Choi Yu-Hwa: Profile and Facts


Meet The Bewitching Model-Turned-Actress Choi Yu-Hwa

Choi Yu Hwa is a talented actress who showed a unique style of acting and left strong impression by appearing in popular films such as “Love Fiction”, “The Truth Beneath” and “Worst Day”. Yuhwa entered the entertainment industry after winning the Fashion Model Award at the fashion magazine CeCi’s Model Contest in 2005, and now belongs to agency Echo Global Group, which also manages other actors such as Choi Soo-young (Former SNSD), Bae Noo Ri, Daniel Henney, and other fellow actors.

She is one of the models-turned-actresses who is known for her mysterious looks. She also made a special appearance in the JTBC’s drama “Youth Age 2” last year and caught the attention of a lot of viewers even through her short appearance.

Full Profile of Choi Yu-Hwa

  • Real Name : Choi Yu Hwa / Choi Yoo Hwa (최유화)
  • Profession : Model, Actress
  • Agency : Eco Global Group
  • Nationality : South Korean
  • Birth Date : October 10, 1985
  • Birth Place : South Korea
  • Star Sign : Libra
  • Height : 172 cm
  • Weight : 50 kg
  • Blood Type : B
  • Languages : Korean and English
  • Instrument : Piano
  • Education : Hansung University – Department of English Language and Literature

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Facts & Trivias About Choi Yu-Hwa

  • Before acting, she was a magazine’s advertising model.
  • She admitted that her debut was late. She joined the acting agency in 26.
  • She likes watching movies and has a hobby to observe people.
  • She was originally interested in art.
  • Her dream was to be a pianist and a DJ, but she stopped her piano in high school, because it was a vague desire of art.
  • She enjoys hip hop songs from Drake.
  • She still uses public transportation to go everywhere.
  • She had lived in the United States for three months after the “The Age of Shadows”.
  • She defined herself as “a person who has no choice, but to be happy”.
  • She garnered viewers attention on CF Vivian together with Jo In Sung. She captivated those who watch the video with her slender figure and Western beauty.

Choi Yu-Hwa’s Filmography


Choi Yu Hwa’s Movies

Year Title Role
2011 My Whisper (나의 깜시) (Mini Movie) Eun Jin
2012 Love Fiction (러브 믹션) Min Ji / Veronica
Love Call (러브 콜) So Young
2013 My Dear Girl, Jin Young (사랑해! 진영아) Kim Ja Young
2015 C’est si bon (쎄시봉) Senior Actress
Love Never Fails (사랑이 이긴다) Jung Hye
2016 The Truth Beneath (비밀은 없다) Son So Ra
Worst Day (최악의 하루) Hyun Kyung
The Age of Shadows (밀정) Kim Sa Hee
2017 A Man Who Only Looks At Me (내게만 보이는 남자) Jung In
2018 Wrestler (레슬러) (Special Appearance)

Choi Yu Hwa’s Dramas

Year Title Role Network
2010 Drama Special “The Great Gye Choon-bin” Kim Yang KBS2
2011 My Princess Kang Sun Ah MBC
2012 Take Care of Us, Captain Jang Sa Rang SBS
Drama Special “Do I Look Like a Pushover?” Oh Yoo Ni KBS2
2013 Drama Special Series “Like a Fairytale” Kim Myung Je KBS2
2017 Age of Youth 2 Moon Hyo Jin JTBC
2018 Suits  (Special Appearance) KBS2

Choi Yu-Hwa’s Music Video Appearances

  • 2017 : HIGHLIGHT – Beautiful (아름답다)
  • 2016 : Bada X Ryeowook – Cosmic
  • 2016 : K.Will X Baekhyun – The Day
  • 2015 : Jonghyun – End of A Day (하루의 끝)
  • 2015 : Lee Sanggun X Han Seungyeon – I Don’t Think He Knew (그땐 알지 못했나 봐)
  • 2013 : Geeks – Wash Away

Choi Yu-Hwa’s Modelling Works (Advertisements)

  • 2017 : Clio (Cosmetic Brand)
  • 2015-2016 : Nabari Cosmetics (미나비 화장품) / AMOREPACIFIC (아모레퍼시픽)
  • Wells Water Purifier (웰스정수기)
  • Gipel Refrigerator (지펠냉장고)
  • Mango Six (망고식스)
  • Mantia (마운티아)
  • Vidi Beach (비디비치)
  • Laneige (라네즈)
  • Vivian (비비안), etc.