Choi Jong-hwan’s Profile

choi jonghwan

Korean Actor, Choi Jong-hwan

Starting his acting career in 1989, Choi Jong-hwan has starred many dramas and movies as both lead and supporting cast. His value as a Producer is also appreciated through the Producer Award for his role in Gyebaek and The Duo at the MBC Drama Awards in 2011. Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Choi Jong-hwan. So, stay tuned!

Profile Choi Jong-hwan

choi jonghwan

Real Name: Choi Jong-hwan

Date of Birth: South Korea, 24 September 1965

Age: 54 (Korean age) / 53 (International age)

Occupation: Actor and professor

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Chinese Astrology: Snake

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 183 cm

Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts

Who is Choi Jong-hwan’s Wife?

choi jonghwan

Unfortunately, while this article was being written, there is no available information regarding Choi Jong-hwans’ wife or family. Thus, we conclude that there are several possibilities regarding Choi Jong-hwans’ private life – either he may not have married yet as it is usual for male actors to get married late or he may be married and has children, but is very private about his personal life.

Well, we’ll keep you updated in case more information regarding Choi Jong-hwans’ private life resurfaces in the future.

Choi Jong-hwans’ Filmography

choi jonghwan

As has been explained previously, Choi Jong-hwan is considered as a veteran actor who has starred in countless movies and television dramas throughout his career, moreover he got awards related to his acting skills.

Below Channel-Korea has compiled a list of movies and television series that Choi Jong-hwan has starred in.

1980 – MBC Lifetime in the Country / Country Diaries (as Byung-tae)

1994 – Bluebird

1998 – My Love by My Side

2001-2002 – SBS Ladies of the Palace (as the King Jung Jong)

2002 – Mom’s Song (as Lee Sang-wook)

2002 – Inspector Park Moon Soo (as Yang Min-seo)

2005 – SBS Diamond Tears

2006-2007 – SBS Yeon Gae So Min (as King Young-ryu)

2009 – KBS2 IRIS (as Eon Gi-hoon)

2010 – MBC Dong Yi (as Jang Moo-yul)

2010 – SBS Jejoongwon (as the Emperor Ko-jong)

2011 – MBC The Duo (as the Nobleman Kim Jin-sa)

2011 – MBC Gyebaek (as the King Moo)

2011-2012 – SBS If Tomorrow Comes (as Seo In-ho)

2012 – Channel A Immortal Classic (as Kim Hyun-myung)

2013 – MBC 7th Grade Civil Servant (as Oh Gwang-jae)

2013 – MBC  Gu Am Heo Joon, The Original Story (as Yang Ye-soo)

2013 – MBC Drama Festival: Swine Escape (as the District magistrate)

2014 – MBC Mama (as Director / Manager Kim)

2014-2015 – SBS Birth of a Beauty (as Director / Manager Kim)

2015 – MBC Make a Woman Cry (as Kang Jin-han)

2015 – MBC Hwajung (as the Prince Imhae)

2015 – Ace (as Jo Deuk-hong)

2015 – SBS Life Tracker Lee Jae Goo (as Park Woo-suk)

2015 – Northern Limit Line (as the High-ranking North Korean officer)

2015-2016 – SBS Six Flying Dragons (as Jo Min-soo)

2017 – SBS Saimdang, Light’s Diary (as King Joongjong (Past) / Min Jung-hak (Present))

2017 – MBC The King in Love (as Song Bang-young)

2017 – MBC Bad Thief, Good Thief (as Yoon Joong-tae)