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The Nation’s Singer-Songwriter Boyfriend, Choi Nakta

In recent years, there has been a trend that is slowly growing in the K-Pop scene, a rise of indie and acoustic artists that are slowly taking over the charts. From mini-albums and single releases to collaborations and OSTs, these acts are at their prime with young adults in their 20s and early 30s streaming their music for hours and hours. They are the artists you can listen to in coffee shops and overhear on the streets. Among them is the up and coming acoustic singer-songwriter, Choi Nakta.
Known as the “Ear Candy Boyfriend,” Choi Nakta has slowly taken over the charts but also the hearts of many young women all over Korea. Starting with his debut, with the hit single “Frozen,” in 2013, he has slowly made his way to being featured in OSTs, getting gigs at popular local festivals and also starring in an upcoming reality show. His smooth voice and charming visuals are just one side of the artist. Ready to get to know him better? Let’s take a look at Korean indie singer, Choi Nakta’s profile!

Choi Nakta’s Profile

Name Choi Jung-hoon (최정호)
Date of Birth
February 9th, 1990 (age 29 years)
Academic Background
Guitar Major in Donga University of Arts and Music Instrumentals
Entertainment Agency TABLE SOUND
Debut Single “Frozen” in 2013


Choi Nakta started off his career in 2013, with his debut single, “Frozen.” His unique name and smooth voice put him on the map, as Nakta means “Camel” in Korean. Supposedly, he adapted his name from the nickname he got during his time in high school, which refers to his way of speaking, which is slow and reminds his friends of a camel. One of the characteristics of his music is the acoustic element that is present in all of his songs, through the instrument of an acoustic guitar.

He started playing the instrument in the 8th grade and attended lessons to improve his skills professionally when he reached the 10th grade. Due to the fact that he has no other passions aside from playing the guitar, he also decided to major in guitar when he entered university. After releasing his first single, he started busking around Hongdae and performing not only original songs but also covers. Once, during his busking session, a public relations representative from a coffee brand offered to have his music featured in one of the ads they are shooting, establishing Choi Nakta as a rising star in the industry.

When writing his music, Choi Nakta has revealed in an interview, the process doesn’t really involve him thinking too much about how people will react to his music and whether or not it is suited for the masses. The way he describes it is that his music is just that, music. It is not spectacularly special and what he is trying to do is always stay somewhere in between his personal boundaries. Through it, he tells a lot of his own personal experiences and feelings rather than some expounded concepts and trending themes. It is not all according to the facts though, he has mentioned also that there’s a lot of imagination that goes into, yet it is based on reality and his own surroundings.

As his songs also revolve mainly around the topic of love and relationships, in the same interview, he mentioned that previously he was only interested in dating older women or women the same age as him. Recently though, he has also started dating women who are younger than him. As far as age difference goes, he has dated someone who is 7 years his senior and through it has made some exceptional experiences that goes into some of his songs. It is also used as an outlet for him as he is not the type that can easily confess to someone.

In response to the warm reception he has been getting despite the not-so-sweet dating experiences he shares through his songs, he hopes that people will not shy away from their feelings and try to express them the best they can, as he has tried to do in all of his works. Hopefully, the fans will be able to empathize with the songs he has made and continue to support his work in the future.

Choi Nakta’s Discography

Choi Nakta has released quite a few works since he debuted in 2013, ranging from singles and EPs to even original soundtracks for high profile dramas. Check out some of the works he has released throughout his career below!

Year Title
2013 Frozen (얼음땡)
2015 나빠나빠 EP
2016 사랑은 아무리 해도 어려워
2016 으으
2016 Hide and Seek (숨바꼬질)
2017 Piece, One (조각, 하나) EP
2017 Couple on the Backtrack OST ‘Confession (고백)’
2018 4LOVE 2nd EP
2018 시를 잊은 그대에게 OST ‘You’re Really Pretty (너 정말 예쁘다)’
2018 Piece, Two (조각, 둘) EP

Music Videos

Accompanying some of the singles and promoted tracks from his EPs are music videos. Most of them, coincidentally, feature himself and a short storyline that compliments the message of the song. Check out some of his music videos below!


One of Choi Nakta’s most recent releases, part of his most recent EP Piece, Two, is the single “Love Professor.” The song, interestingly enough, featured WJSN’s leader and main rapper, Exy, who is known to have an outstanding skill in rapping. Check out the music video below!

The song tells the story of a man who is something of a professional in terms of dating after having gone through the process of repeating the same pattern multiple times. Exy’s part in the song tells the other side of the story, through a women’s perspective, and the tips they usually use to get through a relationship. The song has been very well received and has gotten quite the nice response by both Choi Nakta’s fans and WJSN’s fans.