Who is The Choreographer Behind BTS’s Fabulous Dance?


Details About BTS’s Dance Choreographer!

Just like everybody knows, now BTS is one of the biggest boy bands in the world that has achieved many awards and are popular even in the US, of course, worldwide as well. Every song they have released is very famous, moreover, they have already made collaborations with many popular singers and composers. Apart from the lovely and good songs, the band also contains seven stunning men who can dance beautifully. They are known for having a creative, cool and energetic dance. They’re very compact in dancing every choreography of each of their songs, even though it is quite difficult.

However, behind their cool choreography, there is someone who came up with the dance moves and taught the members how to do it. This person is the choreographer who also has a very important role in the performance of BTS. So then who are they? Precisely! In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown on everything about “Who is The Choreographer Behind BTS’s Fabulous Dance!” So, stay tuned!

Son Seung-duk


Son Seung-duk, this name didn’t really ring a bell in our ears at first. However, he is the director of Bighit Entertainment and he has already been working with BTS from the beginning. He has come up with a lot of the choreographies for the songs of BTS, ever since their debut, such as the one for “Danger.” And not only Son Seung-duk is capable of coming up with the choreography, but he can also stand in for a member who might be absent, like in the case of Suga when he was sick. At that time, during BTS’ practice, Suga had to be hospitalized and his position was filled by Son Seung-duk, so the members continued with the practice without missing a member.

Even though sometimes he doesn’t participate in the choreography, he is still involved in the dance process. As in BTS’ MV “Not Today” and DNA,” Son Seung-duk’s name was included as supervisor of the choreography and appearance. He received an award from the Minister in Korea at the 2016 Popular Culture Arts Awards. He also became the first K-Pop choreographer to tour America with a workshop, there are also workshops in Europe, Asia, and Japan. Not only BTS received an award, but he also won an award as “The Style of This Year” award at the Gaon Chart Music Awards.

BTS’ most popular choreographies are the ones for the songs “DNA,” “Danger,” “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2,” “RUN,” “I Like It,” and “No More Dream.” The choreography of DNA is harder than any other dance, even members of BTS have admitted to it. And below are the choreographies that Son Seung-duk has made for BTS’ songs.

I Need You (Choreography)

We Are Bulletproof Pt.2 

No More Dream 

Keone Madrid and Mari Madrid


They are a great and well-known married couple in the choreography community. They appeared as choreographers for “So You Think You Can Dance” on the Ellen Show, and were nominated for dance awards. Keone Madrid is responsible for the choreography of BTS’ songs “Dope,” “Not Today,” “Fire,” and they also participated in “DNA,” and “Blood Sweat & Tears.”

Fire (Choreography)

They are also the people behind the success of “Singularity,” a song sung by BTS’ V as his solo song from the album LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR. “Singularity” had been watched more than 12.4 million times within the first 24 hours after it was officially launched. This is mainly because the dance and choreography are incredibly good, energetic and the song’s message is easy to get. Keone Madrid also recorded the choreography that he and the team did and sent it to BTS members, so they could learn.


The Madrids have also created fantastic routines for other K-Pop artists, including GOT7, BIG BANG, VIXX, 2NE1, 2PM, MONSTAX, and many more!

Quick Style Crew


Quick Style Crew is a group of dancers who were the winners of Norway Got Talent in 2009. The group consists of Sulaeman Malik, Bilal Malik, and Nasir Sirikhan. Quick Style Crew is formed in 2006 and when they won on the talent show, they were immediately contracted by Sony Music Label. After that, in 2016 they created the choreography for BTS’ song “Save Me.” Then, they also participated in the creation of the choreography for “Blood Sweat and Tears,” the same year with Keone Madrid. In addition, they also opened a dance studio in Chengdu in 2016.

The song whose choreography was made by them (Blood Sweat & Tears) received many awards, among which is one in the category for Best Dance Performance and Best Music VideoAnd, here is the music video with the choreography made by them!