Choi Jung-won’s Biography: Profile, Husband, Movies, and Drama List

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The Korean Actress Choi Jung-won

After debuting in the field of cinema in 2001, Choi Jung-won has successfully become a great actress who can be counted on. This is proven by the fact that Choi Jung-won has received notable awards for her acting skill, including the New Star Award on SBS Drama Awards in 2003, Popularity Award and Excellence Award in the category of Actress on KBS Drama Awards in 2006, Hallyu Culture Award on 17th Chunsa Film Art Awards in 2009, and Best Foreign Artist on the 2nd Asian Idol Awards in 2013. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Choi Jung-won. We will look at her full profile, husband, movies, TV shows, drama list, and her latest news in 2018. So, stay tuned!

Choi Jung-won’s Full Profile

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Real Name: Choi Jung-won

Date of Birth: April 24, 1981, in Seoul, South Korea

Age: 38 (Korean age) / 37 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Astrology: –

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Protestant

Weight: 168 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Education: Dongguk University, majoring in Theater and Film, Seocho High School

Siblings: 2 (younger sister food stylist Choi Jung-min and younger brother Choi Sung-jun)

Talent Agency: JC Entertainment

Hobbies: Watching movies and reading

Who Is Choi Jung-won’s Husband?

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At the time this article was written, Choi Jung-won is not known to have married yet. In addition, there is no information regarding the man whom she is supposed to have a relationship with. Thus, we conclude that Choi Jung-won may be a single woman and available to date.

Choi Jung-won’s Movies, TV Shows, Dramas, and Music Videos

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As explained previously, Choi Jung-won is considered a well-acted actress who has starred in many movies and television dramas throughout her career and gained many awards related to her acting. Moreover, Choi Jung-won has participated in television variety shows as well as music videos. Thus, in this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of movies, TV shows, television dramas, and music videos that Choi Jung-won has acted and guested in.

1994 – Han Myung Hoe (as Eom So-yong)

2001-2002 – SBS: Ladies of the Palace (as Chang Bin-an)

2001 – KBS2: Cool (as Choi Mi-hee)

2003 – SBS: All In (as Yoo Jung-ae)

2003 – SBS: Sweetheart / Lovers (as Oh Su-min)

2003 – SBS: Long Live Love (as Lee Ji-sun)

2004 – MBC: Tropical Nights in December / December Fever

2004 – SBS: The Autumn of Major General Hong

2005 – Model in Kim Jang-hoon’s music video “Are You Happy?”

2005 – Model in SeeYa’s music video “Hollyhock”

2006 – Model in SeeYa’s music video “Shoes”

2006 – KBS2: Famous Chill Princesses / The Infamous Chill Sisters (as Na Mi-chil (the younger twin))

2007 – Small Town Rivals (as Nam-ok)

2007 – My Father (as Kong Eun-joon)

2008 – KBS2: The Kingdom of the Winds / The Land of the Wind (as Princess Yeon)

2008 – KBS2: The Great King Sejong

2008 – Life Is Beautiful (as Ji-eun)

2008 – O’live TV: She’s Olive – Choi Jung-won in Melbourne

2009 – Sydney in Love

2009 – O’live TV: Choi Jung-won Goes to Fashion School

2010 – SBS: Stars Falling from the Sky / Pick up the Stars (as Jin Pal-kang)

2011 – KBS2: Brain (as Yoon Ji-hye)

2011 – Perfect Game (as Kim Seo-hyun)

2012 – QTV Real Mate: Choi Jung-won and Choi Jung-min in Toronto

2013 – jTBC: Love in Her Bag / Her Legend (as Eun Jung-soo)

2013 – Good Friends (as Nazumi)

2015 – KBS2: Brave Family (as the Cast, eldest daughter in episode 1-5)

2015 – Love Never Fails (as Eun-ah)

2015 – SBS: The Three Witches / Witch’s Castle (as Oh Dan-byul)

2017 – MBC: Living Together in Empty Room (as the cast for episode 22-25)

Choi Jung-won’s News in 2018

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Apparently, Choi Jung-won is mostly staying behind the spotlight of the Korean entertainment industry for the year of 2018. At the beginning of 2015, it was known that Choi Jung-won established an independent agency named JC Entertainment after the exclusive contract with Imagine Asia, her former talent agency, expired. The Choi Jung-won’s agency made the statement, “Choi Jung-won established her own agency in order to fulfill her wish to work freely without the restrictions that bound her with an exclusive contract. You will see Choi Jung-won’s different side in upcoming projects as well as entertainment shows.

Soon after her newly established agency, Choi Jung-won confirmed her appearance as a member for KBS 2TV’s new entertainment program “Brave Family” along with Lee Moon-sik, Shim Hye-jin, Park Myung-soo, Minhyuk, and AOA’s Seolhyun. In addition, Choi Jung-won also became a regular member for MBC’s variety show “Living Together in Empty Room” in 2017.