The Full Story of Choi Si-won’s Dog’s Biting Incident


Story of Si-won’s Dog’s Biting Incident

Super Junior’s member Choi Si-won must face an issue regarding his dog which bit a middle-aged woman in October 2017. The bite of his dog caused Mrs. Kim, a businesswoman, to die afterward. Because of this issue, Si-won must be dropped out from his current drama Revolutionary Love in which he played a lead role at that time.


In October 2017, there was a report stating that a 53-year-old businesswoman named Kim, who ran the upscale Korean cuisine restaurant Hanilkwan, died of sepsis on Oct. 6, 2017, after getting bitten by a French bulldog owned by Chois at an apartment in Apgujeong-dong, southern Seoul, on Sept. 30. The dog was not on a leash. Both Choi and Choi’s father apologized to the bereaved family who lives in the same apartment complex with the Chois on social media on Saturday.

Although a family member of the deceased told media that they’ve forgiven the Choi family and don’t plan to take any legal action, the public is still berating them for not being cautious with their dog.

Si-won, on behalf of his dog, apologized to the family of Mrs. Kim who was bitten by a dog inside her apartment complex and died 4 days later due to sepsis, which caused a stir within Korean media. On October 21, Si-won’s younger sister shared a lengthy post on her Instagram. The letter of apology was from Si-won’s father Choi Ki-ho.

Before the incident happened, the dog was untied and out on a walk with Choi’s father when it attacked Kim, a neighbor.

“I lower my head and apologize to the bereaved family… and convey my deep condolences,” Choi wrote on his Instagram account. “As a member of the family raising the dog, I feel greatly responsible”, said the 31-year-old Choi.

But, his belated apology sparked online attacks saying that his apology was not sincere.


In the face of the criticism, Si-won removed photographs of himself cuddling the dog, named Buxy, from his Instagram account.

Si-won’s father first offered his deep condolences toward the family of the deceased Mrs. Kim, and said, “It is true that the deceased neighbor suffered a bite from our family dog, while our door was slightly ajar for a brief moment, and that she died as a result of sepsis. However, we heard after inquiring that additional causes such as secondary infection or a problem caused during the treatment process cannot be ruled out at this point, and so it is difficult to pinpoint the direct cause of death.”

According to Si-won’s father, their family personally visited Mrs. Kim’s family and bowed their heads in apology. Further, he stated, “We are worried that the spread of untruthful or speculative content may further hurt Mrs. Kim’s family, who are mourning silently. We ask that this matter does not escalate any further. Also, we will secure our dog firmly so that such an event does not happen again.”