Choi Sung-kook’s Profile and Acting Career in Movies and Drama

choi sung kook profile

The Popular South Korean Comedian Actor and Sticker Stardom in China!

Choi Sung-kook is a South Korean actor who famous for his comedian signature in his acting. He started acting at a young age and has constantly contributed to the entertainment industry in South Korea and China.

Choi Sung-kook is definitely a professional actor that you need to know more about. He is also known as sticker stardom in China since 2016, while many stickers for social media or online website using his face to express their mood. Such a cool thing!

Choi Sung-kook’s Full Profile

choi sung kook profile

Name: Choi Sung Guk (Hangeul: 최성국)

Alias name: Choi Sung Kook; Choi Sung Gook; Choi Seong Guk; Choe Seong Guk

Nationality: South Korean

Gender: Male

Born: December 2, 1970

Choi Sung-kook’s Fun Facts

choi sung kook profile

– Choi Sung-kook studied drama at Seoul University of the Arts in the 1990s.

– Choi Sung-kook begun his career in 1995

– Choi developed an interest in acting from a young age.

– Choi Sung-kook is an introvert and revealed he is not funny at all in front of strangers.

– Choi Sung-kook’s ideal type is feminine and beautiful.

Choi Sung-kook in Movies

choi sung kook profile

He played in various movies where most have a comedy signature. Here’s some of the hits movie that he takes a role in!

Choi Sung-kook in ‘Wrestling’

choi sung kook profile

Choi Sung-kook acted as Hae-Joo, who is an erotic art professor in the movie Wrestling in 2014. Somehow, he started having a relationship with his student, a brunette bombshell named Kang Shin Hye.

This Erotic Comedy was such a popular movie in 2014 and made Choi Sung-kook a skillful comedian.

Choi Sung-kook in ‘Oh! My God: Returns’

choi sung kook profile

Choi Sung-kook is also played in Oh! My God: Returns in 2017. He played as Sang-Hoon, the main role of this movie. This movie is about Sang-Hoon and his wife own a boarding house but couldn’t gather the money from the tenants. The situation of the movie was in 1997 during the crisis that shows how the couple confronts bankruptcy and a loan shark.

Choi Sung-kook in ‘Oh! My God 2’

choi sung kook profile

In the movie Oh! My God 2, Choi Sung-kook acted as Lim Jung-Hwan. As the main role, his acting couldn’t underestimate in this movie.

Oh! My God 2 is a movie about Jung-Hwan, who is the son of a taxi company. The wealth from his parents making him uncontrolled on lifestyle. He spent money carelessly, and his mother making him learned a lesson. Jung-Hwan needs to pay card debt by driving a taxi and lead him to meet a unique passenger, Eun-Ji.

Again, his acting is undeniably funny and easy to watch along with family. Worth try!

Choi Sung-kook in Drama

choi sung kook profile

Choi Sung-kook is also played in various dramas since 1995, mostly become a supporting role. His latest drama was Best Chicken in 2019. Check his acting in drama below!

Choi Sung-kook in ‘Best Chicken’ (2019)

choi sung kook profile

Choi Sung-kook as Seo Gong-Chul, who is Seo Bo-ah’s father. As a supporting role, he also plays an important storyline. Bo-ah (played by Kim So-hye) is the main cast on this drama that wants to become a webtoon writer but struggling to make it comes true. Then, she worked in the bathhouse of her grandfather yet meet Choi-Go, who eager to rent the bathhouse to become his new chicken restaurant.

Watching this drama is also mouth-watering, and their actions towards each other are also fascinated. Choi Sung-kook has really captured the long career of a professional actor.

Choi Sung-kook Achievement in Acting

choi sung kook profile

Choi Sung-kook has received various notable achievements along with his acting career. In 2002, Choi Sung-kook got Excellence Award as an actor in a sitcom from SBS Entertainment Awards after his work in Dae Bak Family.

Later in 2016, he was also got Entertainment Scene Stealer Award from SBS Entertainment Awards. Choi Sung-kook brought this award after his acting in Flaming Youth.

choi sung kook profile

More than that, Choi Sung-kook had also nominated for the Best Couple Award on SBS Entertainment Awards for his work Flaming Youth in 2017.

The most unusual thing yet cool, he got to be famous with sudden sticker stardom in China. Since 2016, he spread his wings to China and getting hits for his acting. People in China get a laugh at his facial expression and made them into stickers to chat messenger.

choi sung kook profile

That’s all about Choi Sung-kook’s career journey in acting through movies and dramas. Keep supporting and send positive messages to him. What do you think about Choi Sung-kook’s acting? Give your comment and share this on Twitter if you like it!