Get Closer to Actor Choi Tae-joon: Age, Wife, Dramas, and TV Shows


Choi started his career as a child actor in the drama Piano. His name became more known after he starred in the drama Magic Kid Masuri along with other actors, such as Lee Hong Ki, Oh Seung Yoon, and Yoon Young Ah.

His last acting job as a child actor was the movie Project X. After the last movie, he choose to go on hiatus to focus on his education and because his friends saw him as an “artist,” not as a friend. As he continued his studies, he rediscovered his desire to act again. Many agencies offered him a contract to be an actor, but he rejected them because he wanted to consider being an entertainer and work as an actor and an idol, and he wanted to do this with his own intentions. Finally, in 2011, he came back to the acting industry as a man in his 20’s and starred in the drama Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats.

After his role in the drama Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats, he received the main role in the drama Ugly Alert, and he drew interest after that.

He doesn’t have many good memories about being a child actor. On the show Hello Counselor, he revealed that when he was a child, his parents pushed him into acting, especially his mother. He didn’t want to act, but his mother would give him rewards and continued asking him to act again. He would also stress about his image as a child actor from the drama Magic Kid Masuri rather than as Choi Tae Joon. After his parents found out about his worries, they let him quit acting.

One of his movies, Eclipse, created quite a buzz in Korea. Along with Kim Shi-hoo, they acted as high school students that fell into a crime with their friends. This movie was about Se-joon (played by Choi Tae-joon) and Yoon Jae (played by Kim Shi-hoo) working illegally in the bar. One of their friends, Eun Young (played by Moon Ga-young), knew about their crime, and decided to confront them. Feeling threatened, Se Joon chose to get revenge on Eun Young. Surprisingly, in the movie, he has a bedroom scene with actress Moon Ga-young, which he felt uncomfortable about because Moon is younger than him. Choi also revealed that Eclipse has a message for the audience.

When I read this scenario, it became realistic to deal with the tragic events that occurred because of the immaturity of the underage high school students.” He also added, “It would not happened if there was someone’s attention and a little help.”

After appearing on the talk show Hello Counselor twice, he became a permanent MC for a year until he stepped down on September 4, 2017 because of his schedule. His appearance in the show give him a rookie award on the KBS Entertainment Awards 2016. He also had a fake marriage with Bomi A-Pink in the show We Got Married for 7 months.


He appeared not only in the dramas and movies, but also appeared in two music videos as well. One of them is for a girl band Urban Zakapa titled When We Were Two. In the music video, he acts as Lee Sung Kyung’s lover.


Personal Life

Choi has many close friends from the entertainment industry, such as, Zico (Block B), Jonghyun (CN Blue), Chanyeol (EXO), and Shin Kang Woo. He is more close with Zico, though. They even appeared together in the show Celebrity Bromance.

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In the show Happy Together, Zico revealed that Choi’s ex-girlfriend is a girl that is now famous. After this aired, netizen speculated that his ex is Seolhyun from AOA because they even shot a BUCKAROO CF together. Choi’s side, however, didn’t respond to this rumor. Before this news broke out, he revealed his unique ideal type on the show Radio Star.

When I see a woman, I look at her feet first.” He said. “I do not like woman with big feet.

Apparently, in March 2018, Choi reportedly had a girlfriend, Park Shin-hye, who is a famous actress in Korea. Their relationship became known to the public after Dispatch released their photos in the early part of the year. They’ve been dating since late 2017, and both companies have confirmed this news. Before reported dating, they had been friends because they both studied the same major at university. In 2017, they were also reported to be dating, yet both companies didn’t confirm this and said that they were only close friends. Based on the photo from dispatch, they are either dating with friends or dating quietly in Park’s home.

Well, it’s nice to see them dating. Hopefully their relationship will last a long time!