Choi Moo-sung: Profile, Dramas and Movies, Acting in ‘Reply 1988’ and ‘Stranger 2’, Etc.

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Meet the Charismatic Korean Actor, Choi Moo-sung

Are you a Korean drama fan? Have you seen at least one or two supporting actors or actresses around one drama to another? It’s like, you’ve seen them everywhere, and it caught your attention eventually.

Thankfully, in this article, we’re going to talk about that one actor that has been acted in a lot of Korean dramas. Not just ordinary dramas, but also some of the dramas that he played in are popular. And most importantly, you might have watched him too.

The actor that we’re going to talk about in this article is Choi Moo-sung.

If you heard that name, you may, or you may not, know him. But if you see his face, I bet you noticed him in some of the dramas you watched.

Let’s just see more of Choi Moo-sung while get to know him better through this article. Scroll down to find out more!

Choi Moo-sung’s Full Profile

choi moosung profile

Let’s see the full profile of Choi Moo-sung!

Name: Moo-sung

Full name: Choi Moo-sung

Hangul / Korean name: 최명수

Birth name: Choi Myeong-su / Choi Myung-soo

Birthdate: January 12, 1968

International Age: 53 years old

Korean Age: 54 years old

Birthplace: South Korea

Education: Tokyo Visual Arts

Agency: BK Entertainment

Debut: 2002

Instagram: @choi_mu_sung

Height: 1.82 m

Zodiac: Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac: Monkey year


Choi Moo-sung Background Story

choi moo-sung

Choi Moo-sung was born with a name called Choi Myung-soo, or can be written as Choi Myeong-su. However, he changed his stage name to Choi Moo-sung and became known for that name.

Unlike any other celebrities, Choi Moo-sung started his career in the entertainment industry when he was 34 years old, or 35 years old in Korean age. He graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts.

In 2002, Choi Moo-sung started his acting journey by becoming the supporting actor in a movie called “Birth of a Man” as Jang Soo-hye.

However, the next project for the newcomer Choi Moo-sung back then didn’t come as fast as we probably predicted. Choi Moo-sung appeared in a new movie called “Tale of a Cinema” exactly three years after “Birth of a Man” was released. In 2005, Choi Moo-sung continued to participate as a supporting character.

choi moo-sung

And it seems like things are getting better knowing that Choi Moo-sung got another movie project later on in the next year.

Not only in a movie, but he also started to appear on the small screen starting in 2011 where he became the supporting role of “The Princess’s Man”, the drama that has Park Shi-hoo and Moon Chae-won as the main actors.

And just like that, Choi Moo-sung’s name started to get bigger as he appeared in a lot of popular movies or dramas. As the main actor or a supporting actor, his acting skills show us that any role he portrayed is important.

Choi Moo-sung’s Appearance in Popular Dramas

choi moosung profile

As we can see, Choi Moo-sung’s journey wasn’t that easy. But thankfully, Choi Moo-sung was able to prove himself that he’s worthy and his acting skill is brilliant.

Let’s see some of the popular dramas that Choi Moo-sung starred in. Pst, some of them probably are the dramas that you have watched before!

Choi Moo-sung in Stranger 2

stranger 2 choi moo-sung

The popular drama Stranger that being aired on tvN was a success with a quite high rating—the story of a prosecutor with no emotion and cold towards others who have to solve murderer cases. The main characters portrayed by Cho Seung-woo and Bae Doo-na.

The drama was so popular that they had their season two, Stranger 2, which aired in 2020.

Choi Moo-sung didn’t appear in the first season, but he played a major role in the second season. Choi Moo-sung starred as Woo Tae-ha, the elite prosecutor who wants to be involved and has full authority for the investigations.

choi moosung

The story started to conflict when the police and the prosecutors were teamed up to investigate the cases, even though the two are always on the opposite side.

Choi Moo-sung in Mr. Sunshine

choi moo-sung

If you’re interested in a Joseon drama, you might as well like Mr. Sunshine. The story tells us about a Korean man who escaped to the States and returned to his home country after the United States military expedition to Korea.

The main character, Eugene Choi, was portrayed by Lee Byung-hun.

Choi Moo-sung is portrayed as the gunner Jang Seung-goo.

He looks like a good guy if you see the picture down here.

choi moo-sung

If you’re curious about what kind of character Choi Moo-sung played, Jang Seung-goo, don’t miss the chance to watch Mr. Sunshine, where you can see the United States military expedition to Korea.

The rating for this drama is also beyond good. Even for a drama that is being aired on TV cable, the average rating was more than 10% per episode.

Choi Moo-sung really did a great job in this drama!

Choi Moo-sung in Prison Playbook

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Just by seeing the title, we already know that Prison Playbook is a drama that tells a story about someone’s life in prison because it is.

Prison Playbook tells a story about prisoners and the staff working in prison. Sometimes we only see prisoners, and even the police officers that guarded them are so scary. But watching the Prison Playbook won’t make you think that way.

Whether they have been there for so long or just arrived, every prisoner has a unique story to tell.

The drama starred Park Hae-soo, Jung Kyoung-ho, Krystal, and many more.

Choi Moo-sung participated in this drama as one of the long-time prisoners, Kim Min-cheol, sentenced for so long.

choi moo-sung

You must be curious about which story that Choi Moo-sung’s character has. You might also watch the drama because Prison Playbook will surely fill your days with laughter with every funny action of the character!

Choi Moo-sung in Reply 1988

choi moo-sung

Do you know the popular drama Reply 1988? Have you watched that masterpiece? Are you team Taek or Jung-hwan? Well, whatever it is, let’s just admit that the drama itself has a heart-warming story. The chemistry between the gang is just too precious to see.

But behind all that, there’s Choi Moo-sung’s character who played Choi Moo-sung. He portrayed the father of Taek.

Taek was raised by his father alone because his mother has passed away since he was so young. As a father, Choi Moo-sung was so supportive towards Taek.

choi moo-sung

Later on, Taek’s father married Sun-woo’s mother, and they became family.

Reply 1988 indeed a drama that has a good story for the romance plot and the family plot. If you haven’t watched it, make sure to watch it soon!