Profile of Actor Choi Soo-jong: Age, Wife, Movies, TV Shows and Dramas


Choi made his debut in 1987 with a small role in the youth drama Love Tree, along with other actors Choi Jae Sung and Son Chang Min. Since the 2000s, he has been known as a professional actor in historical dramas playing kings or generals. After working in some youth dramas, his name became more well-known and he was cast in bigger and main roles. When he was filming the drama Dream of The Emperor, he got into and accident and fractured his collarbone and hands. This happened while he was riding a horse which slipped on ice. The horse lost its life immediately, while Choi and the rancher barely survived.

For now, Choi and Ha Hee Ra are active as ambassadors and volunteers in social work.


In 2007, Choi was reported to have fabricated his academic records. He wrote in his biography about his campus life and that he graduated from the International Economics and Law Department at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, but it is not true. People started searching for the truth and it became a witch hunt. After this news broke, his agency stated that Choi passed the exam but didn’t actually enroll because he was too poor. Because of his scandal, other artists such as Kim Tae Hee, Tablo of Epik High, and Song Yoon Ah are being investigated by netizens.


Love Tree (1987)

The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong (1988)

I Love You in Every Corner (1990)

500 Years of Joseon Dynasty (1990)

Seoul Tttukbaegi (1991)

Jealousy (1992)

Sons and Daughters (1992)

Pilot (1993)

Iljimae (1993)

Ambition (1994)

Last Lovers (1994)

The Wind Blows (1995)

The Project (1996)

First Love (1996)

When You Call Me (1997)

Legendary Ambition (1998)

A Person’s House (1999)

A Beautiful Secret (1999)

Did You Ever Love Me? (1999)

Emperor Wang Gun (2000)

Man of The Sun (2002)

Above The Green Fields (2003)

The War of Roses (2004)

Emperor of The Sea (2004)

Dae Jo Yeong (2006)

The Legend of Patriots/Jeon Woo (2010)

The President (2010)

Dream of The Emperor (2012)

You’re Great, Really! (2013)

Children of Crisis – Narration (2013)

Into The Flames (2014)

Imjinwaeran 1592 (2016)

Drama Specials

For My Son (2011)