The Full Story of Choi Si-won’s Dog’s Biting Incident


Didn’t stop there, Si-won also said his apology through his personal Twitter.

Si-won wrote, “This is Choi Si-won. Once again, I bow my head in apology toward the family of the deceased, who must be suffering from the great shock and sorrow of losing a loved one. I feel deeply apologetic after hearing about the situation regarding our family’s dog. I offer my most sincere condolences toward the family of the deceased,” and, “I feel strongly responsible as a member of a family who raises a dog. I am currently deeply reflecting for failing to supervise strictly, which led to carelessness and a shocking event. I will do my duty to make sure such an event does not happen again. I apologize for worrying you. I pray a happy afterlife for the deceased.” 

A week later, the family of the victim shared the photo of the injury caused by Bugsy’s biting.


On the other hand, Si-won’s family had submitted proof to the police that there was no bacillus pyocyaneus in Bugsy’s mouth, as checked by his veterinarian. The bacteria was the kind found in the deceased victim’s blood and saliva and thought to be the cause of death. Not only so, dogs with an abundant amount of the bacteria in their mouths are easily identifiable because of the smell and color of the dog’s mouth caused by the bacteria, and there were studies made that only about 6% of the bacteria in a dog’s mouth is bacillus pyocyaneus.

However, the victim’s family is not so ready to believe the results as the test was not run immediately after the bite but days afterward, and Bugsy’s mouth could have easily been cleaned by either the family or the veterinarian. Also, the bacteria found in the victim’s body is not the type of bacteria usually found in victims of septicemia from hospitals. The bacillus pyocyaneus found in hospitals usually have high resistance to antibacterial medicine, but the kind found in the victim was shown to have very low resistance.

In addition, the victim was cremated without an autopsy as per the police’s suggestions. The family was originally not going to drag the situation, and because the police had told them an autopsy would mean rough handling of the body, they decided not to have one.

The victim’s family added that they heard Bugsy had been sent away and was no longer living with the Choi family.

Deep condolences to the family who had been left. What do you think about this issue? Share your thoughts below!