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Get To Know The Devilish Charm Couple, Choi Jin-hyuk & Song Ha-yoon!

Do you know drama Devilish Charm and its talented lead actors? Actor Choi Jin-hyuk and actress Song Ha-yoon played  the lead character in this drama and they’ve been called one of the best couples to appeared in a drama.

Choi Jin-hyuk (최진혁) is a South Korean actor whose real name as Kim Taeho. He was born in Mokpo, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, February 8, 1986. His acting career started after he won the KBS reality talent show Survival Star Audition in 2006, then began using his stage name, Choi Jin-hyuk, in the drama It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (2011) and played a starring role for the very first time.

Choi Jin-hyuk gained more popularity as an actor when he appeared in more television dramas, such as Gu Family Book (2013), Emergency Couple (2014), You Are My Destiny (2014) before going on hiatus to complete his military service in 2015. When he had fulfilled his obligation, Choi Jin-hyuk made his comeback appearance on the small screen in the crime thriller Tunnel (2016).

Song Ha-yoon (송하윤) is a South Korean actress whose real name is Kim Mi-sun. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, December 2, 1986. Song Ha-yoon debuted as an actress in 2003 by starring on the television drama Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School, which is aired on KBS2. The actress signed under one of South Korea’s Big 3 Companies, JYP Entertainment, and debuted under the name Kim Byul (김별), changing her stage name to Song Ha-yoon in 2012.

Besides working as a drama actress, Song Ha-yoon appeared as a model in several music videos. She mostly modeled in soloist’s music videos, such as in ‘Snowman‘ by Gavy NJ, ‘Unnecessary Words’ by Tim feat. Yiruma, and ‘Caffeine’ and ‘Although I’ by Yang Yo-seob. Song Ha-yoon gained her popularity as an actress when she played in the drama Fight For My Way (2017) and won awards such as the Excellent Award, Actress Actress Category.

If you’d like to learn more about the moments between Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ha-yoon that wowed viewers, check out the article below!

Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ha-yoon’s Romantic Moments in Devilish Charm

Devilish Charm (마성의 기쁨), also known as Ma-seong’s Joy/Devilish Joy/Devilish Happiness/Diabolic Happiness is a South Korean romantic drama that was aired on MBN from September 5 through October 25, 2018, with a total of 16 episodes.

Devilish Charm was written by Choi Ji-yeon and directed by Kim Ga-ram. This drama had a first-rate cast, including performers such as Choi Jin-hyuk, Song Ha-yoon, former member of INFNITE’s Hoya, and After School’s Joo-yeon.

The drama tells a story about a genius doctor named Gong Ma-seong (played by Choi Jin-hyuk), who is also a successor of the Sunwoo Group and the chief of a cranial nerve center. He once tried to save a woman from a car accident but he developed short-term memory loss and couldn’t remember things for more than a day, so he learned to write himself notes about what happened to him that day.

Meanwhile, the female lead role in this drama was named Joo Gi-bbeum, who was a popular actress back in the day. She and Gong Ma-seong meet, and the two fell in love with each other.

Let’s take a look at the best interactions between the two stars from each episode!

Gong Ma-seong and Joo Gi-bbeum’s first meeting is a bit chaotic, since it was a scene where Gi-bbeum was on a filming schedule and she was in a hurry to find a restroom while she had time. Luckily, she met Gong Ma-seong in the nearest restaurant and he thought that Gi-bbeum (which that time called herself with English name as Joy) was amazing.

In the next scene, Gi-bbeum was about to head back to the set, but there was a gang of men who started catcalling her. She was frightened by the size of the group but then Ma-seong came in and took Gi-bbeum on his side.

They were chased by the gangsters and met in an alley where the two hid and Gi-bbeum quickly hides in Ma-seong’s jacket while he tried to be a gentleman by keeping his hands up. She realized that she lost a shoe and jumped back from him.

Ma-seong still trying to help Gi-bbeum to get back where she belonged, but they ended up  hanging out together. Gi-bbeum was accidentally thrown into a swimming pool as some kids were playing around and she sunk like a stone. Ma-seong quickly helped her out of the pool and Gi-bbeum was crying because she’s scared of water. Ma-seong took off his jacket and gave it to Gi-bbeum since her dress was all wet, then he asked if she could give her heart to repay all that had happened around them that day.

At the end of the first episode, they shared their first kiss and Ma-seong asked her out by saying, “Can I be your boyfriend instead? That’s what I want to be.” Gi-bbeum didn’t answer right away, as they still kissing each other. They eventually parted when Gi-bbeum’s staff started calling her, since she had to get back to Korea.

Check out Ma-seung & Gi-bbeum’s first kiss scene on Episode 1, below!

On Episode 2, the romantic moments between Ma-seung and Gi-bbeum were suddenly gone. Ma-seung had a car accident in the past that made him unable to keep his short-term memories. He forgot how he met Gi-bbeum for the first time and  when they saw each other again, Ma-seung wasn’t aware that Gi-bbeum was someone special to him.

Gi-bbeum still remembered that day when they are both chose the serrantula flower by the path to represent the day they first met. Ma-seung had a tattoo on his hand and Gi-bbeum’s memories swarmed back to the day they were together, but Ma-seung didn’t remember anything.

“Wait a minute, Gong Ma-seung-ssi.”

“Did you call my name?”

“Yes! Don’t you remember me?”

Are you so important to be worth remembering?”

After a while, Ma-seung realized that Joo Gi-bbeum was the girl that he was looking for. Ma-seung asked for his secretary to find out about Joo Gi-bbeum, he placed an order to be delivered of the clothes that she sold through her online shopping site. Ma-seung wanted to see Gi-bbeum again, so he called her to deliver a bag full of clothes that he ordered to his house, but Gi-bbeum had to deliver it herself.

“You’re the one who ordered these clothes?”

“You know me, don’t you? This is a very important question. I feel like we know each other. Perhaps did we used to date?”

“We never dated each other”

There was a lot of misunderstanding between Ma-seong and Gi-bbeum. Gi-bbeum thought that Ma-seong was a playboy who dated so many girls so he forgot that Gi-bbeum existed. In fact, Ma-seong had amnesia.

Ma-seong tried hard to reach Gi-bbeum, but she didn’t make any response to him. Gi-bbeum avoided him every time he was around and acted like she didn’t care about him anymore.

I would like to ask you the same. What are you doing? Why? Are you angry? Hurt? Just like how I feel. Do you think it’s fair? Why didn’t you show up that day? You even kissed me.”

“I kissed you? It’s because.. I can’t remember anything. Now it’s time for you to decide.”

“Decide what?”

“Whether it would be okay for me to remember you tomorrow.  Or if I should erase you.”

“Don’t remember anything.”

Ma-seong kept following Gi-bbeum every time she left, but he still wouldn’t tell her about his past.

“Can I be your lover? I would like that.”

“You said…you couldn’t remember.”

“This happened next”

“Let’s date.”

Check out Ma-seong and Gi-bbeum’s kiss scenes on Episode 8-9 below!

In the final episode, Ma-seong and Gi-bbeom finally get their happy ending together.

“I’m Joo Gi-bbeum. Nice to meet you, Gong Ma-seong.”

They finally married and lived happily ever after!

“Thank you for waiting for me..”

“I love you, Joo Gi-bbeum.”

“I love you more, Gong Ma-seong.”

Off-screen Moments

Let’s check out what went on behind the scenes of Devilish Charm, below!

Here are press conference photos of Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ha-yoon for Devilish Charm!

What do you think about the relationship between Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ha-yoon in Devilish Charm? They definitely looked really good together, and every emotion in this drama came across very well, as if they were very romantic couple after all. Let us keep supporting Choi Jin-hyuk and Song Ha-yoon so they will be starring in upcoming drama or movies soon!