Actress and Scriptwriter “Choi Ran”: Profile, List of TV Shows and Dramas

Choi Ran is a South Korean actress. She debuted in 1979, and is counted as a veteran actor. She is famous for her role in the drama Sassy Girl, Chun-Hyang. Not only a talented  actress, she is also known for her contribution to education, and her relationship with her husband. Here’s Choi’s profile to get to know her better!


Name: Choi Ran

Date of Birth: November 30, 1960

Blood Type: O

Education: Theater and Film, Chung-Ang University and Graduate School of Journalism Chung-Ang University



Movie List

The Humanist – Special Appearance (2001)

Even If I Hate 2002 Again (2002)

Run 2 U (2002)

Dead Friend – Cameo (2004)

Lovely Rivals (2004)

Shinsukki Blues – Cameo (2004)


Drama List

Independence Gate (1984)

A Tree Blooming With Love (1987-1991)

Keep Your Voice Down (1991-1994)

General Hospital (1994-1996)

The Season of Blossoming Love (1996)

Doctor Brothers (1997)

Heo Jun (1999)

Mr. Duke (2000)

Tomorrow Is Fine (2000)

Sangdo (2001)

Suhee Jinhee (2001)

Love is Like This (2001-200

Into The Sun (2003)

All In (2003)

Pearl Necklace (2003)

A Second Proposal (2004)

Sassy Girl, Chun-Hyang (2005)

Sad Love Story (2005)

A Farewell to Story (2005)

My Girl (2005)

101st Proposal Drama (2006)

Air City (2007)

Radish Kimchi (2007)

Looking For Son (2007)

Hong Gil Dong (2008)

Mighty Chil-Woo (2008)

Swallow The Sun (2009)

Don’t Hesitate (2009)

You’re Beautiful (2009)

Dong Yi (2010)

Don’t Know Her (2010)

Gyebaek (2011)

The Daughters of Club Bilitis – Drama Special (2011)

Poseidon (2011)

Glory Jane (2011)

Big (2012)

Reckless Family (2012)

Reckless Family Season 2 (2012)

A Woman’s Secret Drama (2016)