Couple Goals! Check Out Choi Soo-young and Jung Kyung-ho’s Sweet Moments, Here!

Sooyoung Scolds Jung Kyung-ho For Leaving Too Many Comments During Her IG Live

On December 3, 2018, Choi Soo-young had an Instagram live session for her fans along with her special guest, Seohyun from SNSD. In the broadcast, Sooyoung and Seohyun talked about what they did recently, and what they will do soon.

As the broadcast was going on, a familiar ID popped out giving a lot of comments. It came from @jstar_allallj which was Jung Kyung-ho! He left some funny comments while Sooyoung talked about her upcoming movies and dramas such as, “Is it free?”, “When does your drama air?”, “Does it has a kiss scene?”, “I’m going to the dentist this week, please say ‘be strong!'”, and so on. He also said “let’s drink some water” when Sooyoung coughed during her broadcast.

When the broadcast was coming into end, Jung Kyung-ho said “Can you guys sing and not end the broadcast?”, and finally Sooyoung spoke up to him by cutely scolding, “Please stop commenting!”. They are really a cute couple.

Jung Kyung-ho Reveals His Plan to Marry Sooyoung

In an interview with Ilgan Sports, Jung Kyung-ho revealed his thoughts and feeling towards Sooyoung all this time. He was asked about whether he’d thought about marrying Sooyoung, and his answer was “I don’t have any plans on marriage yet. I know I’ll feel stable after marrying so I do want to marry, but I can’t just do it for myself. I also have to think about my partner. I want to help her begin her career as an actress by being her steppingstone. I don’t want to burden her or disrupt her career with marriage. I want to see Sooyoung working actively. I think we can get married afterward.” 

Months after, at the press conference for Girl Cops, Sooyoung was also asked about her thoughts on her boyfriend at the time and about their plans for marriage. She answered,  “In any case, he’s reliable. He’s a school sunbae, and he’s also a sunbae in terms of acting experience. I feel supported that I have someone who I could comfortably share my thoughts with. A lot of people ask about us getting married. I think it’s because we’re at that age. We don’t have any plans yet.”

Let’s hope we could hear good news from this couple soon!

Supporting Each Other On Movie or Drama Projects

In January, 2018, Jung Kyung-ho received some very special support from his lovely girlfriend, Choi Soo-young. He was starring in TvN’s drama Prison Playbook at the time. In order to cheer up her boyfriend, Soo-young sent a coffee truck to the shooting location. Jung Kyung-ho shared this lovable moment on his personal Instagram account, along with the photo in front of the truck and the caption, “thank you partner (love emoticon)”. The coffee truck’s company confirmed that the truck was sent by Choi Soo-young.