Choi Min-chul: Profile, Drama, and Movie Appearances

choi min chul

Learn More About Actor Choi Min-chul’s Profile and Acting Appearances

Choi Min-chul was famously known as one of the great actors in South Korea. Mostly, he was known for his ‘antagonist’ character in a bunch of his acting appearance. Let’s get to know more about Choi Min-chul and keep on scrolling down!

Choi Min-chul’s Profile

choi min chul

Birth Name: Choi Min-chul (최민철)

Stage Name: Choi Min-chul (최민철)

Date of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea, November 9, 1976

Age: 44 years old

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 181 cm

Blood Type: A

Education: Chung-ang University majored in the Department of Voice Music

Occupation: Actor

Years Active: 2000 – present

Label: PL Entertainment

Instagram: hola_choiminchul

Choi Min-chul’s Drama and Movie Appearances

choi min chul

As one of the great actors, Choi Min-chul has appeared in many television dramas and movies as well. From the supporting role, the main role was amazingly starred by him until the ‘key’ role in dramas. And here are some of Choi Min-chul’s best acting appearances!

Choi Min-chul in God’s Gift – 14 Days: Special

choi min chul

In God’s Gift: 14 Days, Choi Min-cul was played the role of Hwang Kyung-soo. Although his role was a supporting role, his appearance in the drama also gained much recognition from people.

14 days - god's gift

The drama has narrated a story about Kim Soo-hyun who discover a magnificent ability to go back to a certain time, exactly the time when her daughter named Han Saet-byul got kidnapped and murdered. Due to her ability, Kim Soo-hyun was trying to reveal the kidnapping case and save her daughter before getting murdered. Kim Soo-Hyun was also helped by a detective named Ki Dong-chan.

choi min chul
god's gift: 14 days

It turns out, Hwang Kyung-soo was the suspect of Han Saet-byul. Previously, his identity wasn’t discovered, and quite hard to found out. Hwang Kyung-soo also cooperated with certain people to kidnapping Han Saet-byul, and claimed that it was one way to save his family. After all this time, the mysterious man with a tattoo on his wrist was suspected as the kidnapper was finally revealed.

Choi Min-chul in Oh My Ghost

choi min chul

Another Choi Min-chul’s famous appearance was marked through his role as Jo Dong-Chul in Oh My Ghost. It was narrated a story about a girl who worked as a chef assistant named Na Bong-sun in Kang Sun-woo’s restaurant. From her grandmother’s descent, she got the ability to see the ghost, which actually made her really scared every night. Her ability and her low self-esteem also affected her job.

oh my ghost drama
oh my ghost drama

Na Bong-sun kept working as a chef assistant because she had a crush on Kang Sun-woo. One day, Na Bong-sun was possessed by a woman ghost with a flirty personality. Na Bong-sun was transformed from a shy girl into a flirty woman who made Kang Sun-woo falls for her eventually.

oh my ghost
oh my ghost
oh my ghost

Choi Min-chul in Oh My Ghost was played by Jo Dong-chul, who worked as a sous chef in Kang Sun-woo’s restaurant. He and other partners in the kitchen team, such as Choi Ji-woong, Seo Joon, and Heo Min-soo, were always looking excited with their daily activities and had a strong bond. Especially Jo Dong-chul and Choi Ji-woon, even though they often made an argument, they also really care about each other!

Choi Min-chul in Way Back Home

choi min chul

Choi Min-chul also appeared in South Korean amazing movies entitled Way Back Home! Through the movie, he was played the role of Seo Mon-doo. He was Kim Jong-bae’s friend who offered Jung-yeon a job that was later revealed as a dangerous job.

way back home

Way Back Home has narrated the story of Song Jung-yeon, who got separated from her daughter and her husband Kim Jong-bae because she went to jail. Her family was trapped in a situation where they have to pay for a debt. One day, Song Jung-yeon has received an offer from Seo Mon-doo to worked as a package sender. It turns out that the package was smuggled cocaine which made her sent to jail.

Kim Jong-bae was trying to found Seo Mon-doo and made him confessed that the cocaine belonged to him. Finally, he was made a confess which made Jung-yeon’s punishment in jail was diminished.

That was all of the information about Choi Min-chul and his acting appearance! He successfully played various characters with different personalities, but the antagonist role might be recognized even more by people. Let us know your thoughts about Choi Min-chul, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!