Learn More About Korean Indie Singer Nakta Choi!

Choi Nakta’s Family

An interesting fact that not a lot of people know about Choi Nakta is that his father is a congressman, which puts a lot of pressure on him as an artist. In one of the interviews he has done as part of his promotions, he revealed the struggles he has faced with the title “Congressmen’s Son” and how he deals with that. It seems that his choice to become a singer has put a little bit of a strain on their relationship, but it is definitely not something he wants to be defined by. His father does show his support for Choi Nakta’s music, but Choi Nakta has clarified that his father being a congressman has nothing to do with his music and the inspiration behind it. It is also part of the reason why he chose to use a stage name rather than promoting with his given name.

When he first started out, his father thought that his singing abilities are about the same as an amateur singer’s, alluding that his career choice might not lead to anything significant. Choi Nakta being his son also didn’t help in terms of how others view as he is seen as someone born with a golden spoon in their mouth. He clarifies though, in all of his time as a singer, the only thing that his parents have helped him with is buying him his first ever guitar that cost $300 when he was still in middle school. Not only that, but he also revealed that he paid for guitar lessons himself, using the money he earned by working part-time. Even then, he ended up selling that guitar afterward and giving back the money to his mother, thus refuting those rumors of him being fed with a golden spoon.

Choi Nakta also dished a little bit about how it was like growing up with parents in the spotlight. He revealed that growing up, his parents were always busy so he often ate with other people, even strangers. It was uncomfortable for him at first, but as time passes by, it taught him how to connect and converse with people he is unfamiliar with.

Choi Nakta’s Instagram

Choi Nakta shares quite a lot of his personal life through his Instagram account, from his selfies and important milestones, to behind the scenes look of his work and upcoming gigs. Not only that, but if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse or two of his beautiful voice singing a cover. So let’s take a look at Choi Nakta’s Instagram posts!

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18일에 그린플러그드에서 봐요!

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Latest News of Choi Nakta

Recently, there has been no news about Choi Nakta’s scheduled comeback as he is mostly busy performing and appearing at upcoming festivals that are sure to keep the summer very interesting. Although, it has been reported that he will be appearing in the tvN romance reality program titled Studio. The show is set to air in May of this year and features other indie artists, such as South Club’s Nam Tae-hyun, Stella Jang, Jang Jane, Deep Shower, and more. This show aims to depict a different side of young indie artists, their process in making music, but also highlight the relationship aspect of each and every one of them.

The ten young musicians set to appear are going to be showcasing their daily lives as they work with different partners in order to create a song. Through the process, they will not only able to perform a new, refreshing stage but also possibly find a prospective romantic partner that will last well after the show. Imagine a mash-up of your favorite dating show in the setting of the Korean indie music industry. We look forward to seeing Choi Nakta’s work and prospective romance in the show.

So what do you think about Choi Nakta? Do you think he really is an “Ear Candy Boyfriend?” What do you think of his music? Do you think 2019 will be his year? Comment your thoughts and opinions in the section below!