Actress Choi Ri: Profile, Dramas and Movies, Boyfriend, Appearance in ‘Goblin’, Etc.

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Meet the Beautiful Actress Choi Ri from “My First First Love”

You probably will agree with me if Korean drama lovers say that Korean actors and actresses are both gorgeous. Not only the main actors and actresses but also the supporting actors and actresses. You might have experienced at least once where you found the supporting actress is so beautiful that you wonder who she is.

If you ever wondered who the pretty girl paired with Kang Tae-oh in “My First First Love” and succeeds to makes us all viewers feel lovey-dovey with their cute moments, well, now you will get the answer.

The actress that we’re going to talk about in this article is Choi Ri.

Not only that she appeared on “My First First Love,” the Korean drama that was aired on Netflix, she also appeared in some other popular Korean dramas such as “Goblin,” “Welcome to Waikiki,” “Come and Hug Me,” and even “Birth Care Center” that was aired in 2020.

If you’re curious about who Choi Ri is and want to get to know her better, you’re on the right track! Just scroll down to find out more about Choi Ri!

Choi Ri’s Full Profile

choi ri

Full Name: Choi Ri

Stage name: Choi Ri

Name: Ri

Hangul name: 최리

Birthdate: June 29, 1995

Birthplace: Geochang County, South Korea

Education: Chung-Ang University, majored in Dance

Agency: UL Entertainment

Year debut: 2016

Zodiac: Cancer

Height: 164 cm

Instagram: @choicherry_


  • 53rd Grand Bell Awards – New Rising Awards;
  • 38th Golden Cinema Film Festival – Best New Actress

Choi Ri’s Background

choi ri

Choi Ri was born and raised on June 29, 1995, in Geochang County, Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. She might have been born outside Seoul, but her college was located in Seoul.

Before debuting as an actress, Choi Ri attended Chung-Ang University and majored in the Dance department there. Choi Ri first participated in the modeling field before made her official debut as an actress in a movie called “Spirits’ Homecoming” in 2016. In her debut movie, she is portrayed as Eun-Kyung.

Not only that, but she also appeared in late 2016 in a popular drama called “Goblin,” the one that has Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun as the main actors.

Choi Ri also appeared in a drama called “Blow Breeze” in the same year, 2016. She became the young version of Kim Soon-ok.

Later on, Choi Ri’s popularity started to gain little by little. She appeared in one or two dramas at least each year. At her young age, she managed to prove her acting skill even in a supporting role.

Choi Ri’s Popular Dramas

Choi Ri in “Goblin”

Choi Ri’s first drama was when she became a supporting role in the popular drama “Goblin.” She is portrayed as Kyung Mi, the evil cousin of Ji Eun-tak, who Kim Go-eun portrays.

Choi Ri nailed the antagonist character really well. She looks so fierce in that pose!

Even though Choi Ri was so harshed to Ji Eun-tak in the drama, off-screen, she respected and got helped by Kim Go-eun a lot. Especially, Choi Ri was a newcomer back then.

choi ri

It’s good to see how sweet their relationship outside the camera. While on-screen, Kyung Mi and her parents were so cruel to Ji Eun-tak.

Choi Ri in “Come and Hug Me”

jang kiyoung

In 2017, Choi Ri appeared in “Come and Hug Me,” portraying the adult version of Chae So-jin, the little sister of Chae Do-jin.

Chae Do-jin or Nam-woo is the protagonist that Jang Ki-young is portraying. They came from a family where the father is a psychopath and a serial killer. Chae So-jin was the little sister who was taken care of by Do-jin a lot. Do-jin also her favorite brother.

Choi Ri’s acting skill improved while she was portrayed as Chae So-jin, who is quite different from her character’s personality in “Goblin.”

Choi Ri in “Witch at Court”

In 2017, Choi Ri appeared in one of the dramas called “Witch at Court.” The story was about a female prosecutor that is so ambitious towards her cases. Choi Ri is portrayed as Seo Yoo-ri, one of the Department of Women’s Crime staff.

In this drama, Choi Ri acted together with Jung Ryeo-won and Yoon Hyun-min as the main actor and actress.

Choi Ri and Kang Tae-oh in ‘My First First Love’

One of the first Korean dramas on Netflix, “My First First Love,” has become the drama that made Choi Ri’s name getting bigger. It was because of her role as Ga-rin.

Ga-rin is one of the friends of Tae-oh, the main character portrayed by Ji Soo, who live together in Tae-oh’s house with the other friends. Ga-rin then met Hoon, that later on becoming her love interest and partner.

Both of their characters came from wealthy families and ran away to Tae-oh’s house to have freedom.

Let’s take a look at how cute and lovely Choi Ri and Kang Tae-oh’s chemistry in “My First First Love”!

choi ri kang tae oh
choi ri kang taeoh
choi ri kang taeoh
choi ri kang taeoh

Young Mom Choi Ri’s Fashion Style at ‘Birthcare Center’

birth care center

The next drama of Choi Ri that we’re going to talk about is “Birth Care Center.” This drama was a bit different from other dramas. Because in this drama, you will learn a lot about being a mother and how hard pregnancy is.

Choi Ri acted as a young mom in “Birth Care Center” that was aired in 2020. She is portrayed as Lee Roo-da.

Even though Lee Roo-da is a single mom, she has an eccentric style and young spirit.

choi ri

In an interview with News 1, Choi Ri said that she was glad that she could portray Lee Roo-da well.

Choi Ri was also glad that she received heartwarming comments from viewers, especially Lee Roo-da is the character that everyone has been waiting for because she is not like another stereotype of the traditional mother.

As a single mom, Lee Roo-da shows us that she can be strong without following what society told her to do.

Let’s take a look at Choi Ri’s fashion style as Lee Roo-da!

choi ri
choi ri lee rooda
choi ri lee rooda

Choi Ri’s Popular Movies

Choi Ri in “Spirit’s Homecoming”

choi ri

“Spirit’s Homecoming” movie was set in Japanese colonial in 1943. Choi Ri is portrayed as Eun-kyung. Along with Jung-min and Young-hee, Eun-kyung was being dragged into following the soldiers by loaded into a train. They become the “comfort woman” to serve the soldiers.

Choi Ri’s acting in her first movie was so excellent. She received New Raising Award in Daejong Film Award in 2016. Good job, Choi Ri!

Choi Ri in “Keys to the Heart”

key to the heart choi ri

“Keys to the Heart” is a movie about two brothers that have a different path. One is a boxer. The other was born with a physical disability but a genius in music, specifically in piano.

Choi Ri is portrayed as Soo-jung. She is the daughter of the landlord of the brothers’ house.

Choi Ri’s Lifestyle: Boyfriend and Social Media

choi ri

After seeing Choi Ri’s works in some of her dramas and movies, let’s take a look at her lifestyle in real life.

As an actress, Choi Ri likes to share what she’s been up to with her fans. From behind the scenes of dramas that she has been working on to the places that she went for a holiday or even some gifts from fans. And most importantly, her beautiful faces!

You might also follow Choi Ri’s Instagram by clicking the follow button after going to the @choicherry_‘s page on Instagram!

According to her social media, Choi Ri is not the type of person who shares her love life with the public. Choi Ri never seemed to post anything about her boyfriend. Nor was any news revealed about her having a boyfriend.

It could be because Choi Ri wanted to focus on her career and not to be in a romantic relationship first, or it could be because she just wants to respect her partner’s privacy.

Whatever it is, Choi Ri is such a great actress. Let’s continue to support her without minding her personal life!

Well, that was all you need to know about the lovely actress Choi Ri. She is indeed so lovable! She was so talented even though her role in dramas was only a supporting role. Let’s hope that one day she will be part of the main roles in a drama.

What type of role that you want Choi Ri to portray? Which actor that you want her to be paired with? Let’s share your thoughts in the comment section!