Choiza: On Weight Loss, Ideal Type, and His Thoughts on Marriage

Hip-Hop Artist Choi Jae-ho

Choiza (최자), whose real name is Choi Jae Ho, is a South Korean hip-hop recording artist. He was born on March 7, 1980. He and fellow performer Gaeko comprise the hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo, which rose to fame upon the release of their debut album, Taxi Driver, in 2004. In 2006, he co-founded the South Korean record label Amoeba Culture. He was previously a member of the hip-hop trio CB Mass.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Choiza, from his weight loss to his thought of marriage. Stay tuned!

Choiza’s Weight Loss


A post in an online community has been gaining interest, as it shows Choiza has lost a lot of weight from the past. The post says, ‘A diet is the best plastic surgery’. We think in a way, that is totally true. Choiza’s face does look leaner and smaller after the weight loss. His face looks slimmer, especially in the jaw, which looks so neat.

Netizen Reactions

  1. [+435, -19] I can barely recognize him after the weight loss…….
  2. [+53, -2] He lost so much weight~
  3. [+49, -17] Even with his weight loss, he’s not that handsome, just an average guy you’d see hanging out at a clothing store
  4. [+20, -5] Omona, he looks so different now. Much younger.
  5. [+90, -4] I don’t think he loves Sulli, just sees her as something he can conquer… that has to be why he’s always showing her off. He doesn’t care whether she gets hate or antis.

Diet Tips


Both members of Dynamic Duo were guests on an episode of KBS Radio Cool FM’s Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 O’ Clock. On the program, Choiza revealed, “Recently, I lost a good bit of weight. Since I lost all that weight, people have been coming up to me and telling me that I look good. But I don’t have a girlfriend right now. I want to date a lot, but I haven’t really been able to. I wanted to be able to love a lot, so that’s the main reason I lost weight”, and laughed.

He went on, “When I debuted and promoted as a member under CB MASS, I weighed 100 kg (220 lbs). If I compare my weight back then to now, I’ve lost a total of 20 kgs (44 lbs). I tried working out a lot, exercising, but in the end the real secret is to just eat less. I lost the most weight when I only ate half of the bowl for each meal. The best effect is to cut down on all the carbohydrates.”

Ideal Type


As for his ideal type, Choiza said, “I’m not sure what type of person I like. You just like them if you like them,” and added, “It has to be fun when we’re together.” Choiza had been in a relationship with Sulli of f(x) but they parted ways due to their busy schedules and different ways of life.

In another interview, Dynamic Duo’s Choiza talked about his ideal type, stating, “My ideal type has never been a pretty woman or a young woman. I’ve never felt attraction towards someone who is both, but I really get along well with Sulli. We have a lot in common.”

He said that hiding while dating was very difficult and that going public had been a good thing for the couple, saying, “It’s comfortable now. We go to eat delicious food, and we drink coffee on the street… At least, we don’t have to wear masks. Walking with a mask is so suffocating. Although, it’s a good memory now.”

Thoughts on Marriage


On October 31, 2018 airing of JTBC’s Give Me a Meal, Choiza was asked about his thoughts on marriage. The rapper replied, “I didn’t have any thoughts on marriage, but after seeing Gaeko’s kids, I wondered, ‘If my friend’s kids are this adorable then how adorable would my own kids be?'” and also on tvN’s Life Bar, Choiza touched on the subject of marriage again, “I’m not negative about it but I just used to think it doesn’t exist in my life.” He continued, “But recently, I wondered if I can also do it while seeing Gaeko. I feel like I’ve been swimming in the sea of possibilities but got tired of it. I don’t want to remain in the sea. I want to enter an island.”

Latest News


Choiza has been shooting for SLICE D YouTube content recently. #CHOIZAROAD is the name of his variety show. The content is all about Korean cultures, such as food, fashion, and other topics.

Let’s take a look of Choiza’s YouTube video!


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