Who is The Choreographer Behind BTS’s Fabulous Dance?

Rie Hata

BTS's Choreographer

Rie Hata is a hip-hop dancer and choreographer who leads a Japan-based dance crew and she is called the “Queen of Swag.” Before she became a choreographer, she began publishing her dance videos on her YouTube channel, as early as 2008.

Not only as a choreographer and dancer, but she also has created her own fashion brand named Qoffee Shop.


Rie Hata did a collaboration with BTS, she made the choreography for one of their recent songs that they released in 2018 with the album LOVE YOURSELF: Tear. Rie Hata created  BTS’ dance for “Anpanman” and “Airplane Pt. 2,” she is, in fact, a co-choreographer in Mic Drop dance with Lyle Beniga. Rie Hata is also known as The Swag Queen of K-Pop, because she has already created and participated in the making of the dance moves of many K-Pop artists, such as Red Velvet (Bad Boy), U-kwon, CL, and many more.

Airplane Pt. 2 



David Lim

David Lim is a founder and director of GRV, a competitive dance crew based in California. David Lim is the choreographer of the dance of “Boy in Luv,” he created the moves. Although he hasn’t been much involved in BTS’ choreography like Sun Seung-duk, he has still contributed to the choreography of one BTS’ early hits.

David Limm uploaded a demo version of “Boy in Luv” with GRV, the audio in the video sounds a bit off and a little different from the actual song. Here is the video!

Carlo Darang


Carlo Darang is a co-director of a dance crew that is quite famous in the dance world, Choreo Cookies, along with Keone Madrid. Carlo Darang is also active as a private dance instructor in a private studio, Building Block, that was made by Keone Madrid and Mari Madrid. He’s an assistant choreographer for the song “Dope.”


Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin has gained international recognition, he has taught regularly at workshops and studios in more than 40 countries and states. Same as Carlo Darang, Martin is a member of the internationally renowned Choreo Cookies team and instructor at Building Block. He contributed in the choreography for DNA. Let’s check out the choreography that was made by him!


Markus Pe Benito

Markus Pe Benito – this man is the co-founder of SYNCHRONICITY path crosses, a platform and collective for artists. As far as BTS are concerned, he is responsible and contributed to the choreography of the song “Lie” which was Jimin’s solo and “WINGS” solo version of Jimin. The choreography is very beautiful and suitable for Jimin, and Jimin danced full of feelings even though he is a soft-hearted person.

Dylan Mayoral

And the last choreographer from this article is, Dylan Mayoral. Who is he? He is a member of the dance crew, Boyband. Dylan has competed on dance shows, including Britain’s Got Talent (2015) and Got to Dance (2014). Dylan was responsible for choreographing J-hope’s “Boy Meets Evil” solo for the WINGS comeback trailer, same as Jimin. J-hope danced totally full of emotions, so the message from this song is definitely conveyed.

No wonder BTS has such a good choreography for each of their MV or songs. Behind their incredible dance moves, there is always a famous and reliable choreographer! Those are all the great choreographers behind BTS’ fabulous dance moves! Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!