Choi Soo-in: Full Profile, Facts, Movies, Etc.

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Get To Know More About South Korean Child Actress; Choi Soo-in

In this article, Channel Korea will introduce readers to a child actress who just made her debut in 2016 in a movie that won several awards for an exciting story and an actor with excellent acting skills. Choi Soo-in makes many people who have watched her appearance in movies curious about the new actress on the big screen.

Without waiting any longer, let’s scroll down and find out in more detail about Choi Soo-in’s full profile and her appearance in movies!

Full Profile Of Choi Soo-in

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Real Name : Choi Soo-in (hangul: 최수인)

Birth : Seoul, South Korea, March 5, 2004

Star Sign : Pisces

Weight : 37 kg

Height : 151 cm

Family Member : Parents and a younger brother

Agency : J Wide Company

Choi Soo-in’s Popular Movies 

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Entertainers in South Korea have many opportunities to become as supporting roles and lead roles in movies. In this profession, anyone who has good acting skills and comes from any background can get the opportunity to play a character if they have basic skills such as acting.

Even though it is not easy to be an actor or actress, this job is very promising because it will have a very good career path if the drama or movie that is released gets a good appreciation or rating after being broadcast.Many people easily recognize actors and actresses in a drama or movie who have impressive acting skills to portray a character.

In the next session, we will examine what roles that actress Choi Soo-in has successfully played in movies!

Choi Soo-in’s In The World of Us

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The World of Us is a South Korean film written and directed by Yoon Ga-Eun and released in 2016. This children’s drama genre film tells the story of a child who is always alone at home on summer holidays named Sun (played by Choi Soo-in). Sun is a good boy. She grew up in a family that could be said to be poor. Her mother worked selling tteokbokki and her father’s job is unknown.

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Her father got drunk a lot and loved alcohol a lot, but at least he wasn’t a bad father who hit children. Sun’s mother is busy but she still has time to pay attention to her children, she always tries to cook them food, take good care of them, ask her children to consult if she feels something is different from them, defend her child if her child is right, and even put Sun in an English tutoring center where Jia also tutoring, so that Sun gets excited again even though they are short of money.

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At school, Sun has no friends. Not because she was shy, but because nobody was interested in her. But she always tried to get close to them, but to no avail. When she met Jia (played by Seol Hye-in), she was very excited and we could see Jia was her first friend. Since then, Jia and Sun became friends. They spend the holidays together. Doing this and that, and Sun is very happy, even just talking on the playground.

hey also did something wrong, like stealing at the shop, because Jia was annoyed by the guy at the shop who wouldn’t let Sun hold his merchandise if they didn’t buy it. Jia ends up stealing colored pencils. Both of them enjoy their days happily. Sun also visited the house of Jia who lives with her grandmother, the house is big. Jia said that her parents work overseas and she also visited them overseas.

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Because of that Sun always tries to make Jia happy and the two enjoy their friendship until one day Jia’s attitude changes to Sun. Jia is ignorant and doesn’t talk much. Sun knows that Jia is in the same tutor place as Bora (played by Lee Seo-yeon) and Sun is upset because Bora will steal her friend again. But Sun still tries to be nice and always approaches Jia, but Jia always stays away from her. Sun actually knows that Jia looks lonely because there is no father and mother beside her, only her grandmother.

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One day when Jia was staying at Sun’s house, Sun told her that her mother’s kimbab was delicious and she wanted her mother to make it for Jia. Mother initially refused and Sun was spoiled begging her mother. Jia woke up at that time and saw the closeness of Sun and her mother, she got envy and since then her attitude has changed towards Sun.

Jia usually doesn’t have a problem when Sun’s mother calls looking for Sun by calling her cellphone, but that day she protested because Sun didn’t have a cellphone and was always bothering her. Jia also ignores her and rarely plays together. Even when the new semester started, Jia became cold to her and became friends with Bora.

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In the end, Sun was alone again when the new semester started and Sun was bullied in his class. Many talk about her in the back and make her look ugly. Especially Bora and her closest friends, they clearly don’t like Sun, for whatever reason, even though Sun is a good child.

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Sun lost her enthusiasm to be friends with Jia, she had enough to approach the girl, even though they fought while talking together, she could still be patient. But one day, Jia wrote on the board about Sun’s father. She told the whole class about Sun’s secret, that her father was an alcoholic.

Sun has been isolated in class since then, she didn’t even concentrate on the exam and answered all the questions wrong. When called by the teacher about the incident, Sun still held back even though everyone refused to apologize to her.

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One day, Sun saw Jia fighting with her mother and father on the phone and again heard from Jia’s grandmother that Jia had been lying about her mother. But Sun said nothing, she didn’t say anything about it and when Sun picked up her drunken father and Jia saw it. The next day Jia wrote on the blackboard about Sun’s father getting drunk and Sun starting to be isolated again. In the end, Sun couldn’t stand it and had a fight with Jia.

In the end, she exploded in class. She has always kept Jia’s secret but Jia ends up revealed it. The two ended up fighting and tearing up in class. Sun said that all this time Jia had lied to her, said her parents worked abroad even though they didn’t, and said she had been abroad when she didn’t, in the past, Jia’s old school also spread the same lies. Sun knew about it from Jia’s grandmother, who often went shopping in their shop.