Choi Yoon-so: Profile, Appearance in ‘Secret Garden’, Movies and TV Shows

choi yoon-so actress

Find out more about Choi Yoon-so: innocent in dramas but sexy in commercials

Choi Yoon-so is blessed with a small face and big eyes. Due to her looks, in the early days, she got several chances to perform as a cute and innocent daughter from a rich family. After various roles as an innocent woman, she was able to break through and perform as a villain or antagonist. Due to her acting and a new image, she got many offers in commercials to show her sexy but sophisticated side.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk about innocent-looking actress Choi Yoon-so. So, stay tuned!

Choi Yoon-so’s full profile

choi yoon-so actress

Name: Choi Yoon-so

Date of Birth: November 29th, 1984

Place of Birth: North Jeolla, Jeonju city

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Blood Type: B

Education: Dongdeok Woman University majoring in Broadcasting and Entertainment

Label: Big Picture Entertainment

Instagram: @cys9909

Café Daum: cysilove/_rec

Choi Yoon-so’s facts

choi yoon-so actress
  • She wants to act alongside Lee Byung-hun in a melodrama.
  • Choi Yoon-so and Shinhwa’s Lee Min-woo were thought to be dating in 2003. It turned out that they were just in a close senior and junior relation.
  • Her ideal man type is famous news anchor Son Seok-hee.
  • She once visited a fortune-teller to see her relationship and future partner but it didn’t go well.
  • Choi Yoon-so’s face resembles Rainbow‘s Oh Seung-ah and Hello Venus‘s Alice.
  • She was a track and field athlete during her high school days.
  • According to Choi Yoon-so’s interview, her favorite sports are golf, tennis, and horse riding.
  • She gets firm and strong legs from horse riding sport.
  • Choi Yoon-so’s Instagram account is filled with her activities.
  • In her Instagram account, she loves to dress casually, but in commercial pictorials, she isn’t afraid to flaunt her figure.
choi yoon-so actress

Choi Yoon-so’s marriage

choi yoon-so actress

Choi Yoon-so performed as a married woman in her latest role, as Kang Ye-won in the 2020 drama Unasked Family. In the movie, her life changes from dreaming to be a reporter to becoming a mother due to an unexpected pregnancy. Choi Yoon-so’s husband in the drama was actor Seol Jeong-hwan.

In real life, her dating life isn’t known to the public. In 2015, a rumor surfaced about her special relationship with Shinhwa’s Lee Min-woo. In 2003, both Lee Min-woo and Choi Yoon-so appeared in a dating variety show and became love partners in the program.

They both denied the rumor and said that their relationship was just a senior and junior relationship. Fans loved the rumor and said that they looked good together. Choi Yoon-so’s boyfriend has never been revealed to the public and she is currently not in a relationship.

Choi Yoon-so’s most popular movies and TV shows

choi yoon-so actress

In 2002, Choi Yoon-so debuted as VJ in KBS2’s Music Bank-Shall We Dance. In 2003, she appeared in Kang Song-hoon’s music video and performed in a movie. She got the main prize in a model competition in 2002. Between 2003 to 2010, she was relatively unknown in the entertainment world. She got her breakthrough in 2010 after performing in KBS1’s Smile Again and SBS’ Secret Garden.

Choi Yoon-so in Secret Garden

choi yoon-so actress

After a relatively busy debut year in 2002, Choi Yoon-so endured a long period of unproductive years until 2010. She got a chance to perform as Hyun Bin’s sister in Secret Garden. She had a crush on Ha Ji-won’s boss, Jeong-soo, a rough-looking but handsome man. In the drama, she performed as Kim Hee-won, a spoiled rich daughter from a successful family. Due to her spoiled but cute acting, she earned praise from fans, especially as she had also performed well in other dramas. Choi Yoon-so in Secret Garden was her breakthrough drama.

Choi Yoon-so in Unknown Woman

choi yoon-so actress

Choi Yoon-so performed as Goo Hae-joo in the 2017 KBS2 drama Unknown Woman. Her character is a strong villain woman with overflowing confidence. Her facial expressions made viewers felt fear immediately.

In this drama, she was praised for showing realistic acting in every scene. Viewers fell in love with her character even though she performed an antagonist role. It is easy to see the reason why she got the role. In real life, she looks pure and innocent but she can turn into a sexy and confident woman in a commercial.

Choi Yoon-so in Twenty Again

choi yoon-so actress

In the 2015 drama Twenty Again, Choi Yoon-so performed alongside Hallyu goddess Choi Ji-woo and actor Lee Sang-yoon. Her role, Sin Sang-ye, is Lee Sang-yoon’s assistant. Sin Sang-ye was a natural beauty and smart but people often thought that she got her job because of her looks not because of her brain and talent.

People looked down on her but envied her achievements. She wanted people to stop looking at her looks but start looking at her talent.

Choi Yoon-so’s as a commercial model

choi yoon-so actress

After the success of her drama, KBS’ Flowery Path/Unasked Family, Choi Yoon-so signed a contract with a golf-wear company to be an advertisement model. The company admires her sophisticated look in her drama and they believe that her image fits the company’s profile.

Choi Yoon-so herself said that she loves playing golf, especially in her free time. Whenever she doesn’t have a schedule, she enjoys playing golf. During the commercial shooting, Choi Yoon-so said that she never felt awkward in joining a golf club. She looks comfortable in golf wear and she can pose naturally in it.

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