Couple Goals! Check Out Choi Soo-young and Jung Kyung-ho’s Sweet Moments, Here!

Sooyoung Reveals The Secret of Her Long-term Relationship

We know that it’s rare for a celebrity couple whose relationship is already known by the public to stand long. But that hasn’t been a problem for Sooyoung and Kyung-ho, as they have already been together for six years. In the Girl Cops press conference, Sooyoung revealed her secret to keeping their long-term relationship. She said, “We both have chill personalities, and we don’t do something wrong.”

She added, “Because we work in the same field, there’s a lot of things that we really understanding each other. Kyungho is really a supportive person for my career. He anticipated ‘Girl Cops’ that much. He support me more than he worried about me.”

She also revealed that she used to worry when they first confirmed they were dating because SNSD and Jung Kyung-ho were at the peaks of their careers, but as she’s already 30, she feels more comfortable as she dated in her age and she had lots of support from fans.

Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-ho’s Latest News

On August 15, 2019, at the premiere for SNSD Yoona’s new action movie Exit, Choi Soo-young and Jung Kyung-ho were seen to attend the event and watch the movie together. Choi Soo-young, as Yoona’s bandmate, showed her full support along with her boyfriend. All the Sones (SNSD’s fanbase) must be shocked as they could see their idol Yoona and Soo-young, as well.

Jung Kyung-ho is currently starring in When Devils Call Your Name on TvN, while Choi Soo-young currently starred in the movie Girl Cops.