Choi Yeo-jin’s Profile: Age, Height, Husband, and Plastic Surgery

Get Closer to Model and Actress Choi Yeo-jin

Choi Yeo-jin was born in Korea, but after her parents divorced, they emigrated to Canada when she was in the first year of middle school. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but had to give that up after her family went through some financial difficulties.

Her debut as model in the entertainment business was through a contest named Super Elite Model Contest in Canada in 2001. She was a student in George Brown College (majoring Hotel Management) and went on a leave absence due to pursuing her entertainment career in Korea. She started from TV series and films, like’Surgeon Bong Dal-hee, ‘Golden Bride’, ‘My Woman’ and many more that made her name become recognized.

She was joining a reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars: Season 2’ in 2012, which also made her gain even more popularity. Competing with other contestants, she took the top spot six times out of eleven competitions, and eventually won. Choi is very happy with her achievement through dancing. Before becoming as a winner, she told fans that she even postponed her TV shooting just to take 10 hours of practicing for the competition. Her hard work eventually paid off!

Choi Yeo-Jin Profile


Name: 최여진 / Choi Yeo Jin (Choe Yuh Jin)
Profession: Actress / Model / Dancer
Birth Date: July 27, 1983
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 172cm
Weight: 50kg
Star sign: Leo
Talent agency: L & Jen Entertainment (2015-present)
Education: George Brown University (Hotel Management graduate), Hanyang University (Theater and Film)
Languages: Korean and English


  • She really loves dogs and has raised 100 puppies on her own.
  • She learned ballet when she was young and also dreamed becoming a ballerina.
  • She moved to Canada when she was in the first year in middle school.
  • Choi’s family had a financial difficulties back then that made her gave up her dream.
  • Her mother raised a controversy due to her inappropriate statement regarding Korean Olympian Kim Bo-bae for eating a dog.
  • Shindong from Super Junior is one of her closest friend, and she once told Shindong he would make a good husband.

Choi Yeo-jin’s Relationship

It seems this 34 year-old actress and model still wants to pursue more in her career path. Until now, there is no dating rumor about Choi Yeo-jin. The winner of Dancing with the Stars: Season 2 has once mentioned her husband type indirectly. She showed off an unexpected chemistry with her fellow artist, Super Junior’s Shindong, in a reality show.

In the episode of “Unmarried Girl” set to air on October 23, 2017, Shindong visits Choi Yeo Jin’s house. Before the visit, Shindong who is one of her closest friends, asks her if guys visit her house often, and she replies, “That means you’re seriously not my type,” to which Shindong retorts, “You’re definitely not my type either.”

But once they start to hang out, the two show off some great chemistry as a pair. Shindong appears to be surprised himself as he says, “I’m not supposed to have these feelings, but it feels like we’re a newlywed couple.” Choi Yeo Jin also admits that she thinks Shindong would make a good husband.

In another chance, Choi Yeo Jin was a cast in drama ‘Emergency Couple’ alongside Choi Jin Hyuk. It was revealed that Choi Yeo jin asked Choi Jin Hyuk out. A senior actress Park Joon Geum shared a story about an exchange that she witnessed between actors Choi Jin Hyuk and Choi Yeo Jin at the time of filming for the drama ‘Emergency Couple’. She revealed, “Choi Jin Hyuk was asked out by Choi Yeo Jin at the time they worked together on ‘Emergency Couple.’”

The senior actress continued to explain, “Choi Jin Hyuk is honestly a pure young man. Choi Yeo Jin hit on him many times while filming ‘Emergency Couple,’ but Jin Hyuk wasn’t able to accept it because he is so shy.” Of course it is not a serious ask and Yeo Jin only want to tease Jin Hyuk. But if there’s any chance for Jin hyuk and Yeo jin to be dating, will you ship them?

Choi Yeo Jin’s Predebut

Choi Yeo-jin’s face and body has changed since her predebut. It is shown by her predebut pictures while she was living in Canada back then. But do you think she had done surgery with her face? Or does it come naturally? Scroll down to see her comparison pictures between her predebut and current pictures.


She revealed her photo from couple years ago. The photo was posted on September 27th with the title, “Choi Yeo Jin in 2001”. Choi Yeo Jin, who is currently 34, made her debut back in 2001 through a super model contest, with striking facial features that have definitely evolved since. In the photo, her height was recorded as 176 cm (about 5 feet, 9 inches), however her online profiles reveal 172 cm (5 feet, 7 inches). After viewing the photo, netizens responded with, “She looks great now, much different from the past“, and, “Time really flies!

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The winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars: Season 2’

Her acting and modelling skill is undoubtedly amazing, but do you know Choi Yeo-jin has a huge interest in dancing?

Choi and her dancing partner, professional dancer Park Ji-woo (32) joined MBC’s reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars: Season 2’ in April 2012. Choi performed various dances, including the waltz, rumba and jive on the show. She competed with other 11 contestants including Kim Hyoyeon, member and main dancer of girl group SNSD.

In an interview, Choi stated, “I’ve been practicing 10 hours a day for the final. I even postponed shooting a TV drama to focus on this,” she said. “I learned ballet when I was young, and I dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But after my parents divorced, we emigrated to Canada when I was in the first year of middle school. Then we went through some financial difficulties and I had to give up my dream. Now I’m just really happy to be on the stage.”

Viewers like my dancing more than my acting,” she said. “I was kind of frustrated as an actress because I always played the same kind of characters and ended up projecting stereotypes, which could bore viewers. But now I’m much happier because I can turn into a glamorous dancer every time I get on stage.”


Struggling with ao much practicing, sometimes she felt pain and hurt in certain body parts. She also got injured during the filming of the dance shows — a ruptured muscle in her lower back and a torn ligament in one of her toes. But she never regrets her choice in joining the show. Eventually, she was out as the winner of Dancing with the Stars. Watch one of her outstanding performance below!