Get Closer to Actress Choi Yoon-young: Profile, Husband, Drama, Movies, and TV Shows

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Who remembers one of favourite drama, Baker King, Kim Tak Gu? Do you remember one of his step sisters? Yes, she is Choi Yoon-young, a South Korean actress who widely recognized from her roles in the drama of Baker King, Kim Tak Gu and My Daughter, Seo Young. Before she jumped into her film career, she was a model. She started from KBS 21-based Talent 2008 and accepted roles in several drama and movie. If you want to know more about her profile, movies and dramas list she played, and her current news, you read the right article. Check it out!

Choi Yoon-young’s Profile

Name: Choi Yoon-young
Hangul: 최윤영
Born: September 25, 1986
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 165cm
Weight: 45kg
Star sign: Libra
Education : Dankook University, Anyang Arts High School (Theatre and Film degree)
Blood type: A
Family: Older brother and older sister
Talent agency: Signal Entertainment Group – L&Holdings (Star Camp 202)

Choi Yoon-young’s Drama List

choi yoon young
  • Enemies from the Past | Jeonsaenge Wensoodeul (MBC / 2017-2018) – Choi Go-Ya
  • All is Well | Da Jal Delgeoya (KBS2 / 2015-2016) – Geum Ga-Eun
  • My Dear Cat | Goyangineun Idda (KBS1 / 2014) – Ko Yang-Soon
  • Passionate Love | Yeolae (SBS / 2013-2014) – Han Yoo-Jung
  • The Queen’s Classroom | Yeowangui Kyosil (MBC / 2013) – Teacher Yang Min-Hee
  • Drama Special Series: Like a Fairytale (KBS2 / 2013) – Baek Jang-Mi
  • Seo-Young, My Daughter | Nae Ddal Seoyoungi (KBS2 / 2012-2013) – Choi Ho-Jung
  • Queen of Reversals | Yukjunui Yeowang (MBC / 2010-2011) – Ki-Bbeum
  • Bread, Love and Dreams | Jeppangwang Kim Tak Goo (KBS2 / 2010) – Ku Ja-Rim
  • Taming of the Heir | Cheonhamujeok Ipyeongkang (KBS2 / 2009) – Bong So-Hee
  • He Who Can’t Marry | Kyeolheun Mothaneun Namja (KBS2 / 2009) – Yoo Soo-Young
  • The Slingshot | Namja yiyagi (KBS2 / 2009)
  • The Accidental Couple | Keujeo Bara Bodaga (KBS2 / 2009) – stylist
  • Hot Blood | (KBS2, 2009)

Choi Yoon-young’s Movie List

choi yoon young

Besides her appearance on the small screen, she also appeared in big screen movies. Her acting skill has received praise from various sides. She even expanded her acting skill to the theater. Here is the movie and theater appearance since her debut:

  • You Are My Vampire (2014)
  • Couple Ring (short film, 2013)
  • Horror Stories (2012)
  • As One (2012)
  • My Black Mini Dress (2011)
my wedding

Theater appearance:

  • Woyzeck (2008)
  • Proof (2008)
  • Three Sisters (2007)
  • Forest Fire (Hangul: 산불; RR: Sanbul; 2003)

Choi Yoon Young’s Awards

  • 2015 | 23th Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards: Excellence Actress in Drama (All is Well)
  • 2014 | KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Award, Daily Drama – Actress (My Dear Cat)
  • 2013 | 13th Gwangju International Film Festival: New Star Award – Drama category

Choi Yoon-young’s Relationship

choi yoon young

Until now, 32 year-old Choi Yoon-young is reportedly single. It seems that she put her career first and focus to it. She doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment, even though she had received dating rumor to other drama cast members. But there is no official statement from her agency. So, the rumor remains rumor and wasn’t proven.

Despite being single, Choi Yoon-young revealed a fact of her relationship. On the episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on May 29 2012, she confessed that Super Junior member, Eunhyuk, was known to have a crush on her while in elementary school. The whole studio was shocked at this confession. Choi Yoon-young stated, “When I was in elementary school, there was a boy who gave me a love letter and that boy is here right now.” She referred her statement to Eunhyuk who appeared as guest starred in the episode.

She continued to say, “When I was in the sixth grade, I was in the same class as Eunhyuk and JYJ’s Junsu. At that time, it was the trend to be pen pals and give each other letters. I saved all my letters and discovered one from Eunhyuk.”

In the letter, Eunhyuk introduced himself with a made-up name of “Yoo Ji Hyuk.” Sixth-grader Eunhyuk explained, “Yoo Ji Hyuk is an awesome name I made for myself. The ‘Yoo’ comes from Yoo Seung Jun, ‘Ji’ from Eun Ji Won and ‘Hyuk’ from Jang Woo Hyuk.”

He continued to say in the letter, “I heard you like me and Junsu. That makes me so happy! I like you,” which amused the whole studio and made audience burst in laughter.

Choi Yoon-young said, “Eunhyuk was very popular. He is called an ‘anchovy’ (myul-chi) now but back then, he wasn’t that skinny. He was funny and smart so he was voted as the most popular guy in school.

What do you guys think about her elementary crush story? Isn’t it cute?