Actor Choi Sung-jae: Profile, Drama, and Appearance in ‘My Wonderful Life’

choi sung-jae profile

The Handsome and Attractive South Korean Actor You Should Check!

Choi Sung-jae is a South Korean actor who is acted in various dramas from time to time. In 2020, he contributed to the Korean drama My Wonderful Life. Let’s get to know about Choi Sung-jae on this Channel-Korea below! Stay reading!

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Choi Sung-jae’s Full Profile
  • Name: Choi Sung-Jae (Hangeul:최성재)
  • Born: July 18, 1984
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Specialization: Actor and stage actor
  • Birthdate: 1984-Jul-18
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 67kg
  • Family: father/voice actor Choi Byung Sang
  • Talent agency: Pan Stars Company

5 Fun Facts about Choi Sung-jae

– Choi Sung-jae graduated from Dongguk University as a theater major.

– Choi Sung-jae has a relation with Choi Byung Sang, the voice actor.

– Choi Sung-jae’s first drama is Feast of the God.

Choi Sung-jae’s Charismatic Visual

Choi Sung-jae has a handsome quality and also kind vibes. This made him really could fit to be the main casting which has good and profound character.

Look at some of his visuals here!

Smile, bright, handsome. Do you agree?

His face and visual really could enchant people who see him!

His eyes are definitely calm and made him more like a good man. Are you found that too?

Choi Sung-jae in Dramas

Since his debut, Choi Sung-jae has many dramas that he works on since 2012. Here are some of the highlights of the drama that he did!

Choi Sung-jae Played in ‘My Wonderful Life’ (2020)

Choi Sung-jae acted as Jang Si-kyung in the South Korean drama My Wonderful Life. This drama was started on June 29, 2020, on MBC.

My Wonderful Life is about a vegetable seller who works hard and her life while her husband is incompetent and gets an affair with somebody else. She is suddenly learning that she is the daughter of a wealthy family or chaebol.

Choi Sung-jae Played in ‘A Place in the Sun’ (2019)

Drama A Place in the Sun was released June 3 – November 1, 2019, on KBS2. Choi Sung-jae is acted as Choi Kwang-Il. The drama is about Kim Yoo-Wol who is orphan that worked hard to pass the CPA exam. He has a girlfriend name Yoon Si-Wol, and due to circumstances, he changed his name to Oh Tae-yang, and his first name was dead. This leads into the story where he bumped with her girlfriend, who believed that he was dead.

Choi Sung-jae becomes one of the main roles that also contributed to the whole story after all. He is praised that give more improvement on his acting. Never be disappointed!

Choi Sung-jae Played in ‘Liver or Die’ (2019)

The drama Liver or Die is about Poong-Sang, who needs to take care of his 4 younger siblings since their parents could not support them. Choi Sung-jae acted as Kang Yeol-Han. As a supporting role, he played outstanding acting and got nominated for the award.

Liver or Die is released January 9 – March 14, 2019, on KBS2. Worth seeing!

Choi Sung-jae Achievement in Acting Career

During his journey in an acting role in South Korean drama, Choi Sung-jae was ever nominated as Best New Actor after the drama Liver or Die in the 12th Korea Drama Awards 2019. Such cool things!

Choi Sung-jae is also finally debuted in the movie The Outlaws in 2017. This is the first-ever movie he worked on.

Choi Sung-jae’s Relationship in Dramas

In 2020, Choi Sung-jae was actively acting in the drama My Wonderful Life. This drama that was talking about complicated love has been getting the attention of the Korean people. As one of the main roles, a scene where he calls his mother to marry Jin Ye-sol gets hits and reaches the spotlight.

He was acting so much determination, and the character really put out really well. He could portray the relationship matters and feelings during this drama My Wonderful Life.

Look at their relationship here!

His acting in My Wonderful Life to Jin Ye-sol adorable and lovey-dovey scene!

That’s all about Choi Sung-jae acting career, profile, and visual vibes that quite charismatic. Any opinion about his visuals and acting? Don’t forget to give your comments and share your thoughts on Twitter below! Support always Choi Sung-jae on his career and everything.