Profile of SNSD’s Choi Soo-young: Age, Height, Drama, House, and TV Shows

SNSD Choi Soo Young House and Car


Among all the eight SNSD members, Sooyoung is known to come from a wealthy household. It is proven in SNSD’s early show as she once showed her family large villa in Gwangju when SNSD, who just debuted at that time, made a visit to play in her house. Sooyoung’s family house has a big garden where the members are able to play badminton, frisbee, or simply the hide and seek. Similar to the outdoor area, Sooyoung’s family house also includes a great hall where SNSD members are able to walk comfortably and look at the scenery.


On the other hand, at the beginning of 2014, Sooyoung was reported to buy a villa or apartment located in Nonhyeondong, Gangnam at Nonhyeon La Folium in December 2013. The building which previously is priced at KRW 3.8 billion or $3.6 million is purchased by Sooyoung for KRW 2.73 billion or $2.6 million. Moreover, Sooyoung’s apartment, which is constructed by Samsung Heavy Industries, previously ranked in the top 10 of the apartment houses’ price list and has the top security system and team with access control, CCTV, moving sensor and infrared sensor with the 24/7 of  the security team assistance who can be contacted immediately whenever a problem occurs


Besides having a house, Sooyoung also owns BMW Mini Cooper as her car. However, after becoming the brand ambassador of Cadillac, Sooyoung was seen riding one of the vehicles whenever she has personal schedules or going to the airport.


SNSD Choi Soo Young Drama, TV Shows, and Movies


Besides singing with SNSD, Sooyoung also has ventured to the field of acting since her early debut days. Starting by only being the cameo and supporting role, Choi Sooyoung has humbly acted on television dramas and movies as the main character. Moreover, SNSD’s Choi Sooyoung also occasionally became the presenter of television shows, be it the casual or the formal ones. Here are the list of Sooyoung’s dramas, films, and television shows that you might want to check out!

2008 – Hello, Schoolgirl (Supporting Role as Jung Da Jung)

2008 – KBS Unstoppable Marriage (Supporting role as Choi Soo Young)

2010 – SBS Oh! My Lady (Cameo on episode 7 as herself)

2011 – SBS Paradise Ranch (Cameo on episode 3 as Miss Soo)

2012 – SBS A Gentleman’s Dignity (Cameo on episode 5 as herself)

2012 – tvN The 3Rd Hospital (Lead Role as Lee Eui Jin)

2012-2014 SBS TV Entertainment Tonight (as Presenter)

2013 – tvN Dating Agency: Cyrano (Lead Role as Gong Min Young)

2014 – MBC My Spring Days (Lead Role as Lee Bom Yi)

2016 – KBS Television Movie Perfect Sense (Lead Role as Jung Ah Yeon)

2016 – OCN 38 Revenue Collection Unit (Lead Role as Cheon Sung Hee)

2017 – JTBC Web Series Someone You Might Know (Lead Role as Lee Ahn)

2017 – tvN Saturday Night Live Korea Season 9 (as Host)

2017 – MBC Weekly Drama Man Who Sets The Table / Man In The Kitchen (Lead Role as Lee Roo Ri)

2018 – Dingo Studio Host Born 1990 Choi Soo-young (as Host)

2018 – Memories of a Dead End (Lead Role as Yumi)

SNSD Choi Soo-young Songs List


Although more known as the variety star in her group, Sooyoung actually has published songs even before her debut with SNSD. It happened when she was a part of project group between South Korea and Japan named Route θ. At that time, Sooyoung was only 12 years old, yet she already sang Japanese songs which made her perhaps as the most experienced SNSD member toward the nature of showbiz industry. Thus, in this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs by SNSD’s Sooyoung that you may want to check out.

2002 – Start (Duet with Marina Takahashi as Route θ)

2002 – Kimi Ni Ae Ta Kara (Duet with Marina Takahashi as Route θ)

2002 – Waku Waku It’s Love  (Duet with Marina Takahashi as Route θ)

2002 – Go Go Happy (Duet with Marina Takahashi as Route θ)

2003 – Painting (Duet with Marina Takahashi as Route θ)

2003 – Onna No Ko Magic (Duet with Marina Takahashi as Route θ)

2005 – I Am (Korean Version) (Original soundtrack of InuYasha)

2008 – Kkok (featuring fellow SNSD member Kwon Yuri for the original soundtrack of SBS drama Working Mom)

2009 – Feeling For You (featuring fellow SNSD member Tiffany Hwang and The Blue for the album The First Memories)

2014 – Wind Flower (the original soundtrack of MBC drama My Spring Days)