie doll, doesn’t she?

christine kuo

The mixture of warm brownish hair, porcelain skin, and a bright red dress was such a magnificent combination for Christine Kuo! Not to mention, her-stand out visual appearance made women all over the world jealous of her. She looked like a blooming rose, right?

Christine Kuo’s Marriage & Husband

christine kuo wedding

It has been reported that Christine Kuo was dating a professional racer named William Lok since June 2017. Their relationship finally turned into an engagement on Valentine’s Day in February 2018, and finally, they married in September 2018 afterward! Their wedding ceremony was held in Toronto, Canada, as a kind of surprise wedding ceremony from William. He made the surprise plan with Christine’s parents, classmates, and brother as well.

Christine Kuo had no idea that she would be holding her wedding ceremony at that time since she initially wanted to take a wedding photo session with William there. And then, Christine and William also held their second wedding ceremony in Beas River Country Club, Hong Kong, which was attended by friends and relatives. The second wedding ceremony was held as a fairytale-themed event, and both of them looked like a real fairytale prince and princess!

christine kuo
christine kuo

Meanwhile, her husband William Lok was famously known as the founder of WIN Motorsport. He used to work as a businessman and owned a trading company before he turned from an amateur into a professional racer. William also became the first Hong Kong racer to clinch the Asian Le Mans Sprint Club as well.

That was all of the information about Christine Kuo! Since she has established her career from the start, no wonder that currently she has been acknowledged as one of the top models and actresses as well. Let’s always support Christine Kuo for her future career!