Actress and Power Time Presenter Choi Hwa-jung’s Profile

Choi Hwa-jung’s Personal Life

Even though Choi is already in her 50s, for now, she hasn’t got married yet because she feels inexperienced in dating. In her last relationship, her ex-boyfriend betrayed her to get married to a rich woman. This is why when she appeared in the show “Happy Together” to promote her new drama, “Wonderful Days”, she jokingly said one should consider the money when dating someone. She was paired with actor Kim Kwang-gyu in the drama and when the MC asked about their relationship, she blatantly dismissed Kim Kwang-gyu.

No matter how much Kim Kwang Gyu is younger than me, I don’t call him a teacher. I think marriage is harder in the next few years.

Unlike idols, she seems happy to date any man because people don’t care much who she is dating in public. She also doesn’t seem to care about getting married because she doesn’t want to be pressured in her choice.

The Secret Behind Choi Hwa-jung’s Young Face

Even though she is in 50s, her skin still looks great and glows like that of a young woman. Many netizens assumed that she has had plastic surgery. But, she stated in past interviews that she didn’t have any plastic surgery on her face. In the show “Go Show”, which is hosted by her friend, Go Hyun-jung, she told the audience about the skincare routine that has been handed down through her family.

“It’s just applying a nutrient cream at night and washing your face with dry hands. Massaging your face in the morning with the help of sunshine also helps your skin.

She added, “When I have a day off for two or more consecutive days, nothing happens. It’s like the essence or emulsion appears on my face every day.

Choi Hwa-jung’s career is undoubtedly big in Korea and it’s no wonder that she is loved by many people. If you want to know more about her activity, you can check out her Instagram and get updates about her life. Here’s one of her show on SBS’ Power FM with BLACKPINK as the guests. Enjoy!